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  1. Ultra Silvam

    It's a bit like situational depression. An event has to happen that triggers a significant negative response in someone, and the person ends up having excessive anxious/depressed/abnormal thoughts and behavior. It's usually not permanent though, the person's symptoms improve with treatment and after the stressful event has ended, but if the stressor is ongoing than the disorder can become chronic
  2. Ultra Silvam

    Here's a summary of the post: Kana was diagnosed with adjustment disorder in January 2018 and he told the president of B'Forest Inc., but the president didn't understand and told him he was sick and fired him. In March he got an attorney and in June he filed a lawsuit against the president for power harassment and for money he was owed. In the first trial it was confirmed that B'Forest Inc. owed Kana 3.2 million yen and that the president did indeed partake in power harassment. The court ordered B'Forest Inc. to pay Kana 3.7 million yen. However the president made an appeal, and at the appeal hearing in August 2020 they reached a settlement in Kana's favor of 3.3 million yen and an apology for the president's lack of consideration towards Kana's disorder. Kana received the settlement in September. He couldn't write about it before because it was part of the trial, but he had been suffering from power harassment for years and eventually developed adjustment disorder because of it. Apparently the president never admitted to power harassment. Kana does not forgive the harassment and was initially adamant about the court's decision because he didn't want it to keep happening to his former label mates, but after the president appealed he just decided to accept the settlement. He wants his former label mates to be paid properly or to stop working for the label. He also made it a point to say that the president did apologize so no one should slander him or harass him because of this. In regards to how he's doing he says he is physically and mentally healthy. The trial took a long time and he had to get treatment for his disorder but he's glad he worked so hard and was rewarded by the trial. He didn't want to leave all the people that were concerned about him without answers, and he wanted to talk about his feelings over the last two and a half years, so this is why he made the post now. He would like to return to the stage again some day and hopes everyone is doing well during these times.
  3. Ultra Silvam

    I think in this case it's the same thing. BPR is the label business but the corporate company is B'Forest Inc. There's only one CEO for both though
  4. Ultra Silvam

    I obviously can't speak for everyone but I don't think the change in style is why most people here are criticizing them. Sure, not everyone was happy about their new sound and lack of makeup, but if they genuinely wanted to do something else than I ain't mad at them for doing it. The problem for me is that when I think about Dimlim (Retsu aside) the most recent thing I can remember is how bad and confusing the band's marketing was during the release of MISC. That sticks out to me way more than the actual music on MISC, despite me listening to it several times. And this is the most recent thing I remember because they haven't given me anything to think about since MISC, and that was nearly a year ago now. I understand why they couldn't do their planned shows, but they haven't really done anything else in the meantime. No real updates or engagements. And I honestly don't think I've ever felt this way with any other active band. Of course bands have released albums I didn't like, but my last thought about them was always "Oof, I wish that sounded better," and not "Oof, I wish they released the album on time and didn't let their guitarist on Instagram and didn't go silent for a year."
  5. Ultra Silvam

    That's just not a good look though. Almost their entire fanbase before MISC was made up of vk fans and metal fans, so for them to purposefully shut them out isn't really a good move imo. No one said they had to keep being visual kei, and if they just stopped dressing up and dropped the album I don't think anyone would have had a big problem. But Retsu renouncing vk and blocking old fans and the entire lyrical concept of MISC seeming like a jab at people who didn't like their stylistic change - well that's a good way to get people to stop caring about your band. Not to mention that the actual releasing of MISC was handled very badly with it being delayed several times, having confusing info on whether it was going to be digital only or physical, nearly no previews, and then Retsu with his "essence" and anti piracy antics at that time... I think they effectively managed to push away a good proportion of their old fanbase with all that. They might be getting some positive attention outside of Japan, and they seem to have prioritized that over Japanese fans anyway considering their international bookings and Retsu doing that one interview video in English lol, but COVID put a stop to those shows so what are they doing for their new fans now? They released Kidoairaku on streaming services which is nice and all, but even their plans for an international merch store haven't quite worked out. I get that this year has been really tough but I just question where they're going to get the money to keep going with this band. They seem really inactive at the moment and that's usually not a good sign - even in these times.
  6. Ultra Silvam

    Website is back up along with a new Facebook and an official note page. https://www.deviloof.jp/ https://www.facebook.com/DeviloofOfficial/ https://note.com/deviloofofficial Their EU tour also seems to be officially cancelled now instead of just postponed... Seems like they have new management.
  7. Ultra Silvam

    Romaji lyrics to 管 (Kuda) have already been posted by violetchain I'm including them here for the purpose of completion 管 (Kuda) Kanji: Romaji: アンドロイドと果実 (Android to Kajitsu) Kanji: Romaji: 箱庭 (Hakoniwa) Kanji: Romaji:
  8. リビドー (Libido) Kanji: Romaji: 悪路 (Akuro) Kanji: Romaji: 未来計画 (Mirai Keikaku) Kanji: Romaji:
  9. Ultra Silvam

    Signatures? If you go into your account settings under the "Signatures" tab theres a switch you can flip to view them. Hope this helps
  10. Ultra Silvam

    I tend to treat re-recordings and originals as two different songs. It doesn't bother me when bands re-record their songs as long as it sounds somewhat different or the production is better. But I honestly can't think of an re-recordings that are carbon copies of their original anyway. I feel like it's always worth their time because it's probably less effort than writing a new song, and it's something they can put on their new album/single. However of course that doesn't mean it's worth the fans time or money... My favorite remakes are Etsu to Utsu and Kyoka Suigetsu from Kiryu's 2007-2017 album. I don't listen to the originals of those songs anymore. Etsu to Utsu was my favorite Kiryu song after it came out and I never thought they would top it, so I was pleasantly surprised when they did with the re-recording. I also love most of the songs from Liphlich's first acoustic album, and I think that's a great example of remaking songs with purpose. Obviously a lot of changes had to go into making those songs acoustic and I don't think they were remade just to sound better or new.
  11. くしゃみ (Kushami) Kanji: Romaji: ゴミ漁り純恋歌 (Gomi Isari Junkoi Uta) Kanji: Romaji: 囚人番号07番は愛した (Shuujin Bangou 07 Ban wa Aishita) Kanji: Romaji:
  12. Ultra Silvam

    I love this Liphlich one for the aesthetics and for how nicely the theme fits with the actual music. I also really liked Veltro by the Gallo one when it first came out because hail satan edgy > i'm a psycho edgy
  13. Ultra Silvam

    I sort mine by most favorite to least favorite. It's more convenient for me to have what I listen to the most at the top of my rack. I've tried alphabetical before but I just get lazy about it when I acquire new CD's. I keep my western and Japanese CD's separate, mostly just due to spacing issues and my aforementioned laziness. I bought most of my western CD's before any of my Japanese ones and kept them on one rack. I only really started buying Japanese CD's once that rack was already full, and I just didn't wanna reorganize them tbh
  14. Ultra Silvam

    If my translation is correct, than the website says that Ray is directing all the vocals on Angel's Cry and that it's their first melodic speed metal song. Well I don't exactly know what melodic speed metal is tbh, but I'm excited now and really hoping this turns out well. The website also says that Keisuke composed Devil's Calling and Daiki composed Angel's Cry, and they're based off of demos they received from a musician they respect.
  15. Ultra Silvam

    I'm hoping these are just revamps of his old compositions and he's doing this to show that he's improved, or something. Not that his old compositions were bad though (at least not imo) Also the band's twitter still lists Hiroto as their drummer, but Hiroto did post on his instagram a few days ago that he got married, so perhaps he's just been busy lol
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