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Found 2682 results

  1. ERIZA members new band "DOAK" will hold their first live at 2015/06/14, and their new single "揚羽-ageha-" will be released at 2015/07/01 (2 TYPE, 1,620yen each) "DOAK" members: Vo.勇企(yuuki) (ex-COЯE THE CHILD-->UnsraW) Gt.暁(satoshi) (ex-フィズ(fizz)-->レトルト(retort)-->Para:noir-->D.I.D.) Ba.IORI (ex-オルガ(ORGE), Créateur(support)) Dr.和春(kazuharu) (ex-Sephiro-->MiD DERACINE-->AMARANYX, PSYCHE-プシュケ-, now UNLIMITED RULEBOOK(support)) http://www.doak-official.com/
  2. Wonrei

    This subject deserved its own thread. We've been trying to discuss this on too many different places. Here I thought we could try to understand the whole history behind visual kei(and along with it, japan's 80s and 90s rock and pop come along, I guess). For years we've had really bad wiki texts trying to write about visual kei and failing along with it. To abridge the entire scope of the visual kei scene to only "a bunch of guys influenced by glam metal" like every copy-pasted lastfm biography says means next to nothing. Here we had for the late 80s and 90s bands playing speed metal, gothic rock and new wave and they were all part of the same scene. Some bands mixed these genres, others played only one of these, and there were even bands that introduced other stuff in the mix - but all of them using the strong visual element as the way to hit their message. As much as I tried to find, it's hard to see a scene as convoluted and intriguing anywhere else in the world. My idea is to mostly focus on late 70's, 80's and 90's japanese music and the western influences, trying to guess how it became what it was and what it is today. Maybe to try to answer a question that never really goes away on japanese music boards: A scene or a genre?
  3. I'm sure this has been done before but I'm curious to see what the people on this forum think. They don't have to be in particular order. For me, in order: 1. Luinspear 2. D 3. Due'le Quartz 4. Gilles de Rais 5. Aioria 6. Sectma 7. Velvet Eden 8. Anonymous Confederate Ensemble 9. Megaromania 10. PIERROT (mainly because I LOVE Kikurui Pierrot and Pandora no Hako) Anyway, interested to see what everyone here likes for visual music! Also, feel free to post your favorite albums by your favorite bands if you wish. I didn't, except with the nod to Pierrot, because I like basically everything they put out.
  4. 己龍(kiryu) new single "九尾(kyuubi)" will be released at 2015/04/01 (10 TYPE) btw they will hold their one-man live "龍跳狐臥(ryuuchoukoga)" since Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH at 2015/04/03 and up to tour final at Nippon Budoukan at 2015/07/31
  5. it is mentioned at Moi dix Mois one-man live "Dis inferno Ⅷ~LAST YEAR PARTY~" at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE at 2015/12/12 that their new album is planned to be released in 2016, although details have not yet been finalized btw they will hold their live at Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE at 2016/03/20 and at Shibuya WWW at 2016/03/21 SET-LIST at 2015/12/12: SE.The Pact of Silence 01.Diabolos et Angeli 02.Material Death 03.Deflower 04.Embrace 05.front et baiser 06.Perish 07.the Prophet 08.In paradisum 09.The Seventh Veil 10.Night Breed SE.Sacred lake 11.Twilight flower 12.Immortal Madness 13.Dead Scape 14.Beast side 15.Ange〜D side holy wings〜 16.Je l'aime EN1 01.deus ex machina (Vo.Seth / Gt.Sugiya / Gt. Hayato / Ba.Ryux / Dr.Mana) 02.Vizard
