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Found 19 results

  1. MAKE IT POP I haven't seen any kind of general pop thread in the global music sub-forum and that just will not do! 2020 is shaping up to be an amazing year for pop music and there must be a thread to discuss everything pop-related! I'm going start by sharing some upcoming releases I'm looking forward to and then sharing some artists I've enjoyed since last year. Upcoming Releases Rina Sawayama Sawayama (04.17.2020) -Rina's been making some waves in the indie pop scene. She seemingly just came out of nowhere but managed to make an impression on people with her self-released EP "Rina" with hits like "Cyber Stockholm Syndrome" and "Ordinary Superstar". Her sound is very reminiscent of 90's pop/r&b but she finds ways to make it sound fresh and interesting. She's got a new album coming out in April of this year titled "Sawayama". Samples Purity Ring Womb (04.03.2020) -Purity Ring is a Canadian electronic pop duo drawing from sub-genres like glitch-pop and synth-pop. While they can sound bright and poppy, their sound is more strongly defined by dark and ominous undertones both lyrically and musically. They're probably most known for their tracks "Fineshrine" and "Obedear". They'll be releasing a new album titled "Womb" in the beginning of April and it's sounding like it'll be a more lighter listen. Samples Recent Favorites Grimes Miss Anthropocene (02.21.2020) -I'm sure Grimes doesn't need an introduction. She's known for her unique sound of ethereal and pop music and made hits such as "Genesis" and "Kill V. Maim". Her album "Miss Anthropocene" came out earlier last month and, honestly, it's been one of my favorite releases in 2020 so far. Certainly not the most amazing album and, arguably a bit half baked, but there are some solid tracks on the album and I've been revisiting it often. Samples Charli XCX Charli (09.13.2019) -Charli XCX went to the top of my favorite artists in 2019 when I listened to her latest album "Charli". Her sound was so different than a lot of other pop artists I had heard. While she certainly has songs with tons of pop appeal featuring bright dance-y music and catchy lyrics, she also brings with that a blend of future pop and experimental sounds. The production on her latest record is absolutely amazing and I was hooked from the first track onward. Although I'm a fan of her latest sound, she's probably most known for songs like "Boys" and "Vroom Vroom" (which, I absolutely love both). Samples Sophie Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (06.15.2018) -If Charli XCX's recent output is futuristic, then Sophie's music is so far ahead in the pop genre that by the time it's considered a classic the human race will have evolved into a higher physical state (fun fact, Sophie actually produced Charli XCX's EP "Vroom Vroom". ). All jokes aside, this album is quite simply something else. It has a few more traditional poppy moments but the other 90% hits you with leftfield experimental sounds intermixed with soundscapes and industrial bass music. The production on this record is so good though and there were so many times I kept asking, "what the hell was that sound? How did she do that?". It's certainly not for everyone, but for those looking for a more expanded take on pop music, so much as to the point of almost being unrecognizable, I highly encourage you to take a jump. Samples
  2. 夜の鼓動 / The Pulse of the Night* Lyrics: N'Eita Music: N'Taichi I’ll never be in love When I’m alone, I just want to sleep I wanna hold onto the night I’ve started wanting to drink just a little more It was heavy snow last night The moonlight lights up the snow I remember I love you On this white night, the stars and moon are... I believed “We’re the one love” “We’re the one love” I dreamed “We’re the one love” “We’re the one love” I make a wish on a star On the curtain of night, Follow the tears of the stars, And fly up to heaven I was so into you I’m remembering, and I want to forget But now you’ve gotta find your own You say “Is it snowing over there again?” You’ll never love me again Do you understand? You say you understand** Listen to the song in my heart I wonder if it will be