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Found 25 results

  1. Bear

    We have a punk thread so I thought we should have a metal thread as well. Post everything japanese and metal, old or new doesn't matter. General talk about japanese metal. Simple as that. https://hellsheadbangers.bandcamp.com/track/satanik-holocaust-2 The rocking motherfuckers in Barbatos has a new album out soon, Straight Metal War, their first new album for 9 years. I'm a fan of Barbatos and their black/thrash/punk metal, so I am looking forward to this. It's more of the same, but when your usual output is great there's no need to change so who gives a fuck about that. I love the vocals on Goodbye High School Girls. Sounds like an improved Shigeyuki Koide (Gorgon) or something. Should be cool, and I hope we hear more of that on the album. Sludge gods Corrupted has a new EP released a month ago called 喪失:Loss. Looking forward to hear this one, as it's always exciting with new material from these guys. Couldn't find any of the songs online after a quick search though.
  2. Crystal Lake once again leading the charge taking Japanese metal outside of Japan. For this project Spiritbox has teamed up with them as of now we dont know the full details but they have launched a collab merch line and Ryo will be featured in in a remix version of Spiritbox's Holly Roller track. This version will be released on October 2nd and you can listen to a preview below. Spiritbox is a Canadian Metal band fronted by Courtney LaPlante former Vocalist of iwrestledabearonce. Spirirtbox has had tremoundous success and their latest releases have been some of their best i would encourage you all to give them a listen. Collab Merch Line This is the original song without Ryo.
  3. Mamo

    I thought it was about time these guys got their own discussion. Easily one of the best bands going in the vk scene right now. Years Active: 2016-Present Members: Vo. 架神(Kagami) Gt. haku (→ Mizaria → AxiL(support) → Alive to Die → Butterfly syndrome → dexcore(support) → DEXCORE) Ba. 澄(to-ru) (→ dexcore(support) → DEXCORE) Dr. 直樹(Naoki) (→ Cena rate → KUSSE → ベリィ → DEATHGAZE(indefinite hiatus),→ DEXCORE) Former Members: Ba. tetsu (→ Vent Croix(Ba.tetsu) → Art for Art's Sake(Vo.) → dexcore(Ba.tetsu) Official Sources: http://dexcore.jp/ https://www.youtube.com/c/dexcoreofficialchannel https://twitter.com/dexcore_info https://www.instagram.com/dexcore_official/ https://itunes.apple.com/jp/artist/dexcore/id1189429264 Discography: [2016.10.28] Hunger (Live limited single) [2016.12.14] The Dead Sea (1st single) [2017.03.06-2017.05.08] 月9コア (ゲツクコア)(getsu9core) (Youtube exclusive album) [2017.12.13] Imitation (2nd single) [2017.12.25] 独り言(Hitorigoto) (Youtube exclusive song) [2018.04.04] BLACK PIG (Digital Single) [2018.06.27] NEW ERA (3rd Single)
  4. blackdoll

    Which part do you care about more, or end up leaning toward? Do both parts have to be good for you to listen to the band? Me personal, I'll go with vocalist because i don't really listen to music with out vocals. Also i can get attached to them, for example if a band disbands i want the vocalist to come back to music the most, and not so much the other members even if they were wonderful too. but then again the instrumental is what you moving to, hmmm what do you guys/gals think?
  5. nomemorial

    Just noticed there's a musicians board in here. My band dropped an EP earlier this year and the whole thing is available on Bandcamp (and Spotify and etc.) - rottingindirt.bandcamp.com Chaotic metal stuff in the vein of Cult Leader, Plebeian Grandstand, etc. We put out a little video for the lead single, too! Hope you enjoy. 👍
  6. Hakari

    AILIPH DOEPA MEMBERS Eyegargoyle(Vo) RedZibra(Ba) Paprika Papriko(Gt) Donaldy Ketchup(Dr) Official: http://www.ailiphdoepa.com/top.html Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoepaChannel/featured If you are already confused a little bit that's OK, so was I when i first heard of these guys. They were first brought to my attention by @fitear1590in January's recommended tracks and ever since I have not been able to keep this guys from my playlist. I don't have much more information on these guys but I am going to let the music speak for itself. Hopefully you guys enjoy them as much as I have over the last couple weeks!
