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  1. You're already living in purgatory. The pain of feeling a lack of direction, a lack of meaning, a lack of self worth, a lack of love. Hell comes when you give up, and start to feel like 'it is too late'. Luckily, the World is full of possibilities and it isn't too late. It's hard and the road is full of pain, but when you devote yourself anything is possible, and even utter failure is more satisfying than never having tried.

    1. YuyoDrift



    2. kukew


      Can I get an amen up in here?♥


    3. Spectralion


      Just like what Gundam UC taught us, we must believe at God of Possibilities. 

  2. Just watched Ping Pong, love this movie and AoiHaru. All about growing up and what you are going to do with your life. Brings me back to reality.

  3. Past trauma holds many people back. They are afraid of failure, ridicule, and injury. Doesn't matter how bad you are at something, the important part is to keep trying. That's how you get the most respect, not just from others, but from yourself. If you hide or give up, you'll always suck.

    1. kukew


      This... You're right and this is what I need. Thank you, Tetora. And Ganbatte!♡ 

  4. Collecting 300 junk in Parasite Eve 1. Would smack whoever thought this should be in the game.

  5. Even though girugamesh is one of my favorite's of all time, somehow their disbandment is not as hard to take. They absolutely killed it, and made one heck of a comeback leaving on a very high note. All of them are amazingly talented so I expect the adventure to continue in other forms.

  6. Just saw the Starfox anime on Youtube. Shading looks sick, they should make a game like that.

  7. Dreams you have for the FUTURE will not ever come true unless you do something to make them a reality TODAY.

    1. colorful人生


      Shia, is that you?

    2. Tetora


      He was onto something...

    3. Yukimoto


      This is so true though....

  8. 3/5 status updates: Yakihiko

    1. yakihiko


      398/400 : Tets *coughs* xD

  9. Can't get enough Dark Souls 3, this game is too sweet!

    1. Mihenno


      I just started it today and like it so far :D

    2. Tetora


      Lol, stream it for us.

  10. Just watched An Cafe Kakusei Heroism PV. It has been a while... The nostalgia, the feels. I remember I drew one of the members and a girl hung it on her wall, lol. Wonder if it is still there.

  11. Mirin' Vagrant Story pic.

    1. tetsu_sama69
    2. Tetora


      I remember being like 'wait, isn't that a girl's name?'  then reading up on it, and also didn't know how to get better equipment and ended up fighting a dragon that I could only do 1hp of damage to each attack.

    3. beni


      XD Yaaaaaaaaaaaashhhh

  12. New status updates system has big improvements in starting and continuing conversation. But I dun goofed with notification settings, I get three billion notifs every time I refresh and didnt even add all my friends yet.

  13. Can not wait for Mao's new solo stuff. Maybe a little friendly competition with Aki who was AMAZING.

    1. hiroki


      me too... so excited to see what he comes up with :D

  14. Tets

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