tonight? The night of the full moon I believed “We’re the one love” “We’re the one love” I dreamed “We’re the one love” “We’re the one love” I make a wish on a star On the curtain of night, Follow the tears of the stars, And fly up to heaven Notes: *I feel like there is a better way to put this **Not sure about this 夜の鼓動 / Yoru no kodou I NEVER BE IN LOVE. Hitori de nemuritai no I WANNA HOLD ON THE NIGHT. Mou sukoshi nomitai natte IT WAS HEAVY SNOW LAST NIGHT. Yuki terasu tsukiakari wa I REMEMBER I LOVE YOU. Shiroi yoru Hoshi to tsuki ga I BELIEVED “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” I DREAMED “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” Hoshi ni negai o Yoru no tobari ni Hoshi no namida o tadori Ten made tobe I WAS SO INTO YOU. Omoidasu Wasuretai no BUT NOW YOU GOTTA FIND YOUR OWN. Socchi mada futteru no? tte YOU’LL LOVE ME NEVER AGAIN. Wakatteru no? Wakatteru yo tte LISTEN TO THE SONG IN MY HEART. Konya ka na? Mangetsu yoru I BELIEVED “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” I DREAMED “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” “WE’RE THE ONE LOVE.” Hoshi ni negai o Yoru no tobari ni Hoshi no namida o tadori Ten made tobe Kanji: http://www.uta-net.com/song/224046/
  3. Indie/electronic outfit MARQUEE BEACH CLUB will release their debut album on August 10th, 2016! http://marqueebeachclub.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/mbc_japan MARQUEE BEACH CLUB "Flavor" Release Date: 2016.08.10 Price: ¥ 2,300 + Tax Label: P-VINE Cat.No.:PCD-93991 Tracklist: 01. eye 02. pattern 03. cups 04. wonder 05. understand 06. escape 07. city 08. utopia 09. white 10. dive 11. always
  4. violetchain

    Love this song, but the line "Kimi e no kimochi wa MUCHO MACHO" will never not be cringe-worthy. Also, lol Wakadanna. はなび / Hanabi Lyrics: Shounannokaze Music: Shounannokaze/banvox [HAN-KUN] Kowari uki moyou mirai hana* Himawari toranoo botan-dama Kanmuri hiyuusei hachi shidare Natsu no oozora ni sakimidare Aa [RED RICE, Wakadanna, SHOCK EYE] AH kooshichairannai! Zen wa isoge, hakanai yume oe, ore Tairin no hana o sakase! [SHOCK EYE] Machiwabita SUNSET subete ga somaru koro Mada kono e wa mikansei omae o mukae ni… Nante IMETORE wa PAAFEKUTO (dekiru ka na?) Nigitta te ase (CHIKIN HAATO) Yukata no omae no te o hiki yoru e kakedasou [RED RICE] SIX PACK no MECCHA MACHO to wa hodotooi kedo Kimi e no kimochi wa MUCHO MACHO DEETO ni sasotte mitara OK no henshin Konya koso ippozenshin Otoko-rashiku chotto gouin ni Kokuhaku kara no FALL IN LOVE Kaesanai UNTIL MORNING Iku ka na? Sujigaki doori [HAN-KUN] LA LA LOVE Manatsu no OORORA kirameku yozora Chiribamerareta MEMORIES [ALL] NAIAGARA sainagara ochite-yuku Kore ga koi to iu na no hanabi I JUST WANNA BE YOUR LOVE YOUR LOVE… [SHOCK EYE] Makiokoru kansei Azayaka na FIREWORKS Ima ore no tonari de nani o omotteru n darou? Hinoko chirasu yo PARTY (Hikaru sora) Yoru no tobari o saite (yume mita) Futari de sugosu yoru o ima mune ni yakitsukeyou [Wakadanna] Nee? …n? U!...un? A!...Aa↓ Sou…un! Ee?...ee? Iya…iya? Uun…sou! A? U? A-i-shi-te! A I U E? Ee? Ee? Maji! Maji? Nani sore? Shidorumodoru no ore o zutto akiramenaide Shikamo bakuon de kikoe-yashinee naka de Egao de iru kimi ni hanabi yori dekai koe de [HAN-KUN] LA LA LOVE Manatsu no OORORA kirameku yozora Chiribamerareta MEMORIES [ALL] NAIAGARA sainagara ochite-yuku Kore ga koi to iu na no hanabi I JUST WANNA BE YOUR LOVE YOUR LOVE… [ALL] Mabataki no namima tsuzuku DORAMA Aki no kaori ga todoku koro ni wa mou Kono neiro mo kitto FUREEMU no naka Dakara kanjita mama no ima o uta ni nosete [ALL] Dokomademo saku hanabi Osaekirezu massugu ni butsukero kanjou Hakanaku chiru ketsui de idome! Kokoro ni chakka (FIRE!) saa sono toki ga kita! Sakase ya SEYA SEYA Sakase ya SEYA SEYA Sakase ya SEYA SEYA Sakase (Woi) Sakase ya SEYA SEYA Sakase ya SEYA SEYA Dohade na hi no hana sakase [HAN-KUN] LA LA LOVE Manatsu no OORORA kirameku yozora Chiribamerareta MEMORIES [ALL] NAIAGARA sainagara ochite-yuku Kore ga koi to iu na no hanabi I JUST WANNA BE YOUR LOVE Kanji: http://j-lyric.net/artist/a013999/l03b5c1.html Notes: *I'm not sure I read this line right. It doesn't sound exactly like what he's singing, but that was the best I could do from the kanji.