  7. DIR EN GREY 29th SINGLE 『人間を被る』 2018.4.25 RELEASE 【完全生産限定盤】 CD+Blu-ray SFCD-0222〜223 ¥5,500 (tax out) CD+DVD SFCD-0224〜225 ¥4,500 (tax out) DISC 1 : CD 1. 人間を被る 2. Ash 3. 詩踏み [LIVE] *Live Take at Zepp Tokyo on October 12, 2017 DISC 2 : Blu-ray or DVD 01. Chain repulsion   TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE”?-   2014.08.30 新木場STUDIO COAST (追加公演) 02. 禍夜想   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of VULGAR]   2016.07.01 新木場STUDIO COAST 03. Phenomenon   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of DUM SPIRO SPERO]   2016.09.23 ホクト文化ホール 04. Un deux   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of 鬼葬]   2016.11.08 CLUB CITTA’ [FEMALE LIMITED] -「a knot」 & ONLINE only- 05. Revelation of mankind   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of UROBOROS]   2017.02.10 東京国際フォーラム・ホールA 06. Midwife   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of THE MARROW OF A BONE]   2017.04.18 Zepp Nagoya 07. 鱗   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of MACABRE]   2017.07.26 中野サンプラザ 08. Sustain the untruth   TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of Withering to death.]   2017.10.12 Zepp Tokyo -「a knot」 & ONLINE only- (追加公演) <IN-STUDIO FOOTAGE> 人間を被る (Scenes From Recording)
  8. Some of you may be familiar with more comedic tag "brutal kei" to describe "heavy" visual kei bands who often use vocals and instrumentals seemingly inspired by "heavy metal" genres and sometimes "extreme metal" genres as well. The origins of the term "brutal kei" was coined by "matsuya89" aka @VkBrutaliaN in 2009 and later popularized by myself in 2010 as more of a "troll". I was inspired by a video which has since been removed on youtube; however, a forum discussion on this video and listing the bands used in the video can be found here: http://rockbandfinder.com/top-9-most-brutal-visual-keij-rock-bands/ . (I later found out the video was made and uploaded by @VkBrutaliaN). But the serious origins of this trend in visual kei began with various "Nu metal" tendencies as early as the mid-90s with bands such as: Aliene Ma'riage, ∀NTI FEMINISM, and 妃阿甦(THE PIASS). Today it has become a less prevalent niche but a handful of bands of this type always seem to emerge only to disband very shortly thereafter. Kept alive by a cult following of an obsessive fandom. Many bands of the current wave of this so called "brutal kei" genre incorporate elements of electronica and mostly stick to a blend of metalcore, deathcore, nu metal, and typical vk melodic rock. The vocalist will almost always use harsh vocal techniques such as: screams, pig squeals, and death growls. Some current examples include: Nocturnal Bloodlust, JILUKA, FIXER, DIMLIM, DEXCORE, and many more. Oh and @Takadanobabaalienmy apologies for not mentioning the legendary most br00tal vk band "Deviloof"!!!!!! Are you a fan of this sound?
  9. JukaForever

    Narumi (ex Destrose, ex Disqualia) will be releasing her 1st solo album 'The SEED' EP on February 5, 2018 Previews below: The previews sounds alright, Red Rabbit sounds promising. It looks like it is gonna be an instrumental-only album though. I can't find a link for where to purchase.
