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  1. The important announcement is that that same day he dissolved the project. The project will continue under the name "主謀者翔馬" in April 2021. Official store
  2. Yukami

    2nd song of the project "Battle Field" is now available on its official website.
  3. Yukami

    DOGMAS 2nd single "MiRROR" will be released at 2021/02/24.
  4. the Reveude 3rd single "女神転生" will be released 2021/05/26.
  5. Yukami

    Deadline to join the fanclub and receive the album is December 31st.
  6. nurié 1st full album "拝啓、二千二十年へ" will be pre-released at 2021/04/23.
  7. Yukami

    They have opened an official store.
  8. CHOKE 3rd single "Hack to the basic" has been released at 2020/12/25. TrackList: 1.Hack to the basic 2.Stay high (ReTAKE ver.) 3.Hack to the basic -Instrumental- 4.Stay high (ReTAKE ver.) -Instrumental-
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