  6. deluxe edition of ALSDEAD LIVE DVD "Born To Be Dead 2015" has been available for pre-ordering through BARKS×ARTIST DELI SHOPPING official web-shop since 2015/10/06 and up to 2015/10/09 and will be available for pre-ordering at their one-man live "Born To Be Dead : CODA" at Takadanobaba AREA at 2015/10/09 (10,584yen), and regular edition will be available for pre-ordering through BARKS×ARTIST DELI SHOPPING official web-shop since 2015/10/16 and up to 2015/10/25 (8,424yen) [DVD contents] ・complete scene of their one-man live "Born To Be Dead : CODA" at Takadanobaba AREA at 2015/10/09 ・digest of their 3 one-man live: 2015/09/12 at Shinjuku LOFT - "Born To Be Dead : PROLOGUE" 2015/09/18 at Higashikouenji 2000V - "Born To Be Dead : ch.1" 2015/09/19 at Shibuya REX - "Born To Be Dead : ch.2" ・member solo footage ・backstage and making footage ・all PV clips [booklet contents] ・unreleased live photos ・member commentary collection for all ALSDEAD songs [deluxe edition additional items] ・"Born To Be Dead : CODA" LIVE CD ・special package signed by all members ・member special goods (1 goods for each DVD): MAKI special goods - lyrics cards written by MAKI 沁(shin) special goods - ticket for 沁(shin) guitar seminar 陽佑(yousuke) special goods - only-for-you message card NIKKY special goods - ticket for NIKKY drums seminar Acoustic one-man live SET-LIST at 2015/09/12: 01.Picture 02.傷(kizu) 03.秘密(himitsu) 04.最後の嘘(saigo no uso) 05.虹色の雨(nijiiro no ame) 06.Fragile 07.BLINK 08.Distrust 09.HERO 10.Gravity EN1 01.Picture 02.Fragile SET-LIST at 2015/09/18: 01.Behind The Pride 02.D.9.N 03.Adrenaline 04.VOR 05.Puzzle 06.INAZUMA 07.Hacktivism 08.Worlds End 09.EVOⅢ 10.STARLESS 11.Dirty Evil 12.乖離(kairi) 13.Life Of Sorrow 14.Pandemic 15.Cynical EN1 01.FLASH BACK SET-LIST at 2015/09/19: 01.IDEA 02.Behind The Pride 03.Faceless Believer 04.Into The Void 05.ENSLAVED 06.Life Of Sorrow 07.F99 08.INAZUMA 09.Sugar 10.Dirty Evil 11.EVOⅢ 12.秘密(himitsu) 13.Fragile 14.404 15.In Bloom EN1 01.乖離(kairi) 02.FLASH BACK
  7. New brazillian band "PlatoniC Dolls" has formed, will start your activities in June with your first single. "PlatoniC Dolls" members: Vo. ALE Gt. TONI Gt. KIRAI Ba. MOMOKO Dr. NAORU Official Page
  8. Scarlet Obsidian

    I found them guys!!! 中絶 (Chuuzetsu) Romaji: Why did I have to die? Riyuu naki inochi ga mata Namida nado naku kesareta Tsumi no ishiki wo motazu ni Ima mo ikiru omae wa oni sa Aisarezu ni kieteku kurushimi ga hora... Mijuku no mama tsubusare kakinagasareta... Tsunagareteita ito wa hikichigirareta Anata no chi wa tozasare "Korosaremashita." Kanji: Why did I have to die? 理由無き命がまた 涙など無く消された 罪の意識を持たずに 今も生きるお前は鬼さ 愛されずに消えてく 苦しみがほら… 未熟のまま潰され 掻き流された… 繋がれていた糸は 引きちぎられた 貴女の血は閉ざされ「殺されました。」 鬼経-kikei- Romaji: Ikenie ni sare kuitsubushita koe... "Onigata no tsumi de yasaremashita." Umiotosareta sono oni katachi no karada Wazawai maneku genkyou da to tsugerare... Nagareta sono namida wa akaku Koenaku mau inochi wo kowasu Tomoru saidan to utage Inori hi no naka e... Watashi e to kokumu... Konomi e to kokumu... Yashite... Sasarenu no nara... Ko no mama... Yase... Doushite... Yashitekurenai... Hayaku... Oware... Kanji: 生け贄にされ食い潰した声… 「鬼形ノ罪デ殺サレマシタ。」 