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  1. JukaForever

    I don't really care for it. It looks like they still follow redbook qualifications and that is all that matters for a good rip in EAC. I don't listen to CDs anymore, I hate the whirling sound it makes in my PC. Companies could also be using a different mastering for SHM versions to make it sound different which could explain the price hike. In which case then it might be good to try to see if the new mastering is better. At that point you are strictly paying for the music and not the CD quality which is probably cheap as hell to manufacture.
  2. JukaForever

    I think it kind of depends on where the person is coming from. Metal Crowd: Versailles, Jupiter, Matenrou Opera, X (First 2 albums only) Pop or those that just want to see Kawaii J-Rockers: They might like Oshare Kei bands, ViVid, vNue, DaizyStripper Regular rock fans: Gazette, Mejibray, Phantasmagoria, Dezert, Miyavi Somebody else can chime in with more emo bands, I only ever followed Sadie We have tons of chug-chug bands. We got some indie sounding bands too.
  3. faves of the decade? or maybe new-years- new-hope type of deal Either way, I am in. Haven't been in one for a while.
  4. JukaForever

    My reaction to regular human music perfectly summed up
  5. JukaForever

    Randomly came across on youtube an all female rock band, still seems pretty new. They sound decent as is but probably has potential to sound better. Lots more music in their youtube channel
  6. JukaForever

    This comeback though OMG Eye Mask on and still in sync
  7. JukaForever

    Coincidentally this makes 10 years of listening to J-Rock for me. In no particular order of greatest just that they all get replayed a lot during their time: VII-Sense - The Reminiscence of War All the other ones in the list will be true albums but I am starting with this because Juka is Forever. It is just 5 songs but I think all 5 songs are great and probably best represents what Juka could have sounded like in a VK band in which he has proper input in the direction of a band. Kamijo - Symphony of the Vampire This is the first album that I have heard that is just so coherent. Most of the songs literally blends in one after another. Kamijo does more of this with Sang but this was the first one where I actually replayed it a lot just for this factor. Versailles - Holy Grail This is the first album in which Kamijo has the most natural tone to his voice and I loved very song sung in the album with it. Calmando Qual - Black Sheep This album perfectly blends good and dark vibes. This is also the cleanest the band sounds in production quality. Sel'm - Illegal other side The most chuggy of a band I will listen to but this one is perfectly in balance throughout the entire album. yazzmad – picturesque This band is my favourite for easy listening sessions and this album is chock full of songs like it. absentmindedness - absentmindedness, 2700マイルの恋人, 「SHE」 All three have the same quality. If I were to describe their main sound, it is like a fast paced shoegaze, super easy to space out and still have your auditory senses stimulated. Cyntia - Lady Made Just good ole Shoujo metal IMO but really the song compositions are just so good compared to most other all-female metal bands. Destrose – Destrose Every song is dope in this album, IMO this is Marina’s best vocal work and also the best all-female metal band album FLiP – 未知evolution, XX Emotion, LOVE TOXiCiTY Had to re-listen to these girls, they have a sizable discog and I tend to randomize all their songs in a playlist. After replaying them, it is quite clear that all of their albums are all the same quality of a banger. DOLL$BOXX - Dolls Apartment IMO Fuki's best work overall in vocals, every track just bangs. Gacharic Spin - Delicious Back to back with Dolls Apartment, the combo was insane at that time. While the band has released another 3 equally great albums, this is the album that confirmed that they were the shit. SCANDAL - Temptation Box Release right at 2010. Loved this album, I prefer the "youthful" sound of this era compared to what they have now. I played the shit out of their first 3 albums. Syu – Vorvados Galneryus tend to have a distinct sound due to the combination of keyboards and Syu’s guitar work. This album is probably what a Syu band would sound like without keyboards in every song. Except for the ballads all the songs have a harder edge to them. Galneryus – Resurrection This album just had a sense of an inspired comeback to it and it is also their first album with a new singer that completely changed how they would sound in the following years Anthem – Heraldic Device, Burning Oath, Absolute World All 3 albums are equally great 80’s heavy metal in the 2010’s
  8. JukaForever

    Looks like an English album is coming on January 2021, can't tell if legit. I dig the English in the new PV so this would be cool if true "FATE GEAR to release "Scars In My Life" (-English Edition-). Included tracks are re-recorded with a current member Haruka. Features NANA (THEO NOVA) and Sophia Aslanides (Season of Ghosts, ex.BloodStain Child). All songs sung in English." https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SSRF-6
  9. Looks like they have a bandcamp: https://emiru3.bandcamp.com/ The page name drew me in as I thought it was some kind of EMIRU project that I missed out on. The band actually sounds nice.
  10. JukaForever

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was a regular sized one. His hair was huge in the Noble/Jubilee era.
  11. JukaForever

    Oh, I never realized the middle east was part of Asia. I keep thinking it is it's own continent for some reason lol. Looks like another +1 for Asia to me
  12. JukaForever

    Asia easily, there is so much variety but they are all distinct. Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and then you get to the south eastern part which is like fusions of Chinese foods from Filipino, Malay, Indo, Thai I think your poll is missing middle eastern. I love Arabic food, they got cooking lamb on point and their rice is fragrant and spiced.
  13. JukaForever

    Kamijo right but I tend to alternate between him and Juka
  14. JukaForever

    Thank you for sharing, fantastic site BTW. This is first Japanese site I have ever seen that supports lossless.
  15. JukaForever

    Just the Japanese bands Versailles (For the aesthetic rich themes) Calmando Qual (For the random experimental stuff) Anthem (For the English and Japanese songwriting and fun tunes) Destrose (For the Female-led metal bands) LuLu (For the inconsistent song quality of VK bands)
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