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  1. blackdoll

    actually La'mule did it first Lycaon's Hi ame sounds imspired by Sleep My Dear Ask for Eyes 0.1gの誤算 - 混沌的極悪暴曲-ヴィジュアロックパロディウス- openng riffs from AvelCain - 自責 and main from アルルカン/ mejibray/Seremedy/ The gazette DADAROMA - 蛍 (Hotaru) sounds inpired by Lycaon's Lily
  2. blackdoll

    Xepher【鬼神卿】 main riff sounds like ViViD - W.B.A. the chorus of Blitz - トワイライトムーン~終章~ sounds like the chorus of ViViD - Kimi Koi the tech guitaring from Grieva - tokage -tokage- and a song from their Shuen album sound like ViViD-Butterfly vivid then did it with "Risk" ViViD - Across The Border Sounds a lot like Lycaon - A Box In Beautiful These bands really are Initial'Lycaon's sons in 2014 Avelcain ripped off Lily with 彩虜-あやとり-(Ayatori) so Lycaon got them back in 2015 keep in mind Avel was moving with Eve Lycaon [Melancholic] AvelCain - 操り人形(Ayatsuri Ningyou) Lycaon won of course gulu gulu「リビングデッド・エンド」main riff sounds like Sadie - Children of Despair gulu gulu「「 」- まっしろ -」 sounds like DADAROMA- KIDS WAR Unsraw did it first as well as other bands gulu gulu「汚れた豚」is a mash between Dadaroma tuning/mixing/sound (pretty sure they did the riff too) and Avelcain's Gesshouku avel dada 「おやすみ。」by gulu is stolen too i think from Arlequin, maybe Coderebirth or razor? RAZOR「UNCHAIN」first riffs sound like Sel'm's Beliver riffs after the solo. Rozor also has a song or two with a guitar opening the song and they are Djent also guitar solo opening 紅く散らばる華 is suspicious since they are both under the Djent umbrella
  3. blackdoll

    DIAURA【DRAIN DRAIN】 sounds like Arlequin - Zou DIAURA【ENVY】 sounds like which baiser did first 蘭【生きる理由は君だった】 sounds like Lycaon - The end of [Delusion] 蘭【同じ未来】 sounds like Lycaon - suckin' on a lollipop 蘭【「1%」 sounds like Lycaon - Cordyceps sinensis Nega - Neo destruction which @Disposable said a lot of bands ripped off in the 2000 Nu metal vk thread sounds like Limp Bizkit - My Generation and he said early Lycaon was the Repackaged Limp Bizkit
  4. blackdoll

    At first i thought they got their sound from DIV but now i'm hearing Baiser influence. Tricky bastards hmmmm Also i need a idol album, that demo was too good. LMAO at Yuuki lalala-ing Mao's Rain or MNK melody
  5. blackdoll

    So it's definitely vocalist. Anyone can make a beat or melody but not everyone can sing a certain. It also explains why i never think of one Initial'Lycaon's release as better than another while people continuously say they gotten worse. Yuuki's vocals has always hit the spot even when he is whispering or talking and the peaks in future releases don't overshadow the rest of the graph. It also explains why i stop listening to most bands/songs as their "good" instrumentals get tired . But honestly instrumental skill doesn't even wither overtime they just change sound and people bash them for it do to their bias instead finding other bands/outlets.
  6. blackdoll

    If you buy the goods on their website you'll get part of 66 demos that are unreleased you can listen to / preview them here. @kyoselflove says it's CD plus download. Satoshi via Facebook said it for Japan only. They are also applying for a huge music festival, you can vote for them to get in via FB or twitter with this link https://audition-vote.supersonic2020.com/artists/16?action=vote#_=_
  7. blackdoll

    David「Behind」 sounds like Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid
  8. blackdoll

    Upon further investigation it is possible that they were using synths to fill up the songs so they don't have to show off like they "used to." though that's not a bad thing considering how they still show that they still can if they want to. Also considering the market and how lil uzi and suicide boys are rock now less guitar could be marketing. Yuuki is currently incorporating rap now too. Still the review is way off, case and point not being able to tell the difference between Lycaon and Alequin and calling it a reject speaks for it's self as some sort of prejudice/bias against the band. And "trying to be rock again" speaks to the ignorance as Jesus, kakusei, rose, amaoto no rondo, ect.... Lastly this album is really a throw back album mixed with Malice Mizer/Mana-sama. its cool they still manage to slip in their 90's VK influence that they have till this day (Baiser, la'mule) this time choosing Malice.
  9. blackdoll

    https://cultic.co/lynch/lyrics/eros/ Who's joking? All these vocalist are Yuuki's sons. Homage is normal
  10. blackdoll

    Did he sing like this before? because he is a Lycaon fan boy and he's doing his notes like Yuuki (whining) and Eros is Lycaon's iconic song/pv. The instrumental has their touch too if your really familiar with Lycaon. I'll start following them now since they know what good music is now. Though most of the album is ass or mehh. Lycaon upgraded Rose from them so it's only fair
  11. blackdoll

    and Bathory invented the socalled dark viual kei (Aliene Ma'riage) and black metal 零[Hz] DISTURBO single is Inspired by Lycaon's Royal order album They also rimind me of their past label mates Avidit.
  12. blackdoll

    Imagine hating and taking jabs for them to only put on a show that so great people who don't even know them were jamming. They are so above the basic dimensions the haters. Definitely the greatest music of all time (2008 - present). And they proved it! When will the other bands and artist?
  13. blackdoll

    it's like they were listening since the BMTH part sounds like voice of pain remastered and that chirldren of despair part in the middle. But the break down parts are very EMS, so it's a flop for me. It's almost like they are tryna be DADA but Dada's metalcore doesnt sound so shitty nether does a lot of other VK bands doing metalcore. This is so pathetic rather than disappointing. While sadie had a lot of basic riffage, they had character in their music. i guessn it's only the Big 2 rather than 3. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  14. blackdoll

    Who cant sing anymore? Like imaginine hating on Legends, the most influential ppl in modern VK only for Tsuzuku and Yuuki (initial'L), for them to only shine, smile on stage and come back and shit on you haters with their new music. Every band sounds like MAMIRETA, grimore, or whack deathcore while 8p-Sp and initail'L don't. And since Tsusuku isnt doing slam why not pick up where Mami Kawada left of. They are literally dragging Kpop by the sugar free bum ass lace fronts. I hope they dont get sued though. And i love that their is modern hiphop elements but they arent culture appropriating. BTW did Tsu stop working out? shouldn't he be selling sex? i guess he making music for music
  15. blackdoll

    So i actually went through kuroyuri to kage's stuff on a YT playlist provided to me. At their base they are a rip off of all of Depain/Savage. They sound like Dezert/Mucc/MAMIRETA, Late Screw, Unsraw, Balalaika, Sick., and even Blitz/2dyz riffage at some point . I would like to call them a modern unsraw but they dont have that darkness in em. They definitely arent better than Memento Mori seeing how the skill is the same in riffage except MM had no filler, out of place, sections while KTK has a lot of them. The big bass it's mehh compared to the extra layer the traditional sounds provided plus the quality vocals. Love the Melodic Deathcore-ish riffage though. Better than Giru but not MM or -OZ-. Gulu Gulu is cute.
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