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Found 35 results

  1. As long as M-H is still alive I'll post a thread! My friend postd this on Facebook but I didn't comment because they wouldn't know any of the bands I like lol. (trust me I've tried to show them. ) So I thought this would be a fun little topic here. This is gonna be kinda hard definitely need 5. 1.) SWARRRM 2.) DIR EN GREY 3.) An Autumn For Crippled Children 4.) Maximum the Hormone 5.) ギルガメッシュ
  2. Wonrei

    This subject deserved its own thread. We've been trying to discuss this on too many different places. Here I thought we could try to understand the whole history behind visual kei(and along with it, japan's 80s and 90s rock and pop come along, I guess). For years we've had really bad wiki texts trying to write about visual kei and failing along with it. To abridge the entire scope of the visual kei scene to only "a bunch of guys influenced by glam metal" like every copy-pasted lastfm biography says means next to nothing. Here we had for the late 80s and 90s bands playing speed metal, gothic rock and new wave and they were all part of the same scene. Some bands mixed these genres, others played only one of these, and there were even bands that introduced other stuff in the mix - but all of them using the strong visual element as the way to hit their message. As much as I tried to find, it's hard to see a scene as convoluted and intriguing anywhere else in the world. My idea is to mostly focus on late 70's, 80's and 90's japanese music and the western influences, trying to guess how it became what it was and what it is today. Maybe to try to answer a question that never really goes away on japanese music boards: A scene or a genre?
  3. I discovered today that Troy Baker, Robert Downey Jr and Ryan Gosling all have released albums at some point in their career. If anything, I hope this entertains you at least a little. Robert Downey Jr. is the worst one I found so far. Do you know of any other actors who have have released music? Any good releases out there? Ryan Gosling Robert Downey Jr Troy Baker
  4. Few years back i kinda lost interest in the music which was mostly because of how super busy i was at the time and just never got round to listening or keeping up with all the news etc but after listening to some old songs/bands i loved years ago i wanted to see how the scene is now, anything you'd recommend that's super popular lately? Looking around i don't recognize hardly any of these current bands. To anyone who remembers me, hi, XD.
  5. YuyoDrift

    This topic is starting to feel like a MH tradition now I think haha. But anyways.... This thread is dedicated to Japanese releases in 2019 that the MH Community will listen to and would like to keep track of throughout the entire year. It’s a nice way of referring back to a list, should you forget if you’ve listened to a certain release yet or not. I know I forget sometimes haha. These ratings can also help those who may want to see which releases are favoring well or not, based on each individual user who you may have similar tastes with. Feel free to set up your own rating system (Stars, ?/5, ?/10, Best to Worst, Oooh to Eww, etc.), but try and use spoiler tags to save room in your post, and save room on the page for the other members’ rating lists. Keep this list in mind in the event that we, the MH staff, host a JRock Awards at the end of the year . Last Year's for reference: 2018 Looking forward to seeing everyone’s lists at the end of the year! Yuyo’s List for 2019:
  6. nomemorial

    Just noticed there's a musicians board in here. My band dropped an EP earlier this year and the whole thing is available on Bandcamp (and Spotify and etc.) - rottingindirt.bandcamp.com Chaotic metal stuff in the vein of Cult Leader, Plebeian Grandstand, etc. We put out a little video for the lead single, too! Hope you enjoy. 👍
  7. YuyoDrift

    Going to take this one over for 2018 @CAT5@Lestat Coming back for the 4th year in a row, this thread is dedicated to Japanese releases in 2018 that the MH Community will listen to and would like to keep track of throughout the entire year. It’s a nice way of referring back to a list, should you forget if you’ve listened to a certain release yet or not. I know I forget sometimes haha. These ratings can also help those who may want to see which releases are favoring well or not, based on each individual user who you may have similar tastes with. You never know, as this could come in handy at the end of the year. Feel free to set up your own rating system (Stars, ?/5, ?/10, Best to Worst, Oooh to Eww, etc.), but try and use spoiler tags to save room in your post, and save room on the page for the other members’ rating lists. Previous Years for Reference: 2015 2016 2017 I look forward to seeing everyone’s lists at the end of the year! Yuyo’s List for 2018:
  8. Mamo

