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Found 14 results

  1. −真天地開闢集団−ジグザグ will release a digital single "Requiem" on 2020.08.19. The single can be purchased from iTunes, mora, レコチョク, BEING GIZA STUDIO, and more.
  2. A sweet one man band. He is influenced by early WBTBWB. I find him really epic, great vocalist, great instrumental. Really looking forward to his new stuff. you can buy his stuff on itunes from the link in the description, and listen to all his songs on his YT channel. The songs are kinda short but still great to listen too.
  3. Raddock (ラドック) vs Diement. I geuss in the spirt of reviving Dear Dolce who closed years ago, a friendly battle.
  4. Was bored and curious about what he was saying so I also did this song. Ryohei Shima is the singer for the rock band the dresscodes. はじらい Like A Girl feat. 志磨遼平 from the dresscodes / Hajirai Like A Girl feat. Ryohei Shima from the dresscodes Lyrics: Ryohei Shima Music: TeddyLoid Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Kono yoru ga hajimaru wa TUNAITO odoretara Hatenu BIITO de Aseru MUUDO de BEESU RUUTO ue ikou ikou I ni wa I nari YOU ni wa YOU nari Mata SHE ni wa SHE nari SUNE ni kizu EBURIWAN Machi-au ga yue Machigau izure Maniau ga yue Maji aseru mune Hanikande Mada hajirai nagara Odoru odoru odoru odoru Tobikau kono RAITO ni Inukarenai you ni Otona ni kawaru no o Kizukarenu you Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Saa yoru e magirero PAATII RAITSU mitsukaru na SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Sono na ni hajinai KURABU RAVAA Onegai dakara DONTO SUTOPPU MYUUJIKKU Hirake FIRUTAA ato, FYUUCHAA mo Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Yori DOOPU na BIITO e Yori DIIPU na MUUDO e Yori BIIPU na RUUMU de Yori sottemo kuukyo de Machi-atta mama Machigatta mama Mashi datta nara Maniatta ka na Mada ima naraba Mada kanau nara Modoru modoru modoru modoru Takanatteru kodou Minukarenai you ni Asa ga mou kuru no o Kizukanai you Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Tada toki to hariau HARII APPU Onegai dakara Bokutachi no MYUUJIKKU Douka ima kono shunkan o tomete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Kono yoru ga hajimaru wa TUNAITO odoretara SHIIKURETTO IN ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka SHIIKUENSU wasure sasete Hajirai RAIKU A GAARU Saa yoru e magirero PAATII RAITSU Onegai dakara DONTO SUTOPPU ZA MYUUJIKKU Douka RIGURETTO wasure sasete Kanji: http://mojim.com/jpy158313x1x11.htm
  5. Okay, my first review and I don't think I'm good at this stuff. I mean Zess-sama is so intimidating. But, since Lycaon is like my everything, so here i go. I have to start off with this is how one does an album from Japan. It makes me forget about all other album except theirs previous of course really. With that being said, this is not their best album as the others could go toe to toe with this, I explained the bands constant rate of greatness. This Album however does bring their discography together unlike others so some wouldn't really be surprised by oh they did that, excluding some of the vocals from the first two years. The big thing that this album does is bring the other members into the spotlight especially Satoshi and Zero. Before at least for me, it was just Yuuki, and they were his back up. Now the group shares the attention. With this review I’m not going to review the old tracks, since the new songs themselves are what are important to me. btw This song shocked me the most, even more then MRC because I wasn't expecting this layout. 01 Camera obscura-SE-: Starts of a Nice creepy SE music box playing with evil laughing, then with a girl scream signals the electronic dubstep sound giving MRC lovers some familiarity, they comes on the violin giving it that somber sound signaling the seriousness of the album. At the end it moves faster. This does a great job of grabbing listener’s attention while signaling something different for current followers as we hear new sounds. Also for an album called CO it sets the mood. 10/10 02 tsuioku: It starts off with this high pitch sound that leads into like dark chase music similar to like an orchestra to open the song, and then come yuuki