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Found 8 results

  1. Well, it is what the title says. コロナウイルス is forcing people to stay home in Japan and the japs have a nice philosophy of spreading hope in times of despair, so they went there and performed anyway and are being nice and posting the gigs that got cancelled online for all to see, including us, poor gaijin. No live audience, no staff, etc. These are the ones I've seen so far: Let's make this collaborative so do share other links here if you know of any. I'll keep updating this list. Previously unreleased lives uploaded for viewing due to the Corona situation are also to be freely shared in this thread - MH Staff And bear in mind most of these gigs will be available for a limited time only, so hurry up and watch or download the ones you're interested in watching ASAP.
  2. Hello everyone. I am trying to clean out a part of my collection that has been collecting dust, so the more I get rid off the better. Payment would be via Paypal, shipping from Germany to the World. Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. Pictures of the items can be provided upon request, as well as a link to my ebay-feedback. Since this is a Clear-Out Sale I am happy to give discounts when several items are purchased. (Or to negotiate prices if you are not happy with them.) I am also willing to provide those who buy a VHS with an additional rip of said VHS on DVD for an additional fee of 3€. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. CDs/DVDs Alice Nine – Alice in Wonder Film X Mas Edition (DVD) 25€ An Cafe - Hibiya at the O - new Sekai (Bou Last Live, 2 DVDs) 25€ An Cafe - Live Cafe 2005.12.03 Shibuya O-East (DVD) 20€ An Cafe - Snow Scene (CD+DVD) 9€ An Cafe - Magnya Carta (CD + DVD) 14€ An Cafe – Shikisai Moment (CD +DVD) 14€ Asagi - Corvinus (CD + DVD) 9€ Buck Tick – The 7th Floor with Diana (2DVDs) 30€ D - 7th Rose (CD + DVD) 15 € D – L'Oiseau Bleu (CD + DVD) 9€ D – L'Oiseau Bleu (CD) 7 € D – L'Oiseau Bleu (Bonus Making Off DVD) 5 € (or as Bonus for someone who takes both versions of L'Oiseau Bleu) D – Tafel Anatomie Limited Edition 15€ (There is a small dent in the obi) D – In the Name of the Rose (Limited Edition) 15€ D'espairs Ray – Brilliant 7€ D'espairs Ray – Spiral Staircase (DVD) 20€ Jeanne Da Arc – Fate or Fortune Live at Budokan (DVD) 12€ Kaya - A lot of 4 Vampire Requiem Comment DVDs, all four for 5€ or as a Bonus with a bigger purchase. Kirito - Existence Proof RE:PARADOX (DVD) 20€ Kirito – Existence Proof RE: PARADOX Making DVD 10€ Kirito - Hameln 12€ Klaha - Nostal lab 12€ Lareine – Scarlet Majesty (DVD) 35€ ON HOLD Lareine – Live Document Film at TOKYO KINEMA CLUB (DVD) 35€ ON HOLD Lareine – Fleur (DVD) 10€ ON HOLD Lareine – Making DVD (Bonus for purchasing three limited Singles) 10€ Lareine – Making Clips (DVD) 20€ Lareine - Chantons L'Amour 70€ Lareine - Legend of Fantasy 3 DVD Box 120€ Matenrou Opera – Abyss (limited box with Tshirt) 15€ Matenrou Opera - Gloria 7€ Matenrou Opera – Dawn of Anomie in Akasaka Blitz (DVD) 20€ Medusa – Aka no Bible 3€ Moi dix Mois - Dixanadu Tour DVD 20€ Mucc – Utagoe (CD + DVD) 9€ Versailles – Aesthethic Violence Princess Stairs (Hizaki Version) The necklace is missing 10€ Viored - Chaos 7€ Viored – Chaos (CD + Slipcase and Photobooklet) 9€ X Japan - Blue Blood 12€ Tapes: Crack Brain Demo Tape (Hizaki of Versailles and Jupiter) 7€ VHS New Sodmy – Last Lie 2 VHS Set 25€ Photobooks: An Cafe – 9 Dance War Photobook (+ Bonds/Kizuna Bonus DVD) 15€ Lareine – Essay Book 10€ Malice Mizer – Livre Rosé (Regular Edition) 10€ Magazines: Cure Vol.57 3€ Rock and Read 35 5€ Rock and Read 36 5€ Rock and Read 37 5€ Pamphlets Moi dix Mois - Dis Inferno 7€ Moi dix Mois - Dix Infernal 7€ Moi dix Mois - Beyond the Gate 7€ V-Rock Festival 09 7€ Versailles World Tour 2012 Holy Grail 7€ Band Scores: Versailles Holy Grail Band Score 12€
