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  1. Welcome back, Linh-san. I should have mentioned your avatar/profile pic set here, lol. Hope you've been well.
  2. beni

    Yo! Is that a Kei Okazaki avatar I see? Noice.

    1. Rize


      @beni Yes it is! I'm totally fan of CollarxMalice! Got the 2 otome games and 4/5 character CD's too haha Kei Okazaki is my favorite^^

  3. beni

    ^ It's great seeing so much activity still flourishing on here I hope everyone has been well.
  4. nick

    Happy birthday, beni!

  5. Happy b-day Beni! <3

  6. Shir0

    Happy Birthday!

  7. To celebrate our little Gothic princess' return, I have dived back into her discography, and based solely on my preferences, have composed a list of what I believe to be her best songs, ranked. From the best to the very best. This list will go beyond Nana's quite minimal PV/single works, since there's so few, but won't be expanding across her projects outside of her solo works from 2002-2009 (Loveless and THE TEENAGE KISSERS). There's just too much perfection on this tiny palette as is! Covers have also been blacklisted due to it not being original, solo material. Check out the 'KEYWORDS' to make your searching easier to suit your own taste. I hope you find something to enjoy of hers! Who is Kitade Nana? Kitade Nana (北出菜奈) is a Japanese rock artist. She is affiliated with BIG APPLE and signed under Sony Music Entertainment, and has even released albums in both the United States and Europe. She debuted in 2003 with the single "Kesenai Tsumi", which was used as the first ending theme to Full Metal Alchemist anime. She has followed this with many other tie ins, from the anime Jigoku Shoujo ("Tsukihana") and drama opening to anego ("Kiss or Kiss"). After the release of her debut album, she had started wearing and representing gothic lolita fashion, and started modeling for magazines such as CUTiE, and companies from BABY to her favourite brand, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. Though her popularity began to dwindle after this time, she continues to garner a loyal fan base due to her status as a gothic lolita model. The honorable mentions 赤い花 (Akai Hana) - Red Flower - B-side to Utareru Ame. A simply addictive and memorable pop tune. 刹那の絆 (Setsuna no Kizuna) - Bonds of a Moment - B-side to SUICIDES' LOVE STORY. Just as popping as Akai Hana! 悲しみのキズ (Kanashimi no Kizu) - Scars of Sadness - 7th single, was the theme song of PS2 game Fullmetal Alchemist 3: Kami wo Tsugu Shoujo. Simple yet effective. eighteen sky - The closing, ballad track from her debut album, "18 -eighteen-". Gorgeous. サイレン (Siren) - Image song for the Japanese releases of the Canadian cartoon series, Ruby Gloom. Released under the pseudonym of Ruby Gloom. Her best energetic number! HOLD HEART - 4th single, and has a really old school flare. The music will get stuck in your head after only one listen. The Top 10 10. 神様ひとつだけ (Kamisama Hitotsu dake) - My One And Only God Key words: Dark, atmospheric, quiet verses then sudden/loud choruses, brooding, emotional 9. 遺留品 (Iryuuhin) - Instant Keywords: Ballad, sentimental 8. 泡沫 (Utakata) - Transience Keywords: Unique (for Kitade), build up, ambient until dramatic climax 7. Alice Keywords: Ballad, typical Kitade but disguised as cute and sweet 6. 鏡の国のアリア (Kagami no kuni no aria) - Aria of the Mirror Land Keywords: Heavy, macabre, slow yet dark build up/tension, extremely rocking and jaring/haunting vocal and musical work, unique (for Kitade) 5. (月華) tsukihana - Moon Flower Keywords: Anime, theatrical, emotional, 4. Fake Keywords: Oldschool (pop) 3. SUICIDES LOVE STORY Keywords: Emotional/dramatic, ballad 2. 瞬間 (Shunkan) - Moment Keywords: Ballad 1. 消せない罪 (Kesenai Tsumi) ~Ice Cream Tenpura Ver.~ - Unerasable Sin Keywords: Remix, heavy, 'classic', rock So, have you discovered a new favourite artist? Will you be checking out her old material before she starts releasing again, or are you interested in what she'll be doing now? Feel free to add your comments and discuss! Thank you for reading~
  8. Nice. Looking forward to it.
  9. beni

    So many things to be excited for this year, yay~
  10. beni

    Terrific news, thank you for this.
  11. beni

    Fking 10/10, all you really need for any game ad to be a success.
  12. beni

    Welcome, welcome~ Great introduction, it was a lovely read! Always cool to see someone with more of a mixed bag of music taste. I instantly spotted T.M Revolution, Alice Nine, and GUILD, ehe. Great stuff. Now I do hope you're able to look around the forums and enjoy yourself. For any help whatsoever, feel free to send a message to members with a blue/red name!
  13. beni

    Hello and welcome to MH! I do hope you enjoy your time here with us. Sounds like you'll fit right at home! For any questions or concerns, feel free to send any messages to the members with a blue/red name for help. Other than that, hope to see you around!
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