singing strong and raw (what?) then the main riffage/ which had me worried with how simple it was, but it was a false alarm as the instrumental picked up with the chorus and got interesting. Then the cool down part where Yuuki's switches and scream I'll never let you down my pets. Later on we get a lead in that leads to a core/ish break down paired with violin play. It gives a nice break from the seriousness. Following the breakdown is a nice guitar solo that flow with the song not interrupting. Finally Yuuki ends it on a beautiful high. (I want more). I give it a 10/10 for being a great opening, setting this off strong, encouraging listeners to keep going. 03 Dark Night: Starting of with a drum roll and kind of a electronic snare grabbing attention for the fast pace hard crunching riffage that follows which you can really head bang to. Turns out this is just leading to an awesome metalcore riffs. You my say "oh i herd them before" but the ending to the riffs sound different. Anyway Yuuki come on clean singing fast with sounds in the background this time he sounds more relaxed. Then we have the dark part which is fairly breakdownish with the opera "oooooo" in the background, and Yuuki voice echoing. Then later is the part that reminds me of the song title as Yuuki changes his voice into a higher like a night riding threw the darkness. Also there is fun solo. 10/10 for making excellent use of outside sounds and going against the norm. 04 Liar: obviously this the fun track of the album in which you can hop/headbang to with the psychedelic jelly chime, catchy beat, and yuuki going "ooo liaahh" all sexy on and off during the main riffs the chorus is sweet too with the flow. Yuuki for the first though later on does this whisper thing where it is up front and leading you on a sweet ride. Also great job with the guitar solo. 10/10 05 anshitsu -SE-: back to creepy with like a demon whispering and someone taking a pictures 10/10 06 marionette: open with the giggles of a child. the instrumental comes on a with heavy bass paired with guitar singing and it goes in thumbs while yuuki singing hypnotically. I would have liked it to be longer and maybe lead somewhere but with what’s given 10/10. it's kind is like a more badass dark Kuro no dachura. 08 kimi wo kowasu garasu no shoudou: open with dark orchestra which come in later a few times later, followed by serious toned guitar shredding to later change into a rocking side to side beat then up and down in which Yuuki sings his heart out. Another guitar solo followed by a quick breakdown. so lovely 10/10 09 kuchiduke-SE-: guitar break. 10/10 10 Rouge: It is like a cross over of uro no neko and gossip and i freaking love it! Though the vocal here are really timid which creates a great effect, this is my favorite jazzy song from them. Also love the piano. 10/10 12 anemone: kind of like cross over between Ai wa kirameki no naka ni and Love song but piano & violin based. It is indeed full of love and very touching. In the Japanese scene winning hands down but compared to the Arabic scene not so much. Yuuki sing is too concentrated, and doesn't flow free, like where is that falsetto and high notes that drop me dead? But 10/10 for sure sing it was great just not the best and it's not like i can hold that against him. 15 ILLUSION: open with be boob sound, to lead in a great one lined song as in the instrumental seems like it all come together to form one thing. Love the vocals and switches to different parts. lol there the breakdown which was kind of like a punch to you know who's face with the metalcore drops then electronic sounds/ dubstep. ha love the lasers! The way they ended it with the double bassing and picking up speed is kind like end of delusion 10/10 16 melancholic: Love the obscured sounds with the guitar as an opening. Later we have this funky guitar playing coupled with heavy riffs of base and the other guitar. Sound so good with the contrast. Later some great shredding and vocals. Also the great breakdown with a lead. Yuuki moaning while the guitar is getting ready, that part finishing with a inhale, he then let out a throaty scream as the break down comes on heavy. 