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  1. wow i was expecting beyond awful based on the look, but i'm...intrigued?
  2. i don't hate it, but that's probably the best i can say for it. i wouldn't object to it at 5am after i've stumbled home with people.
  3. i don't dislike it at all, but i think it's a really forgettable song. mary looks lovely as always tho.
  4. i'm actually really enjoying followers???
  5. if you turn on gapless playback it doesn't hiccup, and at that point I don't really care that it's split because it doesn't make any actual difference to listening to it. it's kinda scummy, but I'm not really bothered.
  6. tallulah

    I find kiryu a bit hit or miss, and for me this is an absolute hit. got a soft spot for ballads though so not entirely surprising
  7. the song is amazing, the video even more. really think they're my favorite current band.
  8. tallulah

    wow what the fuck is this. I wasn't expecting much, but I listened to the SoundCloud song a few times and quite enjoyed it even tho it wasnt what id anticipate...but this sounds like when you go to an all inclusive package resort hotel on the red sea and the hotel chain has a special generic summer song with their resort name in it that they play by the beach volleyball.
  9. tallulah

    ahh what the hell??
  10. well it's nice he's having fun...
  11. im still laughing about the i'll fakeout. and the video! i love it. also cant wait for the new single, rly excited.
  12. oof no theyre still not for me clearly
  13. I've been listening to yume ni detekita shimada on repeat
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