  10. BrenGun

    DEVIZE, first announced at the end of 2015 however the start of this band was in MARCH 2016. In September 2016 they hold their first ONEMAN which was SOLD OUT! Members Vocal … アル・フィオン → シャドウ → Lydiac(帝) → DEVIZE Guitar … LARM→ シャドウ → Lydiac(麗喜) → DEVIZE Drums … 爬 → ArcGarden → AvelCain(怜人→Dr.葬)[1] → 麗麗(Ba.怜斗)[2] → DEVIZE(Dr.爬) Past member: Bass … teoh - → シャドウ → Lydiac(ジン) → DEVIZE I myself really like them, somehow they create music different than 99% of the visual kei bands who are around now. Their music always feels as every melody fits on the right place, also the vocalist voice is nice to listen too. Maybe not the best grunting however NO PIGGY SCREAM! *_* I also really love the style of the drummer. However when I first recovered this band, I really thought "those guys look to amazing to sound good". However After some plays I truly felt in love with this band. I truly hope that Double River Record will be good to them. I would be sad if they would break up anytime soon. All I can say more is that their upcoming single "jikisou" is again a great singe. and it's easy to buy on CDJAPAN. will be released at 2016.12.14 <-GRAB IT!~ only 1200yen! And I also can't wait for: this single is also available on CDjapan 2000 yen. and will be released at January 18 2017. Someday I really hope to see this band LIVE!! I really think they great, however the feedback about them on this forum is a bit.... I still think that they sound as so great as their first single AXIS! And I truly can't wait for their album release! So I hope those who only liked their first release to give DEVIZE a 2nd change, EXODUS is also an amazing single. Which still can be bought at CDJapan and of course on other websites. DEVIZE is for me 100% one of the best bands of 2016. Which I really didn't expect when I first checked them out. DEVIZE on web: OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE OFFICIAL TWITTER
  11. Maybe some of you remember my band's demos from a few years back - we finally managed to finish our first EP and plan to release it digitally for free and physically on the 10th of November! The music is a mix between quite a few styles ranging from Power Metal to Metalcore and of course VK inspired tropes. It's all self produced in our guitarist's apartment, so this is only a small indie project Here's a teaser with a short song preview at the end! Please let me know what you think!
  12. Augie1995

    All right, well now that I have my hands on the album I can officially give my opinion on it. Naya I am really tired so I might not finish this but so far it sounds pretty good the intro song is absolutely spectacular, there's so much energy going on and the guitar rocks. I've already heard Drain from the previewd and the full PV but that's still a really awesome song. Voltage is something new, it's really pop metal song if I can say that but the breakdown is the most interesting thing becausE I have Yet to hear something like that. Incomplete and Zantetsuken are the usual good new girugamesh tracks. Antlion pit is a catastrophic beast! Sato she does really good here and he does some sick low growls. I gotta say that Nii is just ruling this album. So far this album is shaping up to be their best one yet. This new sound that they've embraced is doing them good and I hope that they continue on with this sound. Edit: All right, so I've almost thoroughly listened to the album and the only song that isn't really hitting me is "Live is Life" and the new Zecchou BANG. I feel the production on the new one is nicer but the instruments sound dull, especially the guitar. The guitar in this song contrasts so much with how the guitar has been throughout the whole album, strong and very "in your face" Other than that, the album is pretty much a strong one and I love it to death Pros: Intro, Drain, Voltage, Resolution, Alone Con: Live is Life, Zecchou BANG