  3. The boys are back with a new album! 『PANTHEON -PART 1-』 2017/04/12 Regular edition: 10 songs (¥2,778) Limited edition: 10 songs + DVD (「PHOENIX」Music Video 「PANTHEON」Music Video) (¥3,241) They also announced a bunch of lives for 2017: 「PANTHEON TOUR ZERO」 2017/4/21 ar 初台DOORS PANTHEON TOUR -the first movement- From 2017/5/4 at 恵比寿 LIQUIDROOM to 2017/6/25 at 仙台 CLUB JUNK BOX. And finally, their Euro Tour is now named PANTHEON TOUR -the second movement-“MATENROU OPERA EURO TOUR 2017”
  4. shymponic metal visual kei band Matenrou Opera will release a live DVD titled "chikyu - The Elements - TOUR FINAL LIVE FILM in EX THEATER ROPPONGI" on august, 31th 2016 on 2 type : ● Limited Edition DVD (2 Disc) KIBM.90582 ~ 3 ¥ 6,300 + tax <Content> All 18 songs LIVE main video All three songs encore video It was conducted in Toronto, Canada "Anime North 2016" Cast off shot video Special package specification booklet ● Blu-ray <Content> KIXM.241 ¥ 5,800 + tax All 18 songs of LIVE main video All three songs encore video ■ Tracklist 1.PANDORA 2.EMPEROR 3.致命傷 4.BURNING SOUL 5.Psychic Paradise 6.Mermaid 7.君と見る風の行方 8.青く透明なこの神秘の海へ 9.FANTASIA 10.Good Bye My World 11.You&I 12.蜘蛛の糸 13.RUSH! 14.SILENT SCREAM 15.ANOMIE 16.ether 17.讃えよう母なる大地で 18.地球 アンコール 1.GLORIA 2.Innovational Symphonia 3.喝采と激情のグロリア and this is a guitarist anzi last live DVD release...T_T http://matenrou-opera.jp/news/#828
  5. SELLING almost all my entire visual kei collection because of room and money needs. The sale includes: - CDs/DVDs and cheki by alice nine, Ayabie, An Cafe, D, Dio-distraught overlord-, DIR EN GREY, Edogawa Paradox, HISKAREA, juliadoll, KISAKI, Lin- the end of corruption world-, Lolita23Q, Matenrou Opera, Miyavi, MoNoLith, Moran, MUCC, NightingeiL, Phantasmagoria, Rounouir, Scarlett, Schwein, Unite, V.A., Valluna and Wizard - VISUAL KEI MAGAZINES (Cure) n° 63, 75, 89, 91, 92, 94, 99 My feedback is HERE: http://moumoku-shoujo.livejournal.com/2876.html Pictures of the items are here: http://s275.photobucket.com/user/HelenaFairy/library/?sort=3&page=1 Prices are negotiable. If you buy at least 3 CDs/DVDs you'll get a discount. **CDs/DVDs/cheki LIST** - Alice nine - White Prayer single (limited edition) 8 euro - An Cafe - Amedama Rock 18 - An Cafe - Komou Cosmos (RARE!) 14 euro - Ayabie - Ecumenical Image Tour DVD 15 euro - Ayabie - Virgin Snow Color Tour DVD 15 euro - Ayabie Virgin Snow Color EU Edition 12 euro - D - Tafel Anatomie 18 euro - D - 7th Rose 15 euro - Dio-distraught overlord - Byakuya ni moyuru hana 1°st single 11,50 euro - DIR EN GREY - It Withers and withers DVD (regular edition) 15 euro - DIR EN GREY - Vulgar (Eu edition) 13 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Zekkeika 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Jiketsu Shogo 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Seigi?! 7 euro - Edogawa Paradox - Ane no Danna 7 euro - HISKAREA - Clear of Erode 9 euro - HISKAREA - HISKAREA self titled mini album 9 euro - juliadoll - Awake of dolls (dvd live distributed) 6 euro - KISAKI - BEYOND THE KINGDOM (book + cd) NOTE: this item is REALLY heavy so shipping will be expensive. 