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  1. I think this is ex-カカトオトシ。(Kakatootoshi.) members. Their drummer was called ぴかそ (Pikaso) and the guitarist has a rather distinctive beard.
  2. アマノジャクシ (Amanojacushi) Vo.天草 潤 (Amakusa Jun) new "project band" "R.I.P." will hold their first demonstration live at 2021/1/29 (12 days after アマノジャクシ (Amanojacushi) pauses activities) Vo.天草 潤 (Amakusa Jun) (ex-AnnNa-->Duke-->Venus-->Dahliagate-->Roub-->I.V.Y., アマノジャクシ (Amanojacushi)) Gu.罪-sin- Gu.れむ (Rem) Ba.シド (Sid) Dr.暁士-satoshi- Their new live-limited single "失楽園-Scattering greed- (Shitsu Rakuen-Scattering greed-)" will be released at 2020/3/22. (3 tracks, 1,650 yen) [track list] 1.失楽園-Scattering greed- (Shitsu Rakuen-Scattering greed- 2.鬼の宴 (Oni no Utage) 3.惚花 (Bohana) https://twitter.com/Rest_In_Peace44
  3. Alkaloid

    万鬼隊 (Bankitai) has disbanded as of today. Member comments:
  4. Alkaloid

    new band "NINTH" will commence formal activities at 2021/1/21. Vo.零 (Zero) (ex-Inspire-->REVINE-->赤い靴 (Akai Kutsu) Gu.遥祐 (Yosuke) (ex-フェルドランス (Fer-de-Lance)-->即ち性。 (Sunawachi Saga) (support)) Gu.Toma Ba.艶 (En) Dr.來花 (Raika) https://twitter.com/NINTH_Info
  5. Alkaloid

    Vo.iT's Twitter: https://twitter.com/___hateman_it_
  6. Alkaloid

    Vo.LUM. is ex-アザナ (Azana), now in LAURANT Gu. 柳 (Yanagi) is ex-THE OVER6LP.
  7. Alkaloid

    バレッタ - 取扱説明書 MUCC - アゲハ (Regular Edition) ベルベット - 蠍 (Type A) chariots - Jade/cold pray (Type B )
  8. NEVERLAND will disband at 2021/3/1. Their best album "-LOST CHILD-" will be released at 2021/2/10.
  9. Alkaloid

    Sleep My Dear - Ask for Eyes Virgil - -Desert- ALCX5 - NINECE DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ - Doggy Style III
  10. Alkaloid

    When did Yuuki leave?
  11. Alkaloid

    12012 - SHINE 彩冷える - ドラマティック Dolly - ムーンライトディスコ 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 = 玲在‐REAL‐モニタァ内部の電脳~デジタル・メイド~隷娘
  12. クロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown) members new band "Magick" has commenced formal activities at 2020/8/17. Vo.亜芽-Ame- (ex-三途〜SanZ〜, 黒船-クロフネ- (Kurofune)(support Gt.), now inクロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown)) Gu.摩耶-Maya- (ex-Rabbit Hour, now in クロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown)) Gu.愛史-Aishi- Ba.音夢-Nemu- (ex-CREA-->ラムフ (Lamf)-->Drastic Will, now inクロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown)) Dr.色葉-Iroha- Their 0th single "Wonder Cat Dance" has been released at the same date. (2 TYPE, CD only, 1,000 yen) 1. Wonder Cat Dance 2. Merry Go Round (included in A-type) 3. サラボナ (Sarabona) (included in B-type)
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