  13. Here's another translation, this time of the live-limited song by Diaura released last February (this one was quite cryptic in some point but I hope to have made evident the meaning) Kanji: I sing for you belive'n universe still I live...still I live... 終わりなき舞台の上で 傷付きながら それでも光へ また踏み出していく 強い雨の日も光のない灰空の日にも 決して離さずに 僕の手を強く繋いでいくれたね 遠き日の影に置き去りにされたままの歌も 決して色褪せず揺るぎない僕を映し出していた 猛然と吐き出す衝動 カラカラと空回る 猛然と吐き出す衝動 降り注ぐ声 次なる時へ この夜を駆けてゆく 無の世界で 何もかもを失っても 君へと伝う I sing for you belive'n universe still I live...still I live... 終わりなき舞台の上で 傷付きながら それでも光へ また踏み出していく 慰めの言葉も心無い愛情も 何もかもを拒む日々に 「どうして僕は生きるの 傷を背負い何処へ行くの?」 問い掛けてた 狡猾に捻じ曲がる回答 カラカラと空回る 猛然と吐き出す衝動 降り注ぐ声 次なる時へ この夜を駆けてゆく 無の世界で 何もかもを失っても 君へと伝う I sing for you belive'n universe still I live...still I live... 終わりなき舞台の上で 傷付きながら それでも光へ また踏み出していく Romaji: I sing for you belive'n universe still I live...still I live... owari naki butai no ue de kizu tsukinagara soredemo hikari e mata fumidashite iku Tsuyoi ame no hi mo hikari no nai haizora no hi ni mo kesshite hanasazu ni boku no te wo tsuyoku tsunaide ite kureta ne tooki hi no kage ni okizari ni sareta mama no uta mo kesshite iroasezu yuruginai boku wo utsushidashite ita Mouzen to hakidasu shoudou karakara to sora mawaru mouzen to hakidasu shoudou Furisosogu koe tsuginaru toki e kono yoru wo kakete yuku mu no sekai de nani mo kamo wo ushinatte mo kimi e to tsutau I sing for you belive'n universe still I live...still I live... owari naki butai no ue de kizu tsukinagara soredemo hikari e mata fumidashite iku Nagusame no kotoba mo kokoro nai aijou mo nani mo kamo wo kobamu hibi ni 'doushite boku wa ikiru no kizu wo shoi doko e iku no?' toikake teta Koukatsu ni nejimagaru kaitou karakara to sora mawaru koukatsu ni nejimagaru kaitou Mouzen to hakidasu shoudou karakara to sora mawaru mouzen to hakidasu shoudou Furisosogu koe tsuginaru toki e kono yoru wo kakete yuku mu no sekai de nani mo kamo wo ushinatte mo kimi e to tsutau I sing for you belive'n universe still I live...still I live... owari naki butai no ue de kizu tsukinagara soredemo hikari e mata fumidashite iku Translation: I sing for you belive'n universe still I live…still I live… On an endless stage Still while I carry a wound to the light And I am going to make a step forward. In the days of strong rain and even in the ones with the grey sky and without light Don't ever leave my hand, which was strongly connected Songs became as they are left behind to the shadow of the distant days I never fade and I reveal myself steady. Impulse of spitting out savagely Turning around the sky Impulse of spitting out savagely. A voice which downpours to the next moment This night runs away Even if I lose everything in this absent world I will follow you. I sing for you belive'n universe still I live…still I live… On an endless stage Still while I carry a wound to the light And I am going to make a step forward. Comforting words and thoughtless affection In the days which reject everything "Why will I carry on my shoulders the wounds of the life and where I will go?" I wondered. Cunningly twisting answer Turning around the sky Cunningly twisting answer. Impulse of spitting out savagely Turning around the sky Impulse of spitting out savagely. A voice which downpours to the next moment This night runs away Even if I lose everything in this absent world I will follow you. I sing for you belive'n universe still I live…still I live… On an endless stage Still while I carry a wound to the light And I am going to make a step forward. Kanji/Romaji from Jpopasia Translation is mine, so credit me before posting it elsewhere!
