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  1. violetchain

    Oh, I miss Lestat. Was cool to see someone else in the world who both liked VK and unironically enjoyed the band Tigertailz. She had a lovely writing style as well. I've always been a fairly casual poster, but I've had a lot of fun browsing around this forum over the years. I love watching the development of threads about new bands, in particular. Watching people try to guess whether they'll be good or flop from only a photo and a 30-second teaser, or watching the hype slowly build or die over the weeks always makes it fun to visit the news section. That story about Kawaii_Minpha discreetly farting to try to get a masturbating neighbour to go away was also one of the strangest things I've ever seen on a forum. Lol, even if that person was just trolling, that's a mental image that has really stuck with me. 😂
  2. violetchain

    Coincidentally, I'm also from Canada, and I got into VK through someone's post about it on a glam rock/metal forum years and years ago, so there certainly is crossover potential there, but I was also really into anime, so it being in Japanese felt like a plus at that point.
  3. violetchain

    Was sad to see this today. I liked their debut track a lot, and I thought the concept was fun. I did get the sense that there wasn't much room for them to continue the storyline after they started playing live more though. Hopefully they'll continue in a different form later on.
  4. violetchain

    I don't really follow MUCC, despite liking a few of their songs, but I'm still a bit sad to hear about this. 23 years is such a long time to be in a band - especially with the same line-up. Must have been a hard decision to make. On a side note, it's going to feel weird living in a world where the drummers of MUCC and ROTTENGRAFFTY don't randomly look like brothers. They've gotta find another guy with that look, or the balance of the world might be thrown off. 😅
  5. violetchain

    I'm glad they're keeping at it, especially the digital release system. Really surprised that they suddenly added a new member at this time too.
  6. violetchain

  7. violetchain

    This was region locked when I really wanted to see it, but it suddenly became playable recently when I wasn't paying attention and YouTube was autoplaying music videos. Lol, glad I got finally got to see the famous "Chotto matte Tohji".
  8. violetchain

    BALZAC https://www.balzac308.com/livestream/ They're playing the whole "Zennou-naru Musuu-no Me-ha Shi-wo Yubi-sasu" album to celebrate its 20th anniversary (+ more songs) BALZAC LIVE STREAM: ’Zennou-naru Musuu-no Me-ha Shi-wo Yubi-sasu’ Venue: Shimokitazawa SHELTER Start Time/Date: December 18, 2020 (FRI) 21:00 JST (Video archive will be available for 3 days after the show ends) Ticket: 2,500 yen
  9. violetchain

    FEMM looking like half-transformed Silent Hill characters wasn't on the list of things I was expecting to see this year, but I'm kinda into it.
  10. violetchain

    The song isn't my favourite, but wow, I thought he couldn't get any hotter after Sexual Healing, and I was wrong. Lol, that nurse cosplay at the end alone.
  11. violetchain

    Good Morning America's "Mirai e no Spiral" album is always one of the first ones to come to mind for me when this topic comes up. It's one of the few releases I can think of where I can look at the tracklist and remember exactly what every song sounds like. It's just so solid from start to finish. Also, Suck a Stew Dry - Loveless Letter Frederic - OWARASE NIGHT AA= - #4 (Technically it's two albums called # and 4, but I still can't decide which one I like better, so...) LEGO BIG MORL - NEW WORLD BALZAC - Blackout
  12. violetchain

    It was even more direct than that - it actually said right in the news post about some of the releases on their website that if fans leave it on loop in the background while they're studying, going to sleep, etc., it's a way to support the band. https://direngrey.co.jp/lang_en/news/3271/
  13. violetchain

    I'm still kind of amazed by how different Jinmenusagi looks in every video I've seen of him. My first impression of him was from the Hayai MV, so when I saw the one for so goo I thought it was only showing the guy he was collabing with, or that it was starring an actor or something. I didn't realize until months later that it was him the whole time. 😅
  14. violetchain

    It's genuinely astounding how many people seem to not understand what Vampire Hunter does in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, despite it being written on the card. Lol, I've won so many duels because people just keep attacking it.
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