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Found 4 results

  1. Itsenapink

    I was very curious if it has been confirmed that Mana from Malice mizer/ Moi dix mois has had plastic surgery, because I swear the dude hasn't aged whatsoever lol.
  2. Anyone want to go to the Moitié tea party at Anime Weekend Atlanta but wasn’t able to get a ticket? I’m not able to go anymore so I’m selling my ticket and don't want this ticket to go to waste. The ticket comes as a QR code and is assigned to a name, but is easily transferable. I'm asking for $100 or best offer.
  3. Hello Hello Visual Angels Today i want to share with you, two tabs from Malice Mizer, the songs are: Prologue/Gardenia: https://mega.nz/#!xz5QmQ6D!dYyAlDzWN2wBVj_vY3_WwVB8DUk98HCLtRK421ljGe4 Au revoir: https://mega.nz/#!w3hDlaoI!iwcOMBWo3VL4xcxTgWL6naTALMM2AA18Yj9oMkpu5Q4 Both songs include all the instruments !! Enjoy it !!!
  4. Hello guys! I’m selling some items from my jrock collection. Everything’s in excellent condition. All prices are converted from actual cost in yen. Payment via Paypal. Items will be sent from Russia with a tracking number. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Fatima: CD Shizumu Taion single - 18$ DVD to Exit Grand Finale DVD with autographs (2 discs: 150 min + 40 min, 5 postcards) - $65 (this is the real price of DVD, it cost me 6800 yen) Kagrra: CD 燦 〜san〜 / San album (12 tracks) - $40. Gorgeous edition with 6 small cards and 6 cards with band members to replace the album cover as you like. CD 桜花爛漫 / Ouka Ranman (mini album, 5 tracks) - $25 DVD Sara Natsukashi no Rakuen 2005.4.14 Shibuya-AX Live (2 DVDs: #1 - 2005.4.14 Shibuya-AX Live; #2 - 2004.12.20 + live poster) - $55 DVD Miyako ~ Inishie no tobira ga ima... ~ 2004.3.3 - $45 Deadman: CD in the direction of sunrise and night light album (2 CDs: album 11 tracks + [follow the night light] music clip) - $33 DVD 0605231830 tour endroll final shibuya o-east live. 2 DVDs (115 min + 65 min) + card with autographs – $98 (no kidding! It cost 10290 yen) Malice Mizer: CD Beast of Blood single - $12 Moi dix Mois: DVD Dix infernal Scars of Sabbath (2003.9.27 Shibuya-AX live. 88 min) - $45 Laputa: BEST AL + CLIPS 2000-2004 (2 CDs: 17 audio tracks and 7 videos) - $30 Shoxx: Shoxx Indexx 2005.11 Includes: Fatima (55 pages - all their Shoxx publications put together), MUCC (66 pages), Vidoll (22 pages), the guy on the cover ^^ (14 pages) - $20 Front and back covers:
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