  5. leafwork

    Naïveté for Headphones Ambient works c.2008-2010 https://naudiz.bandcamp.com/album/na-vet-for-headphones
  6. This was super easy to do from the video and I thought my Japanese really improved for a second, but I think it's just because all the words he uses are extremely simple and common. 世界は君に鳴り響く / Sekai wa kimi ni narihibiku Ikiru tame ni Kimi ga kimi o Aishiteru tte Kizuite Kizuite Kizuite Kizuite yo ne Ima o ikiru imi ga hoshii Nanimo iya na wake ja nai Nani o shite nani o erabu? Kasanari-au riyuu wa nani? Kimi no oto o kikasete Doushitai no? Kono sekai Dareka ga nani o tsukuru no? Kimi wa nani o nozomu no? Mazu Ikiru tame ni Kimi ga kimi o Aishiteru tte Kizuite Kizuite Kizuite Kizuite yo ne Kawaranai shi Kaere-sou mo nai Chikyuu wa hitori hitotsu ya shi Massara na oto o kikasete Kimi no koe hibiki yurasu no Ai no moto ni umarete Aisaretai? Kono sekai ni Furete-mitai? Kowashitai? Sarakedashi afuredasu Ai o shitte Suki to iware Ikiru imi ni Kizuite Kizuite Kizuite Kizuite yo ne Kanji: ^Video is subtitled
  7. Was bored and curious about what he was saying so I also did this song. Ryohei Shima is the singer for the rock band the dresscodes. はじらい Like A Girl feat. 志磨遼平 from the dresscodes / Hajirai Like A Girl feat. Ryohei Shima from the dresscodes Lyrics: Ryohei Shima Music: TeddyLoid Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Kono yoru ga hajimaru wa TUNAITO odoretara Hatenu BIITO de Aseru MUUDO de BEESU RUUTO ue ikou ikou I ni wa I nari YOU ni wa YOU nari Mata SHE ni wa SHE nari SUNE ni kizu EBURIWAN Machi-au ga yue Machigau izure Maniau ga yue Maji aseru mune Hanikande Mada hajirai nagara Odoru odoru odoru odoru Tobikau kono RAITO ni Inukarenai you ni Otona ni kawaru no o Kizukarenu you Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Saa yoru e magirero PAATII RAITSU mitsukaru na SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Sono na ni hajinai KURABU RAVAA Onegai dakara DONTO SUTOPPU MYUUJIKKU Hirake FIRUTAA ato, FYUUCHAA mo Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Yori DOOPU na BIITO e Yori DIIPU na MUUDO e Yori BIIPU na RUUMU de Yori sottemo kuukyo de Machi-atta mama Machigatta mama Mashi datta nara Maniatta ka na Mada ima naraba Mada kanau nara Modoru modoru modoru modoru Takanatteru kodou Minukarenai you ni Asa ga mou kuru no o Kizukanai you Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Tada toki to hariau HARII APPU Onegai dakara Bokutachi no MYUUJIKKU Douka ima kono shunkan o tomete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Kono yoru ga hajimaru wa TUNAITO odoretara SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Saa yoru e magirero PAATII RAITSU Onegai dakara DONTO SUTOPPU ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka RIGURETTO wasure sasete Kanji: http://mojim.com/jpy158313x1x11.htm
  8. Minami

    Since im passion stalker of every new band you should not suprise that you dont know this or that band... And since im not a good reviewer just my little comments This is my Top-10 releases which made my year 10) Didius - Addict [29.11.2015] This synth music with really good vocal and nice melody makes my ears dissolve because of pleasent ... 9) IV - ミーティア [21.11.2015] Maybe these songs are really standart for visual-kei and not-so-original, but they will rise your mood up to 100% .. My favourite song is tot et moi .. 8 ) LOG-ログ - Adore you~キミヲ想フ声~ [25.03.2015] When i first watched their PV i said myself "I NEED THIS CD"!!!!!!! So I have a physical of this CD .. and still listen to them very often ... My favourite is .自信ない僕、強気な僕。 7) The♡Valentine - 処女の照れくさい気持ち [02.11.2015] There were my two favourite band Fi`Ance and TRUST.. after both disbandments vocalist from Fi`Ance and Trust members formed this group .. It is very different from origin ... Oshare-kei sound, pretty look .. What I need else? 6) Blaive - イグサレーション [16.09.2015] I think this is the most harmonic look of my list.. This blue color is really attractive .. and the look of the memebers is also smart) The MV represent my favourite song from them 5) VEXENT - オメガ [02.11.2015] ITS TIME TO REAL ROCK! Very powerful songs from this single make my head doing like this :headbang:My favourite is Dystopia .. but here there is MV of Omega 4) WEED - AK-47 [28.07.2015] This is another my favourite hard release with a lot of screaming and growl ... I JUST WANNA SCREAM WITH THEM! BUM-BUM-BUM THIS IS TOP-3 3) Azlina - Gladius [28.10.2015] Oh .. This tune just bite my soul.. A litlle bit melancholic song open my old memories .. 