    No matter the genre or whether they're vk or not, what are your favorite Japanese songs utilizing auto-tune preferably throughout the song? I'll start things off
  9. IruAx

    Hello Guys ! I have the tab of "Ryuusei" by Mucc Download: https://mega.nz/#!wmp3xTDZ!0cmb8Hrn-skDfmdleNL1tyV7nfYOkM-BwJgLL9Y50Vw I hope the tabs will be helpfull. Regards !
  10. Hello Hello Visual Angels Today i want to share with you, two tabs from Malice Mizer, the songs are: Prologue/Gardenia: https://mega.nz/#!xz5QmQ6D!dYyAlDzWN2wBVj_vY3_WwVB8DUk98HCLtRK421ljGe4 Au revoir: https://mega.nz/#!w3hDlaoI!iwcOMBWo3VL4xcxTgWL6naTALMM2AA18Yj9oMkpu5Q4 Both songs include all the instruments !! Enjoy it !!!
  11. IruAx

    Hello Hello Visual Angels !! I want to share you L.M.C tabs, the songs are: Boys and girls: https://mega.nz/#!d2BUSabA!kDfx3aIBnvZNg92zTbmejgpozwj4P2bmv8gm1xEQwAc Punky Heart: https://mega.nz/#!EjgiiDpQ!2GQZAakx5CVEtUJ4FXX61-V6EAV89dsuZf61QzXmY4Y Both files include all the instruments !! Enjoy it.
  12. IruAx

    Hello guys ! I want to share a megamasso tab "Throne Angel" The tab include only the guitar. If someone can to add other instruments will be great ! Enjoy it ! Download: https://mega.nz/#!YnA3DBiL!CrjxGsyzca7RdYRK8wgLaJYuV9Pz0od1dH-jwIIqKjU
  13. DavidB.Rockin

    Hello,My name is DavidB.Rockin. I love Music and Anime. I've been listening Jrock and Visual Kei bands/music since I was in high school(10th or 11th). I've decided to listen to japanese bands and music that were or weren't featured in Anime back in high school. I've also been a fan of Classic Rock for many years and decided to look for bands similar to Led Zeppelin,so I decided to search for Japanese bands from the 60s,70s,80s,and 90s(mostly 80s and 90s)....my intro to Jrock and Visual Kei was anime theme songs,LUNA SEA,La'cryma Christi,and L'Arc~en~Ciel.....In my search results for similar bands to Led Zeppelin/classic rock,I found a few bands that are similar to american/uk bands. I'm a fan of the oldschool Visual Kei bands, I also love some Nagoya Kei bands.
  14. last.fm users share your Last.year 2017. Also twitter users remember to use #mylastfmyear Here's mine: https://www.last.fm/user/sume7/listening-report/year
  15. Ikna

    I am surprised there is no thread like this here, since a lot of people from Mh have an account there. Those who have been scrobbling music for a while now might have noticed it: ever since Lastfm was bought by CBS the site has started to go down in quality, features and support. Now it‘s understandable that with an old age as lastfm and more and more better music streaming alternatives popping up (such as spotify) it would loose it's position on the market. But lastfm has finally reached an all time low. As a lot of news have reported, lastfm has made huge losses over the last years. And then there is the totally useless support team, who rarely fix technical issues both on the website and/or the client. At the moment hundreds of people are pissed, because they can‘t scrobble any music from the recent itunes 12.1. update. This issue was known since january, yet lastfm replied to work on this 10 days ago. So far they haven‘t updated their client and people still hang in the air. Now you could say “then just downgrade or find another player”, but temporary fixes are no real fixes. And lastfm does a terrible job, they have updated their scrobbler the last time in 2013! Such a thing shouldn‘t happen, not only because it‘s unprofessional, but it will also drive even more people away from the service. It almost looks as if they are deliberately letting this site die. I really like lastfm for what it is. It's really an excellent way to discover new music. There are a lot of music databanks, but none of them are as extensive as lastfm. So it makes me worried to see the site standing in the grave with one foot. What will happen with our scrobbles and libraries? Maybe I am just very pessimistic and the site may in some way survive for a few years, but it doesn‘t look so bright. CBS have managed to slowly ruin the website. Even if thousand people would be subscribing now it would possibly not rescue it. There isn‘t even a point or reason why one should even subscribe. Maybe I haven‘t checked it out so well, but I think that a subscription doesn‘t really give you much of an advantage (which it actually should). All the features you got when you payed have been elimenated (the radio mainly). No wonder people stopped paying. Instead of lazily resting on the issue with the comment “we can‘t do a thing about it” they should have tried to become more active and aquire music licenses with another tactic. Or they could have implemented other features, which will attract people. Even spotify seems to do better, despite the majority of their listeners not paying for premium. Lastfm are just really doing something terribly wrong. So yeah, that‘s my stance on the issue. What do you thing? Will lastfm be abandoned, become as empty as Myspace (it actually already is) or will be sent to the webgrave? And what do you think are the reasons for it's current status? edit: hups, forget the s in the title >_< can someone fix that? ^^'
  16. Mamo

