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  1. colorful人生

    Since all the memes are being mentioned again, I guess I'll "come clean" =P and add some of my own thoughts. I was Harambe, Ditto, and Saishuuuu. Even during times when I found myself occupied with other stuff in my life, I couldn't help myself from memeposting on the forum. Moving on, there was always this pervasive cynicism creep that became really obvious during release dry spells which would lead to reddit-posting and oddball topics. While a bit annoying in retrospect, the discussions were always fun to some degree, whether I was participating or just observing the chaos. // Honorable Mentions: @hiroki @Mihenno @JRD @platy @chemicalpictures @nostalgia @Jun_ @CAT5 @paradoxal @Tetora @Yukimoto @Pretsy @Raburr7 @ricchubunny @fitear1590 @Karma’s Hat @suji @Gesu @kyoselflove @yakihiko I mean the list goes on, but some of the many individuals on the forum I had pleasant experiences with. @Raburr7 and I have had a back-and-forth since March of 2013 trading music and whatnot, and got brief glimpses into what he was doing in his life the past 6~ish years. @hiroki @Mihenno @paradoxal With the occasional other individual(s) (sorry if I've forgotten), we would have dubtrack.fm sessions in the host-kei room, which upon reflection were really cathartic for me. They were always really fun. On a related note, @hiroki for several months straight met up with me nearly every day (if I recall) on that same Dubtrack channel to discuss music, life, etc. Unknowingly, you helped me through one of the more uncertain periods of my life. I can't thank you enough.
  2. colorful人生

    Discord: colorful人生#5526 (Just made the acc.) Instagram: dan (@colorfuljinsei) Discogs: colorful.jinsei Last.fm: colorfuljinsei
  3. colorful人生

  4. colorful人生

    01_有限要素法.mp3 (huh, this is still there lmao) or
  5. colorful人生

    Mikoto did the whole video himself (art, animation, production) which he's partly documented on IG.
  6. colorful人生

    I was watching some DELUHI and breakin' holiday videos, when I stumbled across this newly pinned comment on the "LILITH" MV from a day ago:
  7. colorful人生

    Swore I saw Padme in there for a good second. Haven't liked much of their stuff so far, but there's so much going on in these tracks that keeps Lime's earwormy vibrato in check for it to sound quite decent to me. "15.2" sounds pretty gud.
  8. colorful人生

  9. colorful人生

    NEXX/DIV - SEASONS Clavier~クラビア~ - 思ひ出 キャンゼル (Canzel) - 未来ノート ダウナー - S.e.L.a the LEM - Love Distanceに花束を Had to figure out what songs I've never got burnt out on.
  10. colorful人生

    waddup Discovered them not too long ago on Spotify and my jaw physically dropped. I don't think I've ever heard indigenous Australian music, even a didgeridoo ever incorporated in J-music, let alone this masterfully. I implore people to watch their DRIP TOKYO performance because the amount of collective talent presented in that one video is astounding. Taking my sweet time discovering their earlier stuff.
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