2) A≠ris - Fake romancer [18.01.2015] Just solid realese.. especially song Mask .. electronic masterpiece 1) DiCE - 色彩 [20.05.2015] I wanna listen and listen and listen to them!!!!!! My top.. my NUMBER-1
  9. Okay, my first review and I don't think I'm good at this stuff. I mean Zess-sama is so intimidating. But, since Lycaon is like my everything, so here i go. I have to start off with this is how one does an album from Japan. It makes me forget about all other album except theirs previous of course really. With that being said, this is not their best album as the others could go toe to toe with this, I explained the bands constant rate of greatness. This Album however does bring their discography together unlike others so some wouldn't really be surprised by oh they did that, excluding some of the vocals from the first two years. The big thing that this album does is bring the other members into the spotlight especially Satoshi and Zero. Before at least for me, it was just Yuuki, and they were his back up. Now the group shares the attention. With this review I’m not going to review the old tracks, since the new songs themselves are what are important to me. btw This song shocked me the most, even more then MRC because I wasn't expecting this layout. 01 Camera obscura-SE-: Starts of a Nice creepy SE music box playing with evil laughing, then with a girl scream signals the electronic dubstep sound giving MRC lovers some familiarity, they comes on the violin giving it that somber sound signaling the seriousness of the album. At the end it moves faster. This does a great job of grabbing listener’s attention while signaling something different for current followers as we hear new sounds. Also for an album called CO it sets the mood. 10/10 02 tsuioku: It starts off with this high pitch sound that leads into like dark chase music similar to like an orchestra to open the song, and then come yuuki singing strong and raw (what?) then the main riffage/ which had me worried with how simple it was, but it was a false alarm as the instrumental picked up with the chorus and got interesting. Then the cool down part where Yuuki's switches and scream I'll never let you down my pets. Later on we get a lead in that leads to a core/ish break down paired with violin play. It gives a nice break from the seriousness. Following the breakdown is a nice guitar solo that flow with the song not interrupting. Finally Yuuki ends it on a beautiful high. (I want more). I give it a 10/10 for being a great opening, setting this off strong, encouraging listeners to keep going. 03 Dark Night: Starting of with a drum roll and kind of a electronic snare grabbing attention for the fast pace hard crunching riffage that follows which you can really head bang to. Turns out this is just leading to an awesome metalcore riffs. You my say "oh i herd them before" but the ending to the riffs sound different. Anyway Yuuki come on clean singing fast with sounds in the background this time he sounds more relaxed. Then we have the dark part which is fairly breakdownish with the opera "oooooo" in the background, and Yuuki voice echoing. Then later is the part that reminds me of the song title as Yuuki changes his voice into a higher like a night riding threw the darkness. Also there is fun solo. 10/10 for making excellent use of outside sounds and going against the norm. 04 Liar: obviously this the fun track of the album in which you can hop/headbang to with the psychedelic jelly chime, catchy beat, and yuuki going "ooo liaahh" all sexy on and off during the main riffs the chorus is sweet too with the flow. Yuuki for the first though later on does this whisper thing where it is up front and leading you on a sweet ride. Also great job with the guitar solo. 10/10 05 anshitsu -SE-: back to creepy with like a demon whispering and someone taking a pictures 10/10 06 marionette: open with the giggles of a child. the instrumental comes on a with heavy bass paired with guitar singing and it goes in thumbs while yuuki singing hypnotically. I would have liked it to be longer and maybe lead somewhere but with what’s given 10/10. it's kind is like a more badass dark Kuro no dachura. 