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  1. NekoHime

    Tbh I'm really wondering how they made it until now. 😶 I mean they had some good song sometimes, but the fanbase seemed really dead..
  2. NekoHime

    It seems Mel also gonna leave Kiraware. I don't understand japanese perfectly, but Sugar somehow want to make new members and continue. But it seems he is really struggling about losing not just members, but friends. 😣
  3. I'll miss him really hard, and I know the band will go on well, but they really seemed to be good friends, surely gonna hit them a bit. Thankfully the rest of them are professional, they handled the situation well. Best wishes for them.
  4. I'm so sick about random bandomans just disappearing.. This time I feel more worried, since Gulu seems to have a really good relationship with each other..like REALLY. And Kazari was really active on Instagram too usually. I have no idea how a person could just disappear without telling anyone a word, considering that they're responsible adults with a job. ( Ok lol I know, this is vk, but still) I can't help, but thinking about something bad happened to him... I really hope he is fine. This band is too precious.
  5. NekoHime

    I really hope for a comeback. 😢
  6. They made a cover. The song is from the really hyped anime, Kimetsu no yaiba.
  7. Also they're about to start a "muevo campaign" to collect money. To help them to keep the quality of their work. (It's hard to be a musician huh.. 😢) You have to register and choose an option from 01.28. The cheapest version is the 4000 yen plan, where you get both type of the single, a comment video, and a link to the mv before the official release etc. There's a lot of option even for 50.000/100.000 yen containing merchandises, talking, invitation to the backstage on their oneman, dinner party, and even a private concert too. 😯😵 As far as I could check, I'm kinda sure they can't ship things to overseas, maybe you can buy the 1000 yen ticket if you want with no extras. 😢 They're trying to sell themselves so hard, I'm a bit worried. Hoping for the best.
  8. NekoHime

    I'm worried about this thing. 😅😂
  9. NekoHime

    The outfits are a bit cringe, but the sound is good, so looking forward to it. 🤔
  10. NekoHime

    It seems they have a new bassist/guitarist? I'm happy that they continue to make videos.
  11. NekoHime

    Well, it's temporary, i'm sure they'll come back because they have a huge fanbase. Also I don’t really care about what's his opinion about the LGBTQ community even if I'm a part of it. I'm not a diehard fan of them but I love their music and that's the point. He may be an asshole for hating but we don't have to do the same. Peace.
  12. NekoHime

    R指定 (R-shitei) announced their hiatus after their tour final on December 29th. No further information added. Not so happy Christmas.
  13. NekoHime

    Tbh I know, this is a garbage. But a good garbage. I'd still definitely buy their shit. 😂
  14. NekoHime

    Wow. It's just.. Wow. Impressive.
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