産み落とされた其の鬼形の躰 災い招く元凶だと告げられ… 流れた其の涙は赤く 声無く舞う命を壊す 灯る祭壇と宴 祈り火の中へ… 私ヘト刻ム… 此ノ身ヘト刻ム… 殺シテ… 赦サレヌノナラ… 此ノ儘… 殺セ… ドウシテ… 殺シテクレナイ… 早ク… 終レ… 解離性同一性障害 (Kairisei douitsusei shougai) Romaji: [ore] no jinkaku wa hora hora hora...ohayou... hoka no jinkaku wa mada mada mada...oyasumi... kagami ni utsutta {ANATA} wa dare nanninme no [ATASHI]? [boku] no jinkaku ga hora hora hora...kuzurete... betsu no jinkaku ga mata mata mata...ohayou... kagami ni utsutta {OMAE} ga mata [ore] wo mitsume warau shiranai uchi ni {KIMI} ga ite [ore] no naka de [ore] wo kowasu o-mae wa [boku] de {KIMI} wa [boku] kuzure yuku jinkaku ni obore... kizukeba itsuwari no {KIMI} ga soko ni ite [watashi] wo mushibami koroshite yuku no kono mi wa dare no mono na no ka dare ga hontou no [boku] na no? osanaki hibi no gyakutai ga tsukuriageta uso no jibun shiranai uchi ni {kimi} ga ite [ore] no naka de [ore] wo kowasu omae wa [boku] de {kimi} wa [boku] kuzure yuku jinkaku ni obore... Kanji: [僕]の人格は ほらほらほら…おはよう… 他の人格は まだまだまだ…おやすみ… 鏡に映った{アナタ}は誰 何人目の[アタシ]? [僕]の人格が ほらほらほら…崩れて… 別の人格が またまたまた…おはよう… 鏡に映った{オマエ}がまた [俺]を見つめ笑う… 知らないうちに{キミ}がいて [俺]の中で[俺]を壊す お前は[僕]で{キミ}は[僕] 崩れゆく人格に溺れ… 気付けば偽りの{キミ}が其処にいて [私]を蝕み殺してゆくの この身は誰の物なのか 誰が本当の[僕]なの? 幼き日々の虐待が造り上げた嘘の自分 知らないうちに{キミ}がいて [俺]の中で[俺]を壊す お前は[僕]で{キミ}は[僕] 崩れゆく人格に溺れ… true grief Romaji: Ano koro no you ni ano koro no you ni Mou ichido modoreru no nara... Aishiteita anata no koe wa Kono umi ni shizuka ni tata, shizundeyuku Kurushisou na anata no kao wo Miteru no ga tsurakute, mou kurushikute Suna no you ni te wo suri nukete Koeteyuku anata wo tata nagameteta Nee, mada boku wa Ano toki no yakusoku wo hatasezu ni Kono genjitsu wo ikiteiru Ano koro no you ni ano koro no you ni Anata wo dakishimeraretara Ano koro no you ni ano koro no you ni Mou ichido modoreru no nara... Aishiteita anata no koe wa Kono umi ni shizuka ni tata, shizundeyuku Nee, mada boku wa Ano toki no yakusoku wo hatasezu ni Kono genjitsu wo ikiteiru Naze anata dake naze anata dake Kamisama naze boku janai no? Moshi kono koe ga moshi kono koe ga Todoku nara todokete yo Ano toki ni mita keshiki wa ima mo kawarazu kirei na mama da yoo Umarekawareru toki ga kita nara mou ichido mi ni ikou ne Ano koro no you ni ano koro no you ni Anata wo dakishimeraretara Ano koro no you ni ano koro no you ni Mou ichido modoreru no nara... Kanji: あの頃のように あの頃のように もう一度戻れるのなら… 愛していた貴女の声は この海に静かにたた、沈んでゆく 苦しそうな貴女の顔を 見てるのが辛くて、もう苦しくて 砂のように手をすり抜けて 消えてゆく貴女をたた眺めてた ねぇ、まだ僕は あの時の約束を果たせずに この現実を生きている あの頃のように あの頃のように 貴女を抱きしめられたら あの頃のように あの頃のように もう一度戻れるのなら… 愛していた貴女の声は この海に静かにたた、沈んでゆく ねぇ、まだ僕は あの時の約束を果たせずに この現実を生きている なぜ貴女だけ なぜ貴女だけ 神様なぜ僕じゃないの? もしこの声が もしこの声が 届くなら届けてよ あの時に見た景色は今も変わらず綺麗なままだよ 生まれ変われる時がきたならもう一度見に行こうね あの頃のように あの頃のように 貴女を抱きしめられたら あの頃のように あの頃のように もう一度戻れるのなら… Dead[en]D Romaji: Death is equally given to anyone in this world. Yes, your life too. Zetsubou, koufuku, shi sureba onaji Ikigotoku saigo wa ikidomari. Therefore, live in now! Kizu, seou baka wa mou towa ni nemure Naze ikiru imi bakri wo motomeru? So people are not equal while being born. You must notice it. Shinu tame no inochi nara sutetet shimae Ikiru tame no inochi daro chigau ka? Sono te meguru akaku akai chi wo chiribamete Doushite sukui wo motomeru? Shiroku nokoru kizu to kako ni mita itami no riyuu wo Kakikesu you ni nagasu Kotae nante nai Itsuka otozureru Saigo wa dare ni demo mina Byoudousa... Kanji: Death is equally given to anyone in this world. Yes, your life too. 