  14. Lets talk unclean vocals from vk or none vk, screams growls, pigsqeals, sqeals shouts, yells, whispers and whatever else you can think of thats used. Who do you love, like, love? Do you think it shold be all singing and unclean vocals sould die off? how do you like them used, what does make you feel? do you think a band should use more, less. Do you do them yourself. Me i love unclean vocals, i think they are needed even if they arnt as powerful as some outside bands. I really love it when "cute" band use them like Ichigo69 in Hakusho paradies (he needs to start useing them in vow), aicle, ayabie and an cafe in 3p (so mad thats the only one). Dont like it when the harsh vocals and instumental don't match like the harsh vocals are too weak for the track, or the track is to weak for the vocals. Sometimes i'll only like a band for their harsh vocals (unsraw,). love the guys who can scream, pig sqeal, and growl good (lustknot., arise in stability, FALILV, re:dis). love being cought off gard like with the raid. (he is a badass). love when the play with it (mejibray - sadistgate). maya in LM.C - metally sounded good. and if they are really good I'll try to figure out how to do them, (cant figure out llll -ligro-'s) My #1 harsh vocals go to Yuuki(Lycaon) for his earlyer work with screams in old Lycaon Enslavement beauty, royal order, and **88** are my fav. since new Lycaon isnt that hard he doesnt sound that harsh, which is smart. also notice he sqeals love those. And even after hearing brutal vocals from outside japan he still remains best. Top growlers and lows for me are from Ice/eros (BFN/xodiak), Otogi (awoi), Mao (sadie that might change because he starting to sound like kyo,i didnt like the ones in Madrigal De Maria) also like harsh vocals like signal ( screams only up to chain), LIV'ERT, grieva/reload, dio depain, nega, kiryu, megaromania, avelcain, Royz, quinstet, meth, Artema, wings work, aoi from ayabie etc. best female harsh are decola hopping and XECSNOIN dont like the ones like sel'm (unless they are done good like since 1889), the gaztte and div. D.i.D just seems random , but i dont mind as long as he is not grrrgaagara. NB is good too but i dont listen to them much. R-shitei, and existtrance need to come back.
  15. BABYMETAL will be re-issuing both limited edition versions of "BABYMETAL" (2,315Y) and "METAL RESISTANCE" (3,241Y) on 2016/09/14. This time, both albums will feature cardboard sleeve packaging. The DVD contents for "BABYMETAL" (not yet revealed) will be different than that of the first pressing and the DVD contents for "METAL RESISTANCE" will remain identical to the first pressing.
  16. Hey, listen to this awesome new Band: VII ARC They play Alternative Rock / Metal in style of various J-Rock Bands. they just released their first songs on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4aiIalKbn4 Like & Share on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seven.arc.official
  17. So I was bored and skim reading IRON ATTACK!'s Power Push interview from natalie.mu, and I ended up translating a few parts. Not much of what I translated is about music, but I think IRON-CHINO's weirdly upbeat, macho brand of nerdiness is super charming, so I thought I'd share anyway. Original article: http://natalie.mu/music/pp/ironattack ... Q: Aside from CHINO and minusiyon, your other vocalist Yuma is the member who has been in the circle the longest, right? Yuma: That's right. I joined about three years ago. But I've known CHINO-san for longer than that. CHINO: It started when I saw Yuma performing live and I thought "It's gotta be this person!". At the time, he was shirtless, singing enthusiastically. He was really macho, and his high range was also really powerful, so I thought he was an amazing vocalist. Yuma: That brings me back! The only time I used to take my clothes off while I was singing was when I first came to Tokyo, so we're talking about a really long time ago. CHINO: So at the time, I tried to invite him to join the other band that I play in, LIGHTNING, but... Yuma: At the time, I was in another band, so I had to say no. But when he asked me again around the same time that my band broke up, the timing was good so I joined LIGHTNING. CHINO: When he turned me down the first time I started to think that he might be a bit moody or difficult, but when I asked him again he gave me a cheerful "I'll do iiiiiit!". I remember sighing with relief and thinking "Ah, he's that kind of person. That's good." Q: So how did he join IRON ATTACK! ? CHINO: I was already working with Yuma in LIGHTNING, so I wanted to find a different person for IRON ATTACK!, but I really just couldn't find anyone else. Basically as a last resort, I asked him to try singing and he was perfect and fit right in. So he became a regular member of the band. ... minusiyon: You could say that, but as you would expect CHINO-san is like the father in the band. I think I'm probably like the mother. I think IRON ATTACK! is a circle that's bonded together like a family. Yuma: If they're the father and mother, I'm definitely the oldest son. And then Saka-than is the second son, calmly watching the rest of the family. And Kira☆ is the third son who acts like an idiot with me. ... Q: There are drawings of the military commanders from Romance of the Three Kingdoms on the cover of your new album "Tetsugeki sangokushi ~SANGOKU ATTACK!