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  1. Tee hee hee, can't wait. And nice look this time.
  2. Owl

    So it was a gothic duo? But they had anime style look (gothic or more like oshare?). Also where did anime style was used, just profile pics on website or somewhere else?
  3. The And -Eccentric Agent-'s song that I could not remember and find for years turned out to be Suzaku's song actually. Dem brain, why did I think it was by And?

  4. Owl

    Is it even better than previous one? I've ordered it some time ago, but it's gonna be shipped with codomo dragon new single. Not very soon, sigh.
  5. Owl

    Lol, planning since 2015? Just according to keikaku.
  6. Nooooo! Why life has to be so cruel?
  7. Owl

    Most of the their stuff was shared by @The Reverend (thanks for that): https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/profile/2535-the-reverend/content/?type=forums_topic&sortby=title&sortdirection=asc&page=5 Scroll down till you notice lots of Gallo stuff
  8. Owl

    Why don't you try old ones as well?
  9. Owl

    I don't know what to think actually. The majority of the songs are old song, but rerecorded in a different way, sometimes with some new lyrics, back vocals removed, etc. And I prefed older versions, they sounded way more creepy and attractive.
  10. Owl

    Actually yes. That was the point. If you aren't interesting in some session bands that doesn't automatically mean others aren't interested in them as well. This The amount of news from now on will decrease. News about well known bands are easy to find will be still posted, but obscure bands news will dissapear. That's a pity. @Trombethank you for the work you've done. It actually helped me many times to decide what music I will buy.
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