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  1. I'm... hoping they just stick to their solo projects at this point rather than releasing new music as Nightmare. But it is sadly their cash cow, so unlikely, which is ironic considering they keep playing Quints. The only way this works out nicely is if Ruka and Sakito actually tailor future songs to fit Yomi's current vocals (like madygrain previously stated). Take No Break seems just fine with him, so it is possible. Speaking of TNB, it's a shame that this whole mess turned out this way just because Yomi wanted his own project despite Nightmare going on hiatus BECAUSE of him. It took him like four months after the hiatus until he made his own band... What a joke of a name and it really shows a lot about his character at this point. But's what's done is done, so I'll just hope this is just a set of gigs for some Anniversary money.
  2. Silverhawk33

    Definitely got me hyped now
  3. That's the best look I've seen from them in years! I kinda want an album as much as the next guy but at least we're consistently getting new releases. That and I really love the instrumentals the singles comes with that the albums neglect.
  4. Silverhawk33

    Amazing news! I'm sure it'll be as good as their last few albums
  5. Silverhawk33

    Glad to see more material from him!
  6. Silverhawk33

    Looks incredible! Still really need more music from them though...
  7. Silverhawk33

    Unlike most of the latest "hiatuses" from VK bands, they deserve it the most. I also don't see three measly months being that much, also shock that this is their first one.
  8. Silverhawk33

    Some CD's from the Raid, Kamijo and Angelo ^.^
  9. I'm seriously hoping it's a new band.
  10. Silverhawk33

    REIGN - CRIMSON NoGoD - proof Sick² - デリバリー・メンタル・ヘルス ゴシップ - 漆黒ノ闇 未完成アリス - 良音/2次元ラヴァーズ (Surprisingly good, btw) ロクダマカルタ - THE BIND
  11. Killing some time until the long-awaited 'Wonderful Wonderful' album (hopefully) leaks...

  12. Silverhawk33

    1. 天地乱舞 2. 雨 3. 曼陀羅 4. 猿轡 5. 般若 6. 春日 7. 不死鳥 8. 琥珀 9. 清姫 10. 日処出ル 11. 虚空 12. 櫻 You should probably also add '(re-recording)' to your tags, if your using last.fm. I'd imagine you already got these kanji titles though.
  13. Silverhawk33

    So hyped for this! <3
  14. Silverhawk33

    LIPHLICH - 陽気なノワール DaizyStripper - AGAIN GREMLINS - FLYAWAY ザアザア - ○と× NoGoD - Arlequin メガマソ - ふとん史/ザセカンドニムバス メガマソ - ブラインドイノセンス
  15. These guys had a good amount of impressive songs in their discography. They really should bring themselves back.
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