    So I've been putting this off for awhile but I think it's about time to start cleaning up my mp3 tags(i.e. song titles, album titles, etc.) However,I know little about the software or methods to do this. lol noob! But anyway I've always just used the default tag editor that comes on windows computers. This one: But for some reason some times even when the tags are edited and tagged correctly it still appears with the original incorrect tags in my windows media player. So my question here really is what is a good and/or the best mp3 tag editor?
  17. So basically are there band/s that you were like holy shit this song and few/some others "are like some of the best songs I've herd" and you were thinking they have so much potential, but unfortunately they didn't stick to great songs and had a bunch of of stuff you don't care for? The band i can think of is D'uAl. 1. the guitaring had this unique crispy freaking sound that i wanted to eat it up like bacon. It also those dudes could shred really well without being an ass like "hey look at me shred this guitar." Sure some of them were traditional style hard vk metal but they had their own thing. Also other elements of the good songs instrumental were on point, like drumming and synths(?). And their breakdowns were always fun 2 the vocalist freaking unique, kind of soft and beautiful. But he could let out some nasty scream(unfortunately he forgot them in butterfly, if you listen to it above), and also nice air whisper growls that added to the song instead of taking away Also the vocalist could rock a crop-top
  18. blackdoll

    So i've come across in the realm of entertainment lines that i really liked or loved. so why not post them here? TV: bates motel, norma bates: "but i'm not going to be the mom the who says i won' talk to your dad because i hate him because he raped me, that's not what parents do" Music: Lycaon - 88 "are you ready, oh this song is for anyone fuck it" nega - neo destruction "this world begins to rot, imposters over flow all loss of real essence, destroy it" games: soul caliber 3, satsuka "scatter and die" ill add more later. what yours?
  19. Follow the video ot skip too 8:20 to guess if 1 or 2 is the live or lipsync
  20. How about some Pokemon dark atmospheric music and expressionist watercolor/ink paintings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPSI1xs5UPs
  21. the person below rates the song above scoring out of ten with the option of a short to long explanation of why. since the other 'rate' threads died (by Zess and I). Here hopefully you can expose people to your music or answer any curiosity to what someone else might think of a song. Use spoilers if you can to keep it running smoothly. Love you guys
  22. If you favorite bands and or artists came out a decade later or earlier are you a 100% sure you would still like them, taking in to account their music could sound totally different?
  23. Hello everyone!! I'm looking for some music in French since I'm learning this language and nothing is better than hear and try to practice more. I know few artist (from Alizee -that I dislike, btw- to Kyo, Superbus, Indochine), but I'm actually looking for music more rockish. Well, pop-rock, alternative, nu metal, are really appreciated, but not limited to that genres actually. Any recommendation is appreciated. It doesn't matter if they are from France, Canada, Belgium or somewhere else, the important thing is that they sing in French. Merci beaucoup!
  24. I'll go with fox song http://youtu.be/v3MTccrcRE0 don't know which is better.
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