~", but they also represent the band members, right? CHINO: Yes. I thought about various things, but we ended up with the Five Tiger Generals (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong, from the Shu Han state) drawn on the cover...(**something about how he decided that minusiyon would be Zhao Yun**) Q: You're very attentive to the details of the scene, aren't you? (laughs) CHINO: It seems like Zhao Yun was originally a very beautiful young man, so it seemed like he would work for a woman. But if you really pressed me, I'd say minusiyon is the strategist type. Since she's the band's brain and she's also on the front line as a vocalist... I think someone like Sanada Nobushige would be a good fit. minusiyon: And now we're not even talking about Romance of the Three Kingdoms anymore. (laughs) CHINO: Since Saka-than is always playing bass with his legs spread wide in these wide-leg pants, he has an imposing stance, so I think Guan Yu fits. Plus sometimes he plays seven string bass, and I think the size of that instrument fits the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. Q: The cast really does fit. CHINO: Yuma is totally Zhang Fei. Yuma: Even though I totally thought I was a perfect match for Ma Chao. (laughs) CHINO: But you're totally like the Zhang Fei that appears in the game Dynasty Warriors 8! Because he's so macho! Q: He certainly does seem to have that kind of image. CHINO: And, even though Gensui-kun is the youngest, he's the old veteran general Huang Zhong. It's basically just because the arrows kind of look like drumsticks. Q: Kira☆-san is Ma Chao, isn't he? CHINO: Inside I feel a little conflicted because I don't know if it's really a good fit, but of the Five Tiger Generals only Ma Chao was left. But I think the illustration of him on the album jacket looks the most accurate. Q: If you weren't restricted to the Five Tiger Generals, what kind of miliary commander would Kira☆-san be? Yuma: He'd be Guan Ping. CHINO: Since Saka-than is Guan Yu, because of where he stands on stage I think he should be someone like his son Guan Ping. Because sometimes he has to pay attention to Saka-than's rhythm while performing. But I think Guan Ping would have looked too plain on the jacket, so he became Ma Chao. Q: And so, CHINO-san is Liu Bei. CHINO: Yes. Because if I wasn't Liu Bei the story wouldn't be able to progress. (laughs) Q: If you weren't restricted to the Shu characters, which miliary commander from Romance of the Three Kingdoms would you say you're most like? CHINO: I think I would say Sun Jian from the first generation, or Sun Quan from the third one. I originally liked Wu. I thought the way that they were always fighting with their backs against the wall trying to take over more territory overlaps with my continuing obsession with metal. But it seemed like everyone was telling me "No, CHINO-san is Liu Bei." (laughs) Even though I don't really get it.
  18. Okay, my first review and I don't think I'm good at this stuff. I mean Zess-sama is so intimidating. But, since Lycaon is like my everything, so here i go. I have to start off with this is how one does an album from Japan. It makes me forget about all other album except theirs previous of course really. With that being said, this is not their best album as the others could go toe to toe with this, I explained the bands constant rate of greatness. This Album however does bring their discography together unlike others so some wouldn't really be surprised by oh they did that, excluding some of the vocals from the first two years. The big thing that this album does is bring the other members into the spotlight especially Satoshi and Zero. Before at least for me, it was just Yuuki, and they were his back up. Now the group shares the attention. With this review I’m not going to review the old tracks, since the new songs themselves are what are important to me. btw This song shocked me the most, even more then MRC because I wasn't expecting this layout. 01 Camera obscura-SE-: Starts of a Nice creepy SE music box playing with evil laughing, then with a girl scream signals the electronic dubstep sound giving MRC lovers some familiarity, they comes on the violin giving it that somber sound signaling the seriousness of the album. At the end it moves faster. This does a great job of grabbing listener’s attention while signaling something different for current followers as we hear new sounds. Also for an album called CO it sets the mood. 10/10 02 tsuioku: It starts off with this high pitch sound that leads into like dark chase music similar to like an orchestra to open the song, and then come yuuki singing strong and raw (what?) then the main riffage/ which had me worried with how simple it was, but it was a false alarm as the instrumental picked up with the chorus and got interesting. Then the cool down part where Yuuki's switches and scream I'll never let you down my pets. Later on we get a lead in that leads to a core/ish break down paired with violin play. It gives a nice break from the seriousness. Following the breakdown is a nice guitar solo that flow with the song not interrupting. Finally Yuuki ends it on a beautiful high. (I want more). I give it a 10/10 for being a great opening, setting this off strong, encouraging listeners to keep going. 