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  1. akiko

    Honestly I am not surprised by this news. Please tell me if I am wrong, but I couldn't find any information about this. Did Nikky departed some months ago? I can't find his twitter account.
  2. akiko

    Honestly I felt tired while I've listened to this album. I LOVED so many songs from VARIOUS album. All four songs from THE SILENT SONG single are the most amazing masterpiece they released. For me their music started to sound worse when Issei left. CHEDOARA had so many positive reviews, but for my ears this album was only average. MISC is the proof of that some bands can't make listenable music when they lost the main composer. This album has maybe two songs that I can stand. But I don't remember which ones, because they get lost between rest of the songs and unnecesary intros.
  3. akiko

    0:15 VORTEX "cover"?
  4. akiko

    Royz cosplay, i can see Subaru, Koudai and Kuina xD But these outfits are nice xD
  5. akiko

    So this was the mysterious date on their last single cover...
  6. akiko

    Takeru (ex. SuG) has fashion brand named million $ orchestra.
  7. PIERROT, SIAM SHADE, SuG, LUCHe., i.Rias, BORN, SCREW, lolita 23q (with soshi), MoNoLith, marblehead, AN CAFE, ViViD, Sadie, girugamesh, -OZ-, Hi:BRiD, ValettA... (I know Sadie is on hiatus but ;___;)
  8. akiko

    Their bassist is Koichi clone, he has: -the same hairstyle and pink hair - labret piercing - he's left handed bassist - and he wears the same clothes as Koichi (he wears the eyepatch too on some pictures) (no matter that his hair color is now more violet than pink)
  9. Tatsuhi ex. ZORO is now in band named c'pool and changed his name to tatsuya. Also Takeru ex. SuG in his solo project sleepyhead.
  10. akiko

    Misaruka's bassist azami
  11. akiko

    I think it will be available on iTunes, their halloween singles was live limited too and was on iTunes as well. I need to hear their last two new songs...
  12. akiko

    Nooo, I love them 💔 Souji is my favorite member, hope he will form new band soon...
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