10/10 17 gypsy: lol didn't see this coming, the search for something new lead to latino music though Malice mizer might have been the influence. Yuuki opens it up with his lovely voice but end on that "OMG" voice which doesn't come back which is disappointing. Anyway really lovely song with the groovy bass, clam shells and guitaring. 10/10 kind of classy too. 18 endroll-SE-: the ending to CO really nice. Similar to Super junior M swing's breakdown 10/10 saying good bye but I will be back. After listening to it is really just, wonderful, amazing, lovely, great, and top notch! They tried new things when i thought they might have went dry and used things from the past show that they haven't forgotten how they started and moved along. Disappointments but not killers no screams, and not a lot of falsetto/highnotes. Since the instrumental doesn't scream harsh or power the scream are not needed. And I think it’s just his style/background that makes him sing that way. If you don't love this album ___ _ ____
  6. Infernal Form is a melodic progressive metalcore band that started their activities in 2008 as a cover band, and switched to making their own stuff in March 2010. They are based in Serbia. They released their first EP shortly after. After their first release, they made a pause to compose and record a new set of songs (and to rearrange some old ones), only to release their first full album named "To All" on October 29th 2014. Currently the guys are working on promoting their first album, but also on composing new songs. Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Youtube Honestly I started getting more and more into metalcore recently, and they're among the best that my country has to offer, so I'm here to share some love ^-^
  7. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    THIS SINGLE IS GREAT. MUCH BETTER THAN EMIT. TRACK ONE: 1414287356 - Awesome great pop rock song with a very Japanese sound reminiscent of MYV and such~. Really catchy and fun. The lyrics and singing are great~! 5/5 TRACK TWO: Subete wa Kono Te no Naka ni - GREAT. JUST FUCKING GREAT. Probably my favorite song on this single. Awesome great energy, great atmosphere. Love the layered synths over the other instruments~. Yusa's singing is so good~! 5/5 TRACK THREE: SHOKU - THIS SONG IS REALLY GOOD TOO. Really catchy and fun~. "Don't bug me~! You're so mean~!" 5/5 TRACK FO: IDEOLOGY - I LOVE THIS SONG OH GOD. OH GOD. SO GOOD. THE CHORUS IS JUST GREAT OK. OK. OK. FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE OUT OF FIVE. THIS SINGLE. I don't understand. It's miles better than Emit. Maybe they got a better producer for these songs. I don't know. It's miles ahead of Emit.
  8. DarkPaladin

    Another Story is going to release their first album under the name Truth or Dare on 21.05.2014. Cover; Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Happy Deathday 3. One of those days 4. Masquerade 5. From me to you 6. Neverland 7. City of angels 8. Beautiful world 9. The greatest plan 10.Closer 11.Storyteller[Piano ver.] Pre-order is available at CDJapan
  9. Rize

    Let's do a poll for MEJIBRAY's best MV of 2013! Because decadance was their last release for this year, I'm kinda curious about everyone's opinions! Which MEJIBRAY music video is the best of 2013? Make your choice! If possible please write why you have choosen for that MV. アヴァロン (Avalon) DIE KUSSE メサイア (Messiah) アプリオリ (A Priori) 醜詠 (Shuuei) DECADANCE - Counting Goats ... if I can't be yours - *click* My own opinion: I actually liked the MV Avalon the most. I really liked the effects in the music video and the colour contrast they used. I felt everyone of MEJIBRAY had a good and clear screentime. On a second place, I'd put Decadance MV because the song itselfs is totally amazing. At the end seeing Meto and Tsuzuku dancing *lol* was a precious moment to see.
  10. VANIRU is planning on releasing a 3rd song for digital release on 7 August 2013! Their third song is called ''High FANTASY'' which is the #3rd track of their live limited single ''Cosmic Night'' MV SPOT Previous digital releases: Cosmic Night (コズミック・ナイト), 柘榴 Download from iTunes JP iTunes NL Their releases are available on iTunes for your own country.
