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Found 5 results

  1. CAT5

    Yeah, I know. You'd think a thread like this already existed here, but somehow, it doesn't. (well, there was this old thread, but that's not exactly the same thing.) So yeah, what are some of your favorite guitar solos in J-rock? You know, those solos that are so damn soulful that they sucker punch you right in the feelz, those solos that absolutely melt your face off with their sheer technical prowess, or those solos that are just inexplicably memorable! Whatever the reason, what are some of the guitar solos that have spoken to YOU? .... A somewhat recent solo that's become a favorite of mine is in "PHANTOM" by lynch. It actually caught me off guard, since I wouldn't typically expect it from this band, but man, I found this one to be pretty powerful. It's very clean and traditional, but it's also very soulful. They definitely hit all the "right" notes, and for me, the solo is the apex of this song. Listening to this was what initially prompted me to search for a thread like this, and subsequently make this one. The solo starts at about 2:48. This is probably the most recent J-rock solo that's cemented itself in my head. Though I'll probably post more at a later date. What are some of your favorites? (also, please use spoilers if you add video)
  2. Let's see if I manage to ignite some buzz in the section that I rarely visit (not that I expect any responses) Here's something that I'd love to muster with my guitar/bass aficionado colleagues out there: can you guys think of a few instances in VK and/or non-VK stuff (J-music) where odd/unusual tunings were utilized in guitars/bass (seeing as I am getting rather intrigued about freaky tunings lately)? My examples (my sources are from their official song/tab books btw): Dir en grey - DOZING GREEN (Die's part - guitar) Tuning: DADADD + half step down (C#G#C#G#C#C#) (a variation of Open C# tuning) Most musicians cringe upon this due to stigmas laid down by Creed/Alter Bridge and their unfortunate alt. fame. In this case Die managed to express its folkier side (what you'd normally expect from DADGAD) without eventually resorting to stigmatic Christian rockage, heh the GazettE - songs with dropped tunings (Reita - bass) Tuning: various variations of BDGC (low B from standard 5-string tuning + DGC strings from one step down tuning) I find composing on such tuning a bit freaky to begin with (at least from theoretical perspective, like adapting to certain scales for instance and so on), so kudos to Reita for being somewhat innovative on that matter, I guess? I have heard that its frequent use would kill strings pretty quickly though :/ Feel free to come up with stuff you have
  3. We did a band cover of LiSA's oath sign this time. I hope you'll like it. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions about anything =) Thanks and enjoy~
  4. Sorry it's a facebook link but I do have it set to public so you should be able to view it, check it out and let me know what you think! I recommend hitting the HD button as well, the audio is way better like that (obviously). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=679795742045172
  5. So I gave it a go playing a Crossfaith song, tell me what you think, any tips. Also, I know the sound is a bit off, that's mostly because right now I'm using strings with a lower string gauge
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