03 Dark Night: Starting of with a drum roll and kind of a electronic snare grabbing attention for the fast pace hard crunching riffage that follows which you can really head bang to. Turns out this is just leading to an awesome metalcore riffs. You my say "oh i herd them before" but the ending to the riffs sound different. Anyway Yuuki come on clean singing fast with sounds in the background this time he sounds more relaxed. Then we have the dark part which is fairly breakdownish with the opera "oooooo" in the background, and Yuuki voice echoing. Then later is the part that reminds me of the song title as Yuuki changes his voice into a higher like a night riding threw the darkness. Also there is fun solo. 10/10 for making excellent use of outside sounds and going against the norm. 04 Liar: obviously this the fun track of the album in which you can hop/headbang to with the psychedelic jelly chime, catchy beat, and yuuki going "ooo liaahh" all sexy on and off during the main riffs the chorus is sweet too with the flow. Yuuki for the first though later on does this whisper thing where it is up front and leading you on a sweet ride. Also great job with the guitar solo. 10/10 05 anshitsu -SE-: back to creepy with like a demon whispering and someone taking a pictures 10/10 06 marionette: open with the giggles of a child. the instrumental comes on a with heavy bass paired with guitar singing and it goes in thumbs while yuuki singing hypnotically. I would have liked it to be longer and maybe lead somewhere but with what’s given 10/10. it's kind is like a more badass dark Kuro no dachura. 08 kimi wo kowasu garasu no shoudou: open with dark orchestra which come in later a few times later, followed by serious toned guitar shredding to later change into a rocking side to side beat then up and down in which Yuuki sings his heart out. Another guitar solo followed by a quick breakdown. so lovely 10/10 09 kuchiduke-SE-: guitar break. 10/10 10 Rouge: It is like a cross over of uro no neko and gossip and i freaking love it! Though the vocal here are really timid which creates a great effect, this is my favorite jazzy song from them. Also love the piano. 10/10 12 anemone: kind of like cross over between Ai wa kirameki no naka ni and Love song but piano & violin based. It is indeed full of love and very touching. In the Japanese scene winning hands down but compared to the Arabic scene not so much. Yuuki sing is too concentrated, and doesn't flow free, like where is that falsetto and high notes that drop me dead? But 10/10 for sure sing it was great just not the best and it's not like i can hold that against him. 15 ILLUSION: open with be boob sound, to lead in a great one lined song as in the instrumental seems like it all come together to form one thing. Love the vocals and switches to different parts. lol there the breakdown which was kind of like a punch to you know who's face with the metalcore drops then electronic sounds/ dubstep. ha love the lasers! The way they ended it with the double bassing and picking up speed is kind like end of delusion 10/10 16 melancholic: Love the obscured sounds with the guitar as an opening. Later we have this funky guitar playing coupled with heavy riffs of base and the other guitar. Sound so good with the contrast. Later some great shredding and vocals. Also the great breakdown with a lead. Yuuki moaning while the guitar is getting ready, that part finishing with a inhale, he then let out a throaty scream as the break down comes on heavy. 10/10 17 gypsy: lol didn't see this coming, the search for something new lead to latino music though Malice mizer might have been the influence. Yuuki opens it up with his lovely voice but end on that "OMG" voice which doesn't come back which is disappointing. Anyway really lovely song with the groovy bass, clam shells and guitaring. 10/10 kind of classy too. 18 endroll-SE-: the ending to CO really nice. Similar to Super junior M swing's breakdown 10/10 saying good bye but I will be back. After listening to it is really just, wonderful, amazing, lovely, great, and top notch! They tried new things when i thought they might have went dry and used things from the past show that they haven't forgotten how they started and moved along. Disappointments but not killers no screams, and not a lot of falsetto/highnotes. Since the instrumental doesn't scream harsh or power the scream are not needed. And I think it’s just his style/background that makes him sing that way. If you don't love this album ___ _ ____
  19. blackdoll

    Whats your favorite breakdowns? Mine happen to be from Lycaon http://youtu.be/PLUWdFlezIo starts around 1:21 with a awesome high pitch squeal http://youtu.be/wMvepFRPYlQ and their latest breakdown, 2 parts starts at 1:59 first hard guitar rebing followed by a back and forth beat with electronic synth sound picks up with double bass with yuuki whispering.
