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  1. Last Call and farewell...


    Again in case anyone wants to stay in touch you can do so via twitter @VkBrutaliaN since i have no means on joining any new forum anytime soon. Of course that could change over time but for now that's how i feel.

    MH was the only forum i ever joined and  it definitely was a fun and very intersting experience throughout all the years.


    Now that everything comes to an end i kinda wish i would've been more active here although i guess i was active enough... XD


    Anyways as this is officially my last post here, thanks to everyone which made my time here a fun stay and hopefully anyone else will continue to to spread some more LOVE for Brutal系 elsewhere like i tried my best to do here. ;D

  2. VkBrutaliaN

    To End MH with a blast and my last post in the news section here's a new promising Band to keep an eye out for y'all. Suuuicide note is the new Band of ex VAN9ISH vocalist Ai which formed on December 3rd. Members: Vocal.Ai -support team. Gt.嫉-shitsu-(ex.篠突く雨) Gt.masaki(ex.the Dice) Ba.翼(ex.DIMLIM) Dr.名無し They released their 1st lyric video Suicide memory on December 3rd as well. They also already announced their 2nd and 3rd digital single to be released on January 13th and February 13th respectively.
  3. VkBrutaliaN

    Price: 1.320 yen Tracklist: 01. MiRROR 02. Another
  4. Anyone heard of the band FILL THE VOID? They even have a song featuring Hiro from NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST.


    When i first discovered them a few days ago i was just sitting there staring at the screen cuz i didn't know how to think of it other than i had no idea that a band can be so ridiculously heavy that it almost gets disturbing...

    But somehow i came back to them and now i love them. ;D


    Definitely need to get a physical copy of their 1st EP somehow...



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    2. anakuro


      no he was legit under 20 and couldnt drink alcohol at the time when i saw them but they may have also been under a different name at the time. i assume he's probably over 20 by now. i suppose i could ask my bf who is in the scene but i'm not that invested


      i remember liking them live but that was years ago 

    3. VkBrutaliaN


      Ah i see how you meant it.

      Yeah from my research a couple days ago they went under a different Name a few years ago and also different Type of music. (Not that heavy)

      And i believe they are with their new Sound and Name around since 2019 but too lazy to luck it up exactly right now.  

    4. anakuro


      Looks like he turned 21 the other day. Time sure does fly.

      Pretty sure I preferred the old sound but i barely remember it 🤔

      Feels weird to be so disconnected from the metal scene because of corona

  5. And finished! 8D



    1. Joel


      I'm still waiting for my copies of the last 3 singles :sad:

    2. VkBrutaliaN


      ^ Hope you receive them soon, but surely also depends on when you've ordered them.

  6. VkBrutaliaN

    I just got my last CDs for this year on christmas so i thought why not make one last post here with my final stats for 2020 before MH is closing... Again, Japanese bands only: 1205 CDs 182 DVDs (incl. comment dvds) 464 different Bands (incl. Bands from V.A. releases) 165 Cheki 2 Fotobooks
  7. LOVE their first 2 releases so i was super happy to hear they release something new. AND HOLY SHIT, THAT PROMO PIC!! 8D
  8. Definitely getting this - like almost all of their stuff, this sounds really great!
  9. VkBrutaliaN

    I honestly don't think that the Problem is that it's so Limited with 100 copies cuz i remember their last maxi Single they released at indie stores as well and their vocalist mentioned at his twitter that it's Limited to 120 copies and it took about a month until it was Sold out everywhere. Therefore imo the Problem isn't Really the limitation but more that with Vk Bands you almost always have to be interested in them/knowing about their Releases day one. Same with XANVALA latest minialbum XANADU first you would think for this Band 500 copies isn't much but it probably will take them Months until it will be Sold out eventually... ...that was way longer then i wanted it to be... oops... XD
  10. VkBrutaliaN

    Their only full length was also available at like an edison but i believe it was sold out within 2-3 days... And only if you bought it at their live you received a huge foiled lyrics card.
  11. VkBrutaliaN

    Fall of Tears - "tragedy" (feat. usako) I guess the title speaks for itself...
  12. Although i knew Graupel for many years i just started to like them a few days ago when i listened to their new EP "Fade Away" - what an epic song! And the 2nd song Flashback is ridiculously brutal.

    Check 'em out - it was an instand buy for me! 8D




    1. cheesy_VK_Freak


      wow, this sounds really american, metalcore-ish. esp. track no 1. second track is nice, but IMO, if you go this br00tal, you should go with more br000tal blastbeat, too. 

      thanks for the recommendation, I felt like I heard this type of sound before (metal core-bands from USA)so it did not quite click with me. happy for you for this discovery. 

    2. VkBrutaliaN


      Well it's pretty rare for me to like japanese Bands with complete english lyrics but these Songs just have something that Really draw me into them.^^ 

  13. This year sucked in many ways for me but at least musically this year was totally AMAZING.

    I discovered so many great japanese none-Vk bands (although Vk still will be my number one "genre") like GOAT, Fushi, Fall of Tears, Farevvell, ONE LAST STAND, kokeshi and the list goes on...

  14. Selling:


    DIMLIM - VARIOUS (live ltd. edition)

    DISGUST - Ω-OMEGA- (live limited)

    GHOSE - 朦朧 (live limited)

    BLIND GRAPH - Six... (minialbum)


    If anyone is interested in any of these please let me know by contacting me via DM.


    Keep in mind i only ship within europe.


    If no ones interested i guess i'll have to wait to sell them until my next visit in japan...


    (i think it wouldn't be worth anymore to create an extra thread...)

    1. Axius


      Hey just wanted to reach out. Your contribution would be awesome if you want to join. Limited lives are always a hard thing to acquire. Contributions to vk.gy as well also help. Im currently intrested in the following: 

      DISGUST - Ω-OMEGA- (live limited)

      GHOSE - 朦朧 (live limited)

      BLIND GRAPH - Six... (minialbum)


      And if you happen to have DictavE limited live stuff. Highely interested in DictavE. 


    2. VkBrutaliaN
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