  11. Okay, let's do a review about けけ(ヶ´∀`)'s DARUMAROMAN single! I'd love to hear your opinion! In short: - DARUMAROMAN This is my favorite song of the whole single. It's a happy-cheerfully song. Also, if you haven't seen his dance cheography yet, you gotta check that out! It's really a cute dance which you can easily learn as well! But anyways, this song is the best! It's really a creative but poppish-like song. I think it's really Keke-alike song...! it kinda shows his character / how a cheerful person he is. - MADa☆YADa This song is sweet, like a lullaby for me if I can't sleep. It's softer than the DARUMAROMAN song actually, but I like it. - Hello, Worker This song is also some softer song like MADa☆YADa, but has more some kind of up-beat. I think this song is also pretty, you can hear his softer voice also Overall, it's a good single, all 3 songs are really enjoyable to listen. If you haven't tried this single yet, I really recommend you to listen!
  12. Rize

    Let's make a review out of this MEJIBRAY mini-album release: MESSIAH.bat To be honest, I was really looking forward to this release and from the preview sample it looked kinda good + their looks are awesome...! ....so I put my hopes up until it was released. At first listen to this mini-album, I was kinda impressed but after a few listens I recognized some songs from their previous releases/they've used some instrumentals from what they had released before. I think they've kinda overworked themselfs like all their ideas are gone. But I'll review each song also... Messiah.bat The intro starts with some Tsuzuku grows afterwards they let MiA do the same guitar riff from their previous release ''KILLING ME'', it sounds cool but kinda a no-no for repeating in a new song. The chorus is really catchy, totally love it! Also the up-beats are nice, it keeps you in the song. Overall it's a great song to listen to. Falling ''Maria'' The intro starts again with some previous release melody, what I can get out of it is: APOCALYPSE & THINKER. Hmmm... I don't think there's actually anything new to this song, but it's good. 【worms】 I hate to say this, but the intro is like DEVIL ON THE BED by The GazettE & Diaura - Terrors, but with electro elements in it. I think this is the only song I really dislike on their new mini-album. Great to see they try some electro elements again, but I think their darker music like their 1st mini-album / Sadisgate / Sabato / KILLING me are suiting them much better. Just saying~ - 枷と知能 -それってとても人間らしいって神様は笑ってるの- Another electro elemento song, but I approve this one, it's not bad. It reminds me of their other song Mechanical Beauty, from some of those vocal parts. www Also the lyrics lol, what I can get what Tsuzuku singing, the song is about ''fucking''? lol ... ''You say I'm fucking to, fucking you over''♪ (or something close to that xD) I think they didn't need to add any electro elements, since it's already good in the parts without them. But overall, cool song. - insomnia Finally some darker song, the intro starts with a dark sounding piano.... sweet! The drums are really sweet here, same kind of drum beats used in Akercock (YEAH www) I also love the bass in this song that goes great along with the guitar. Just an amazing song! Actually this kind/type of songs should be used in this whole mini-album in my opinion. I think this was clearly the best song out this mini-album. All the other songs seems kinda weaker. Let's hope they'll do better next time with brand new ideas, also like I said before... I really think they are overworked. They've released so much in short time... they need time to get fresh ideas.
  13. Let's also do a review about Keke's 2nd single release ''Cosmike Alice Wonderland'' Those who're able to listen to this, please make a review! - コズミケアリスワンダラン This song is more a rock/pop song, compared to his first single. I guess this shows some more of his other talent. It's really a good oshare kei song, plus the PV is really cool. Fooooooood, everywhereeeeeee~ it makes me hungry. This is his first PV that looks really good made, sadly he didn't include this in his single ;< - スウィイトポイズンファクトリィ Hmmm.. about this song, it gives me some Halloween vibe actually, reminds me a bit of Halloween Junky Orchestra but it's more.. how should I put it... some crazy song? lol Somewhere at the end of the song he sings in some autotune/vocaloid-voice, usually I dislike those voices but this is pretty okay. A very cool song. - ワンダランクロウラア I think this song is my favorite song. It's really a rockish song-only, it really feels like he's back in a VK-band again, I can even imagine a music video from this song. So... this song is different from the 2 songs above. That's really a good thing, 'cause this track is really outstanding!!
  14. Scarlet Obsidian

    Hi! ^__^ I would like to request the lyrics (kanji is ok) of their new single "DIE KUSSE"! Thanks in advance!
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