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  1. Kaile

    Then, they released Kidoairaku with that crazy price, had to get all that lost money from chedoara and rijin sales
  2. Kaile

    Don’t have youtube premium but i am glad they are not disbanding
  3. Isn’t 20th March 2021 part of winter 2020? I don’t think they ever said december
  4. Nice, there is only 1 song i have on CD already.( wasn’t that hard since i only have 3 singles)
  5. Kaile

    So i thought Jiluka was speaking nonsense but turns out xanadu is a real word, lol.
  6. Kaile

    Dexcore - Metempsychosis Xaa Xaa - Ai Mary’s Blood - Re>Animator
  7. Kaile

    Sounds good, i really like his clean vocals and looks like there will be plenty of those
  8. Kaile

    Gazette Girugamesh Mary’s Blood Nocturnal Bloodlust Eir Aoi
  9. Kaile

    Arrived last week: Ganglion - World Ganlion - Rising Uroboros - Another Ark Dir en grey - Ain’t afraid to die Exist trace - Riot Exist trace - Knife Exist trace - The only garden Xanvala - Riku juusou Girugamesh - 13s reborn Girugamesh - reason of crying Girugamesh - Crying rain Monstllow - Big Mouth March
  10. Kaile

    So finally, excel file with my collection comes in handy. I have: 112 singles( 79 different singles, out of those 23 in 2 different versions, 5 in 3 different versions) - all japanese 307 albums - 115 are japanese 41 mini albums/EPs - 37 are japanese 13 DVD/blu ray With concerts - all japanese 3 posters on the wall and 3-4 somewhere in the closet 0 cheki 51 japanese artists/bands(around 35 are VK) - not including VA albums(have only 4 of those) Big chunk of my collection is the Gazette, started collecting their CDs about 10 years ago and i am pretty much at the finish line. Out of 112 of my singles, 51 are theirs.(all the different editions etc.)
  11. Kaile

    Came few days ago I will be also getting a package from zenmarket in a week or two. Covid didn’t stop my summer shopping spree.
  12. Kaile

    Thats because he lives in the past. Ba dum tss
  13. Kaile

    1. The Gazette 2. Kizu 3. Girugamesh 4. Exist trace 5. Xaa Xaa 6. Dir en grey 7. Nocturnal bloodlust 8. Dadaroma 9. Lynch. 10. Versailles
  14. Kaile

    Not what i was expecting at all but i like it. Already preordered new album on cdjapan.
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