20 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- As if forever exists type B 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- - Metamorphose type A 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world - Silent to My Pain type B 8,50 euro - Lin-the end of corruption world- Flowers Bloom type B 8,50 euro - Lolita23q - I'z limited edition 7 euro - Lolita23q - garizm (type A) 7 euro - Lolita23q - Real Monitor Naibu no Digital Maid type b 7,50 euro - Matenrou Opera - Dawn Of Anomie in Akasaka Blitz DVD 18 euro - Materou Opera - Coupling Collection 08-09 14 euro - Miyavi - Galyuu 14 euro - MoNoLith - fiction & non fiction 14,50 - Moran - Replay (single collection, EU edition) 12 euro - MUCC - Worst of Mucc 13 euro - MUCC - Karma (EU edition) 11 euro - NightingeiL - Nibui Oto single 7 euro - NightingeiL - Kaie signed cheki 6 euro - NightingeiL - signed comment dvd with official picture 6 euro - Phantasmagoria - signs of fragments 12 euro - Rounoir - Solitude 5 euro - Scarlett - Gendai Teki Roman Kashu 12 euro - Scarlett - Ame no Kousaten single 7 euro - Schwein - Dokusai no buta single 6 euro - Schwein - Deep scars single 6 euro - Schwein - signed live distributed 6 euro - Unite - Middle Note 7,50 euro - Valluna official picture 5,50 euro - Wizard - Aquarius 13 euro - Wizard - BIOS 9,50 euro - Wizard - Nakare Kobamu 7 euro - Wizard - DRIVE DREAMER -making movie- 5 euro - Wizard - Hoshi ni negai wo (live distributed) 5 euro - Wizard - Shiny 7 euro **VISUAL KEI MAGAZINES (Cure) LIST** Cure vol 63 15 euro Cure vol 75 12 euro Cure vol 89 12 euro Cure vol 91 12 euro Cure vol 92 15 euro Cure vol 94 12 euro Cure vol 99 12 euro If you're interested in anything, please comment here or send me a private message for pictures of the items and other infos! I'll reply as soon as possible! Best wishes Elena
  6. Here are some sweet goodies for sale ^^ - I'll ship from germany worldwide - Accepting Paypal for payment - Everything is open for REASONABLE offers SIGNED Vidoll photoset from 2002/2003 including Yukine and Ayano: Vidoll photoset from 2002/2003 including Yukine and Ayano: Vidoll photoset (2003/2004) Signed Vidoll photo (2007) Versailles (last look!!!) SIGNED Lycaon photo (2011) Signed Matenrou Opera Photo (2008) Signed Phantasmagoria photo (2006) Moi dix Mois pendant
  7. hi!all!im selling my matenrou opera stuff! if you interesting in other eg: drumstick pls mail me ill show you the photos:3 ♫Prices do not include shipping,anywhere in the world is OK.Shipping price is around$5-50HKD,if you want Registered Mail you should have to cover the shipping expenses$20HKD !also the paypal charge:D ***All Prices is talking about HKD(hongkong dollars) please check the rate yourself. any questions pls mail me: [email protected] ♫Matenrou Opera Starting price: 200 each (ALL SOLD) Starting price: 100 each (1,6,8,9,11 HOLD) Starting price: 200 each (1,4,5,7,9,SOLD) Starting price: 260 set (100each) ( ALL SOLD) left:$300 right:100 (ALL SOLD) *RARE* Live special DVD $1200 (HOLD) sign in poster $ 250 (SOLD) SINGLE-SPECTACULAR NEW X 3 $100 SINGLE-ACEDIA NEW X3 $100 (1 SOLD) GILIA NORMAL AND SPECIAL VERSION - ALL NEW $150 EACH LAST SCENE NEW - $100 EACH ANOMIE $200 瑠璃色で描く虹-commet cd with photo $100 acedia -sign in comment dvd $100 ♫Sadie saide cd new $100hkd ♫Voice voice single $150hkd each commnet dvd with sign in card$ 80hkd
  8. - Shipping worldwide (under circumstances also western Union) - Accepting PayPal - No prices set, so make reasonable offers CDs/DVDs Photosets & autographs Megaromania signed tourposter 2012 Megaromania signed photoset (old line-up including Leda) Matenrou Opera signed photo Vidoll signed photoset (very early period with old line-up) Vidoll photoset Lareine photoset Jupiter photoset Versailles photoset 1 Versailles photoset 2 Versailles photoset 3 Versailles photoset 4 DAS:VASSER signed photo EllDorado signed photo Shazna signed photo Posters prices: 5-8€
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