08 kimi wo kowasu garasu no shoudou: open with dark orchestra which come in later a few times later, followed by serious toned guitar shredding to later change into a rocking side to side beat then up and down in which Yuuki sings his heart out. Another guitar solo followed by a quick breakdown. so lovely 10/10 09 kuchiduke-SE-: guitar break. 10/10 10 Rouge: It is like a cross over of uro no neko and gossip and i freaking love it! Though the vocal here are really timid which creates a great effect, this is my favorite jazzy song from them. Also love the piano. 10/10 12 anemone: kind of like cross over between Ai wa kirameki no naka ni and Love song but piano & violin based. It is indeed full of love and very touching. In the Japanese scene winning hands down but compared to the Arabic scene not so much. Yuuki sing is too concentrated, and doesn't flow free, like where is that falsetto and high notes that drop me dead? But 10/10 for sure sing it was great just not the best and it's not like i can hold that against him. 15 ILLUSION: open with be boob sound, to lead in a great one lined song as in the instrumental seems like it all come together to form one thing. Love the vocals and switches to different parts. lol there the breakdown which was kind of like a punch to you know who's face with the metalcore drops then electronic sounds/ dubstep. ha love the lasers! The way they ended it with the double bassing and picking up speed is kind like end of delusion 10/10 16 melancholic: Love the obscured sounds with the guitar as an opening. Later we have this funky guitar playing coupled with heavy riffs of base and the other guitar. Sound so good with the contrast. Later some great shredding and vocals. Also the great breakdown with a lead. Yuuki moaning while the guitar is getting ready, that part finishing with a inhale, he then let out a throaty scream as the break down comes on heavy. 10/10 17 gypsy: lol didn't see this coming, the search for something new lead to latino music though Malice mizer might have been the influence. Yuuki opens it up with his lovely voice but end on that "OMG" voice which doesn't come back which is disappointing. Anyway really lovely song with the groovy bass, clam shells and guitaring. 10/10 kind of classy too. 18 endroll-SE-: the ending to CO really nice. Similar to Super junior M swing's breakdown 10/10 saying good bye but I will be back. After listening to it is really just, wonderful, amazing, lovely, great, and top notch! They tried new things when i thought they might have went dry and used things from the past show that they haven't forgotten how they started and moved along. Disappointments but not killers no screams, and not a lot of falsetto/highnotes. Since the instrumental doesn't scream harsh or power the scream are not needed. And I think it’s just his style/background that makes him sing that way. If you don't love this album ___ _ ____
  10. Jazzy hip-hopper Kenichiro Nishihara will be releasing his 2nd electronic album under his ESNO moniker on July 22nd. The album will feature DAOKO, ボンジュール鈴木 (bonjour suzuki), and yumi (lyrical school). 「Release」 2015.07.22 RELEASE ¥2300(tax in) 01. Electrical Meditation 02. CME 03. 21時のクラゲと月 feat. ボンジュール鈴木 04. Wonder Flower 05. JB 06. 夕暮れパラレリズム feat. daoko 07. ターニングポイント(on the turntable) feat. yumi(from lyrical school) 08. Airy Batida -remix- 09. とか。 feat. きゃべこ 10. Afterwardness 11. Hydrodamalis 12. AR ============================= ============================= His first album was fantastic. Hoping this will be the same!
