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  1. 15th effin years... wow... that look thou
  2. maryeon

    Could not expect anything less from The Queen
  3. this is so sad T----T it's terrible when members have to retire due to illness. u can tell yu really loved being in matenrou and playing there. he's such a great drummer too...
  4. maryeon

    Damn this sucks for the people who were going bc it's such short notice but u can't really guess when you're gonna get sick. Sgz gotta calm down and get himself proper healthy. The man has been all over the place for the last months.
  5. gazette album jiluka album B-T album Chvrches album Marmozets album dropping in 2 days lynch album (supposing it's coming this year) Placebo album (same thing as previous one) Arctic monkeys?? maybe?? The 1975 album (yass) (also it's cool af to see people in here who like Linda Martini)
  6. These gents have been going at it for 30 years and manage to be consistently good all the time. I'm so excited for this.
  7. maryeon

    Couldn't say it any better! You can tell the man really lives for his art. It's inspirational of sorts.
  8. maryeon

    I too like @Komorebiusually tend to prefer the more melodic or classical influenced bands. I personally mean bands like Matenrou Opera, Versailles or Galneryus but nowadays I've listened to more and more "brutal kei" and I admit it's become one of my favourite things. I love the more extreme Jiluka songs and believe Ricko is a pretty competent screamer but I also really like their softer sounding songs like Crossing Fate (my personal fave). This chick rides the dexcore hype train!!!! I do love how intense they are. Can we also include Archemi. in this? They sound pretty heavy to me.
  9. Kinda disappointed the MV doesn't have the members but damn this sounds amazing.
  10. maryeon

    Yeah, shame they're not the same design. The other one looked sick.
  11. maryeon

    Hey I guess they heard your cries
  12. maryeon

    Damn that's mad annoying. Idg how people can be at a concert and at least not move their head or show some enthusiasm for who's putting a show for u. If u paid at least enjoy it idk
  13. maryeon

    Heck yeeeeeees!!!! I'm happy the guys r doing more and more, they seem to be getting popular and I hope the momentum continues for them. (I really wanna get my hands on that album)
  14. maryeon

    Here's the full list of collaborators for each track, it's quite long so I'll put it under spoiler. The website also has snippets of each song http://www.god-child-records.com/asagi/ Personally super excited for the Ruiza x Syu guitar duet coming in. Asagi has managed to make a lot of interesting pair ups, the album must've taken a lot of time and money to produce.
  15. maryeon

    According to GCR website, he's in track 6 "螢火" ( http://www.god-child-records.com/asagi/)
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