  20. Hey what's up ! I'm gonna run jrock related radio channel on my university's radio starting from 10.4.2015. It's in Finnish language, but I think everyone can enjoy the music and I hope Finnish people would pay attention for this! http://www.facebook.com/jrockmetalcity2 Jrock metal city II facebook page http://www.sateily.com University of Lapland's radio page. Just click on the radio! :---)
  21. 1st Buried In Verona - Faceless 2nd I Killed The Prom Queen - Beloved 3rd To Catch A Fox - Dishearten 4th Tell Me A Fairytale - Sleepwalker 5th Killing The Messenger - What Matters Most 6th Ice Nine Kills - The Predator Becomes The Prey 7th For The Fallen Dreams - Heavy Hearts 8th Jamie's Elsewhere - Rebel Revive 9th Architects - Lost Forever//Lost Together 10th Dead By April - Let The World Know 11th Alesana - The Decade 12th Memphis May Fire - Unconditional 13th Benighted - Carnivore Sublime 14th Ready Set Fall - Memento 15th Demon Hunter - Extremist 16th Eskimo Callboy - We Are The Mess 17th Austrian Death Machine - Triple Brutal 18th Chiodos - Devil 19th InDirections - Clockworks 20th Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion 21th Emmure - Eternal Enemies 22th Abandoned By Bears - When Nothing Goes Right Go Left 23th The Unguided - Fragile Immortality 24th Yashin - D.E.A.D 25th Comeback Kid - Die Knowing 26th Behemoth - The Satanist 27th Deceptions - Unheard Voices 28th I Declare War - We Are Violent People By Nature 29th Carnifex - Die Without Hope 30th Caliban - Ghost Empire 31th For Today - Fight The Silence 32th I Drink My Coffee Alone - Winterfrühlingsommerherbst 33th Issues - Issues 34th Artema - Stargazer 35th Above All Nations - Fearless Youth 36th From Alaska - Iceberg 37th Me In A Million - Still In The Balance 38th Akissforjersey - New Bodies 39th Intervals - A Voice Within 40th About An Author - Where The Wild Things Aren't 41th Periphery - Clear 42th Abandon All Ships - Malocchio 43th Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force 44th We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids 45th The Bunny The Bear - Food Chain totally showed my taste this year. will update to top 50 whatever you call me, genericore fan or others, I'm such a person chasing for breakdown, lol.
  22. RpgRiser

    Hey guys, I've decided to put all my covers in one thread. I hope that you'll like them ^w^ Others A Day to Remember Akeboshi Coldrain DEATHGAZE Dimmu Borgir Lamb Of God http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NG72QJRNcA&feature=youtu.be Nocturnal Bloodlust Signal The Word Alive Note: Check my channel if you want to listen to my covers in a chronological order to check my progress Tips for singing better are welcome^^
  23. Any Protest the Hero fans on MH? Reason I ask is because I'm looking for people to talk about their new album Volition with and all of my friends are musically impaired. Truly an exceptional album, 5 stars all around!!! Best metal album of the decade for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=ppwWGTgGMMQ
  24. Sorry it's a facebook link but I do have it set to public so you should be able to view it, check it out and let me know what you think! I recommend hitting the HD button as well, the audio is way better like that (obviously). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=679795742045172
  25. Hey guys ^w^ So I do vocal covers and I wanted to share this with you. If you have any tips to help me to improve my screaming/singing,don't hesitate to let me know Enjoy ^w^
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