  11. ghost

    Braids I just saw this band last night in Seattle and they were pretty sweet and wanted to share them. They started in Calgary, Alberta back in 2006 and are now based in Montreal, Quebec. The lineup is (left to right): Drums - Austin Tufts Vocal/Electric guitar - Raphaelle Standell-Preston Keyboard/Electric Guitar - Taylor Smith *Katie Lee (3rd from left) is no longer part of the band. They remind me a lot of School Food Punishment with their art rock/electronic sound. But anyways, they're super rad. Check them out! Taste Miniskirt
  12. Geskia! has released his new EP "Remains Domain" through ARKTEKT RECORDS. The EP is available digitally on Bandcamp (name your price!) 1. Remains Domain 2. Static Classic 3. Numb Thumb 4. Fact Sect 5. Altered Standard He will also release his 7th full-length album "SFIMT" through PROGRESSIVE FOrM on 2015.5.17. 1. Ghost Coast 2. Afterhours 3. Priority Minority 4. Daze Base 5. Croak Stroke 6. Ray Delay 7. Odd Cloud 8. Fate Rate 9. Frozen Horizon 10. Crack Stack
  13. Furik

    g4t3k33p3r Album 2015.02.09 01. 3nt3r 02. w0r1d 03. f13Ld 04. w4rp 05. b0ss 06. v1ct0ry 07. L34v3 This is my first album in over 2 years or so. Today I released my new album g4t3k33p3r for free to listen to on YouTube under the moniker digitalmonster. (After some copyright disputes, it'll be up on SoundCloud sometime. It's also available on SoundCloud and Clowdy now too.) It's a 7 track 20 or 30-something minute dive into instrumental dance, chiptune and creepy atmospheric ambience. I tried to sway away from the current EDM sound but it's still somewhat present in some parts of songs (but it's not the main point). I know a lot of the songs are long but please give it a chance. I'm sure you'll enjoy. It's kind of music you could listen to while studying, driving around or relaxing - it's very chill and not heavy at all. Streaming Hub: SoundCloud (320kbps) (160kbps) Clowdy (320kbps) last.fm (320kbps)
  14. Tetora

    INTRO: SuG`s first album since leaving PSC and stating something along the lines of `we could no longer continue going on this way`. These events can provide different interpretations of BLACK, which manages to carry on SuG`s identity while sounding vastly different from their previous works. As an album it has much more unity between the tracks, with a heavier sound throughout the majority (B.A.B.Y. is the only song that really ties in with the Heavy Positive Rock sound that they may have been mentally typecast in). Among the 17 songs on the album, no two tracks are the same, typical of their adventurous and diverse approach to songwriting, yet the whole album fits together as one work with one identity, that falls under the album title very nicely, unlike their previous album, for example, which felt like it had a distinct A-Side and B-Side seperating the lighter more positive tracks, and the heavy, sharp tunes that start appearing midway through (I loved that album as well, none-the-less!) MEMBER PERFORMANCES: A really unexpected shocker upon my first few listens was the huge step up in each members performances, as well as their prominence in different tracks. I`m not sure if they were previously holding back on past releases to create a different kind of sound, or if they have really being putting in work, but each member really stepped out and shone on this album. Their tone is also excellent. Click the spoiler if you want to see a breakdown of each member. Details on the Sound: A heavier sound, good use of electronic elements and guest arrangements, tracks that put aside the electronic elements altogether and focus on the band, and what is now a SuG signature: Absolutely amazingly deep production with a huge Sonic and Tonic range. The album is an absolute pleasure for me to listen to in terms of how much they can have going on at once, without emphasis on what is important being lost, and without taking away the listener`s ability to follow one individual instrument or input through-out. The album features lots of different elements fused together, in what feels like a huge major release`s production combined with a rock band`s style and sensibility with the members in full control. The synth`s, strings, horn sections, and other elements really make the album interesting for me. Also, the singles are spaced out and placed nicely to give them some renewed freshness, and avoid that `played out` feel. HELLYEAH originally by Takeru`s Uwakimono project is also re-done in a heavy rock style. How does it feel and how much do I like it? Despite being such a heavy album and some heavier lyrics, the album still seems so upbeat to me, and still has so many parts to either rock out to, or groove along with that it is indeed quite peculiar. With many other band`s the sound or themes might make the songs downers, or one`s you play in a certain mood, but I could really put on these songs in any mood and enjoy, though they will have different effects in different situations. I`m not one for much comparison, but it`s definitely the album that I feel will get the most play from me out of their discography to date, and an album that leaves you waiting for what is next (while playing the tracks out). Track Count: 17 (4 previously released as well as 1 re-done track) Listens: 10 Production Quality: Overall Rating: Worth the Purchase? With BLACK you get a unique experience that may not be to your taste, as the style, sound and delivery go to quite unique lengths. It`s a band and experience that really stand out, and do something different that mixes niche and mainstream experiences into something different altogether. Even watching the PV`s doesn`t give you the full idea of what the album is about, as there are so many different tracks each with their own unique feel. If you are a fan of their previous work, besides just the more colorful side, you will want to hear this. If you enjoyed the latest PV`s you are in for more than that, but you will probably enjoy yourself. There are instant stand-out tracks, and like usual with SuG, some growers that I appreciate more with each listen. For me, personally, this has quickly become my favorite release this year (even beating out my favorite band!), and has been something I have immensely enjoyed. During my first listen, I felt like I was really experiencing something; something different. And the feeling only grows with each spin.
