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  1. Licio123

    tchau, pessoas! foi bom frequentar aqui, ainda que bem raramente nos últimos tempos
  2. Licio123

    Wow, unexpected. A great musician, wish him nothing but the best.
  3. I bet Kyo covers his nose when using a mask, this guy was obviously was a fraud ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Licio123

    Globus pharyngis is pretty annoying. I have it sometimes, after very stressful events. To a vocalist, it must be unbearable.
  5. Licio123

    Sad, really sad. All we can do is wish him a speedy recovery...
  6. Well, I'm happy they will return. Loved them and always will, regardless of their weaker recent output.
  7. Licio123

    this topic is why I pay internet for! hahaha
  8. Licio123

    Man, I wasn't aware of this. What a bummer. RIP, YOU!
  9. Licio123

    As much as I love this band, they should have done something. At least kicked Wataru out (even though I think they would disband if that happened).
  10. Licio123

    Well, at least some good news are turning up in the fuckup of a year (yea, I know you hate them, but still)
  11. Licio123

    BEST NEWS OF 2020! I am confident they can even erradicate covid-19 from the face of the earth. Really, man. So unexpected in these dark times, I am happy as fuck!
  12. Licio123

    Coronavirus has gone too far this time. Quarantine is really affecting people, man.
  13. Licio123

    I wonder why people need so much toilet paper. The freaking virus does not make you shit your pants off!
  14. Licio123

    Jesus, they are soooo active. I haven't even "processed" their previous album!
  15. Licio123

    they had some good tunes 10 years ago... RIP
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