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  1. Happy Birthday.. are you even still around?! 

  2. Happy Birthday hiroki! 🎂

  3. happy birthday Cat! :) 

    1. CAT5


      Thanks, Hiroki! ❤️

  4. hiroki

    finally a band without pointless harsh vocals lol. if they can sustain that beyond one release i'd be very pleased.
  5. Cross hearT (!!!) and ATRUS will revive for a live on 3/24 with a bunch of other bands to commemorate the closure of Sendai HooK.
  6. i.Rias will release their best album "I.REALS" (3,000 yen) on 2019/03/12. it will be live-limited. 1.オマツリアタマ 2.L.L.サマー!!! 3.我儘ORDER 4.キミテキーラ47℃!! 5.SWIMMY 6.Triangle 7.0.NEVER 8.ガキクケコ 9.ユメミウサギ 10.冬空シアン 11.REBLUME 12.ダイヤモンドとリリー last look:
  7. hiroki

    LOVE LOCK will release their album "LOVE LOCK" on 2019.04.24.
  8. hiroki

    maro posted a photo of himself with yuuji from yesterday's live T_T and an old cheki he found haha...
  9. hiroki

    haven't been so excited for a new band in like a year lol
  10. hiroki

    Really like some of their recent songs. Hope they write more songs in the style of LUCHe.
  11. hiroki

    yes they are! please PM me
  12. hiroki

    Up. 10% off all CDs when you buy > $20
  13. hiroki

    yes kyohei is ATRUS' kyohei
  14. hiroki

    I'm prob the only one here who cares about this, but L&DS will be reviving for 2 lives in Feb/Mar next year! Everyone except Kru will be there
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