  15. LLLL will release their 2nd album "Faithful" on March 15th, 2015 on PROGRESSIVE FOrM. The album will feature a variety of guest vocalists: M1 Metoronori、M10 加奈子 from禁断の多数決、M3 Shinobu from Her Ghost Friend M2/5 Makoto、M6 Asa Taura、M8 Maia Hirasawa、M4/7/8/11 Meghan Riley レーベル:PROGRESSIVE FOrM 品番:PFCD47 JAN:4582237830781 フォーマット:CD 発売日:2015年3月15日 01. Only To Silence 02. Byou 03.さよなら 04. Transcribe 05. Blue 06. Diive 07. Sync 08. Heat 09.夢の狭間 10. Soo In 11. Fu Ck U All 12. Falling Alone Revisited https://www.facebook.com/lllltokyo https://twitter.com/LLLLTOKYO https://soundcloud.com/lllltokyo
  16. Electronic/IDM musician Fumi Miyoshi a.k.a 34423 will release her 2nd album "MASQUERADE" on February 11th, 2015 1. individual 2. ark 3. romanesque 4. phantasmagoric 5. architects 6. cosmic 7. IL TEMPO 8. the clap 9. milling crowd 10. normcore 11. optical 12. mortar 13. fluctuation http://www.34423.jp/ https://twitter.com/laha34423
  17. WRITE-UP: Fear and Loathing`s third, and personally easiest to get into album. While heavily retaining their distinct approach to song-writing, the band has created an album less tied to a genres feel, and more to a three-dimensional story told in vibrant color and many tempos as well as moods. The tracks all feel like stand-alone adventures told sonically, with rock, layered with heavy electronics, harsh vocals and modulated soft, tender and youthful vocals interlacing. To get a feel for the album you can watch the PV`s, and listen to the songs released before-hand, yet that would only be a portion of the experience that the album presents to you. Each track is different, each one rides an emotional and musical roller-coaster, and each can go either way terms of whether you like it or not. Numerous listens really changed my perspective of the album. At first some of the tracks attached to me, but others went right through me. After listening and listening, as well as going on a day of bike riding with the album on repeat, each track begin to take a hold on me in its own different way. Tracks that instantly clicked: Are You Ready to Blast Off? / Rave-up Tonight Interlude Virtue and Vice Flutter of Cherry Blossoms Tracks that had to grow on me: Swing It!! Thunderclap Nail the Shit Down Rain Inside Your Eyes Counterattack by the Sesame Sized Bodies Track that eventually became my favorite: Stay as Who You Are So I started with a couple I instantly liked, then I slowly grew fond of others, and eventually found my favorite amongst a track I had previously not completely clicked with. One of the beautiful things about the song style, is that there are so many parts to a song, so many changes, different moods, sounds, and catches laden within what can be longer tracks, where your favorite part is three minutes in, and in the process of waiting for it, discover new things you like just as much or possibly more. Listen after listen the album rose in my preference, and it soon became my favorite release by the band, as I found many things that connected with me, and appreciated the more overt nature of the emotion in this release, as opposed to their previous works. Track Count: 11 (Two short instrumentals, and 9 full tracks ranging from standard to longer length, yet the album blows by fast for me). Listens: 30-50 Production Quality: Great production, though my personal preference would be for an album with this range of instrumentation and tonality to have a bigger, clearer sound. Overall Rating: Worth the Purchase? If you enjoy the sound of Rave-up Tonight, and Virtue and Vice, I would say this will definitely not leave you with post-purchase regret. An experience all its own that shouldn`t be missed if you like the band`s style.
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