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  1. anakuro

    GOATBED's going to be releasing 2 albums at the same time for presale on 12/5 at the live house. So expect a nationwide release early 2021 for both of them One is Weialala leia Wallala leialala, which I suppose is technically finished generally speaking since the tenth track was upped last week. Considering the newest song, from last week, is VoxDemo kind of worried about whether he'll be on time or not lmao... I feel like Shuuji started off with a VERY CLEAR VISION of what he wanted weialala to be and then... ran out of time. The last three tracks are very ??? for where they fit in in the narrative tbh. Like not sure why there's an 11th shunkanteki polyphony being put on it, tbh. The other album is Music for Light Users, which seems like it will be the 2020 versions of songs and other rerecordings he's done in the past year or so, but rearranged/remixed etc. so that even if you have the old versions it'll be something new. Sure do hope he puts in the D.O.G.M.A (~ The Model medley) 2020 on it because it is very, very good I'll be going to the live so I plan to grab them both
  2. anakuro

    Blue Film 20th anniversary edition was released yesterday at the live which is the original Blue Film and Blue Film 2 each with a new bonus track & is on sale at Ao's shop right now. The kuji is back and I still sure would like that ATM bag lol.... Also the live yesterday was super rough to watch w/ Shuuji's hernia acting up. He was basically KO'd in the middle of the first song. Honestly if it wasn't for the new song we'll get + Ao planning to do 副音声 for the e+ stream I wouldn't buy it Weirdly excited about 15 bringing back the 予告版 experience though
  3. wow nice icon and header... :dark_kuusou:

  4. wow nice icon and header... 🧅

    1. Seimeisen


      you too :distorted_doraemon:

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      distorting into the next dimension



  5. anakuro

    WOw :Distorted_clown: has reached its full potential I love it
  6. Please prepare one egg, bee, or muppet themed meme for consideration when applying
  7. anakuro

    Yes Deliheru Boys! Deliheru Girls! is the one they played on niconama the other day. It's track 6, the song Ao wrote for Blue Film -REVIVAL-
  8. anakuro

    Today's the flying get day So here's the general consensus: Sex on the beach is a bop Deliheru Boys! Deliheru Girls! is great good job Ao Oto Sex 2020 is a disappointment 原色エレガント is funky fresh さかしま single worst cali gari song ever and I hope to never hear it again Did they change Blue Film at all??
  9. anakuro

    then should be no problem, as long as you can get payment sorted. a shame you didnt apply back in July when you could have still gotten the DVD bonus for joining........
  10. anakuro

    Most likely need someone living in Japan to act as an agent for payment + address. Also, if you are like me, you will probably have to go by your last name only lmao they only allow 10 characters for the name. EDIT: while i'm here cali gari was on a niconama the other day (yesterday?) and a preview of the ao song was shown about 55 mins in: https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv328170166 a o v o c a l s
  11. anakuro

    I feel you, colourlessbalance is definitely one of my fav albums of theirs. Ah I'm surprised it didn't work. That's a shame, especially since there will be some differences between the DL version and the store version, according to Shuuji's blogs. But at the very least when he does finish making it, it'll be a general release so it won't be so hard to get a hold of. It's got a kind of different vibe from what they've been doing lately, & I really dig it personally.
  12. anakuro

    @Jigsaw9 yeee boiiii you'll need to message me your address at some point you know lmao it should arrive on the 29th according to amazon i'll send you those spicy tracks once the CDs arrive of course 👍
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