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    WTF You worthless chicken shit of goddamn fucking shit. Your mother is a prostitute. you son of a nuts in the guts fuckfest.
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  1. oh, baby finally became an adult today


    happy bday 2 me

    1. CAT5


      Blessed Born Day, young padawan! Hope all is well with you!

    2. itsukoii


      thank you @CAT5! you as well!

    3. Aferni


      Happy B Day!

  2. Happy birthday to you~! Have an awesome day 🎉 🎂 🎉

    1. itsukoii


      thank you so much!!!

  3. baby started uni today

    1. suji


      congrats!! ♥♥♥

    2. Gesu


      Ayyyyy, congratulations~! Have fun there ^_^

  4. itsukoii

    so is sugar pain!
  5. itsukoii

    ahahaha dating apps really aren't my cup of tea, but if i ever do decide to try them out for whatever reason i'll surely be careful
  6. itsukoii

    thank you so much @nullmoon! been doing quite well since it actually, because i've taken a lot of time to focus on myself. i can agree it's really beneficial, and i've been so much happier!! i have a long ways to go before i know enough about myself to be able to enter another committed relationship, but i think i'm on the right path. thanks again, and i'm glad things have worked out for you too!
  7. itsukoii

    @CAT5 what a read that was! it was very enlightening and definitely makes me realize i'm just not ready for something like that LOL... but it was fantastic advice overall, so thank you, and i'll definitely keep it in mind for the future. at the same time it does make me wonder if my ex and i should have tried harder with our relationship, but we were too incompatible as partners and there were too many factors of the relationship interfering with my hobbies/outside life, which is something i can't handle before starting uni. it's me time rn. so this actually begs another deep question: how can you know when a person is worth all of that work?
  8. itsukoii

    after finishing a project i feel like my life has no meaning. i have to wait a few days for more materials to arrive so until then i'm forced to take a break. no thank
  9. itsukoii

    no, i'm quite busy, and i'm sure the crush stemmed from the later period in my relationship where my mind went "hey you're in a real shitty relationship, look at this other person that you get along with really well and treats you better than your partner does, develop feelings". but as i said, it's never been a complete crush and i doubt it will be, because they're unobtainable anyway due to their orientation and my only option is to suppress it (plus, relationships now terrify me)
  10. itsukoii

    been on the verge of crushing on a completely unobtainable person lately. must just be the universe telling me to never love again lol
  11. itsukoii

    thank you :// and lmfao right? they were all "but he doesn't understand lesbians(??? LOL) and he'll be so confused so yall should just stop!!!"... honey i think an almost 40 y/o man knows what lesbians are and wouldn't give two shits if a bunch of them loved him. sure he might be puzzled if someone went up to him during the m&g and told him about it (which nobody did, but for some reason a bunch of people were convinced we would harass him about it during the m&g??) but like you said, he wouldn't be losing any sleep. let lesbians have their fun ok
  12. itsukoii

    same, but i'm trying to put the whole thing behind me as best i can. also did it?? i didn't check that one, but if so, good riddance. i hope the main account goes down too
  13. itsukoii

    it really did and i can't help but notice how inactive the account has been since we broke up (for unrelated reasons). guess the account really wanted us apart and to hurt her. thank you. and yeah, unfortunately it's still up, i checked yesterday.
  14. itsukoii

    i'll sum up the gist: they attempted to turn an innocent twitter tag (lesbiansforreita, a joke from the lesbians in the fandom saying he was our protector/leader, can't remember why or how it started but it was some innocent fun) into a bully tactic against wlw and claiming my ex was a pedophile (she wasn't, i was 17 and we had a strictly romantic relationship) before doxxing her, saying that tag was a "cover up" for these pedophilic assumptions of theirs. there was a whole gc behind it that didn't like my ex for one reason or another, so they teamed up and did all this, feeding into the vkeifanexposed that claimed to "expose bad fans" but it was extremely biased and seemed to only go after this one person, who (imo) had done nothing wrong. it's all kind of a blur to me now but i THINK that's the gist
  15. itsukoii

    how i understand it is like this: a fetish is the sexual arousal coming from a non-sexual object. this could be a body part, ex. feet, or not, like balloons. there doesn't have to be any kink in there to make it arousing; it just is. kinks i define as the "play". add in some degradation, humiliation, etc. kinks are things you DO, how you act, and that's arousing. that's how i understand the difference
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