絶望、幸福、死すれば同じ 息尽く最期は行き止まり。 Therefore, live in now! 傷、背負う馬鹿はもう永久に眠れ なぜ生きる意味ばかりを求める? So people are not equal while being born. You must notice it. 死ぬ為の命なら捨ててしまえ 生きる為の命だろ違うか? その手巡る赤く紅い血を散りばめて どうして救いを求める? 白く残る傷と過去に観た痛みの理由を 掻き消すように流す 答えなんて無い いつか訪れる 最期は誰にでも皆 平等さ… 孤独人形症候群 (Kodoku ningyou shoukogun) Romaji: Kodoku wo aiseba anata ga warattekureta ne Haitaisareta no dare no ko? Hora mata nagarete... Boku wa hitori ga oniai da yo ne? Iiko no furi ga kuse na aigan ningyou Homete hoshikute nadete hoshikute Ai wo motomete nageku ayatsuri ningyou Psycho & destroy. Psychopath! Psychopath! Kanji: 孤独を愛せばアナタが笑ってくれたね 胚胎されたの誰の児? ほらまた流れて… 僕は独りがお似合いだよね? 良い子のふりが癖な愛玩人形 褒めて欲しくて撫でて欲しくて 愛を求めて嘆く操り人形 Psycho & destroy. Psychopath! Psychopath! 侵喰-shinsyoku- Romaji: Aishiteru anata wa atashi no Tainai de eien ni ikiru no ne Hakidashita zangai wa kabe ni Nuritsukete itsumo nagameteru Akaguroku somaru ai Haisuimizo e nagare Nani mo ka mo hakanaku kowareteyuku My darling. Like the crazy onlooker. Akaguroku somaru ai Haisuimizo e nagare Nani mo ka mo hakanaku kowarete... Mimamotteite hoshikute Heya no sumi ni tsurushita kubi ga hora, Hohoendeiru wa Torokeru anata no aji Kamishimeru sono do ni Furueru no ureshikute Sou deshou? Datte, Atashi no tainai kara Umareteiku kono ko wa Itsu no hi ka anata e to kawaru kara Kanji: 愛してる貴方はあたしの 体内で永久に生きるのね 吐き出した残骸は壁に 塗り付けていつも眺めてる 赤黒く染まる愛 排水溝へ流れ 何もかも儚く壊れてゆく My darling. Loke the crazy onlooker. 赤黒く染まる愛 排水溝へ流れ 何もかも儚く壊れて... 見守っていて欲しくて 部屋の隅に吊るした首がほら、 微笑んでいるわ とろける貴方の味 噛み締めるその度に 震えるの嬉しくて そうでしょう?だって、 あたしの胎内から 産まれていくこの児は いつの日か貴方へと変わるから 拝啓、愛しのアイドル様へ (Haikei, itoshi no IDOL-sama e) Romaji: Haikei, itoshi no IDOL-sama e Boku wa kyou mo mata Anata no karada de mousou muramura Kyou wa ne, anat ga yume ni detekita yo Kawaii kawaii Oguchi de boku no wo becha becha rero rero Anata wo omotte maiban maiban Jiikoui shite wa Hakudaku mamire de beto beto gucha gucha Ashita wa anata no akai hi yoteibi Zenbu shitteru yo. Hora ne yappari anat wa ira ira Nee, dare yori mo dare yori mo Anata wo aishiteru yo Nee, daisuki de daisuki de Kokoro ga harisakesou da yo Aa, ototoi no akushukai "Boku no koto, oboeteiru?" "Ee, mochiron." to Manmen no egao de boku no te wo nigiru Yappari ne, wakatteta Anata mo boku ni horeta ne? Yappari ne, wakatteta Anata mo mada no mesubutasa. Kanji: 拝啓、愛しのアイドル様へ 僕は今日もまた 貴女の身体で妄想ムラムラ 今日はね、貴女が夢に出てきたよ 可愛い可愛い お口で僕のをべちゃべちゃレロレロ 貴女を想って毎晩毎晩 自慰行為しては 白濁まみれでベトベトグチャグチャ 明日は貴女の赤い日予定日 全部知ってるよ。 ほらねやっぱり貴女はイライラ ねえ、誰よりも誰よりも 貴女を愛してるよ ねえ、大好きで大好きで 心が張り裂けそうだよ あぁ、一昨日の握手会 『僕の事、覚えている?』 『えぇ、もちろん。』と 満面の笑顔で僕の手を握る やっぱりね、わかってた 貴女も僕に惚れたね? やっぱりね、わかってた 貴女もただのメス豚さ。 蜥-tokage- Romaji: Kusari tsuzukeru anata ni kuchizuke wo Mawari megutta kaitou wo motometeta Aa, kakimushiru tekubi kara Koboreochiru no wa musekinin na EGO Ano toki no ano basho de futari chikatta yume Sore sae mo te wo surinuketeku hakanaku awai yume Aa...ano toki ni mita tsuki wa Imademo futari wo mitsuzuketeiru yo Sabitsuita risou wa imademo kusari tsuzuke Kiritsuketa kairaku ga boku wo shibaritsukeru Furan shita anata wa kirei de utsukushii ne Kono heya no suteki na OBJECT sa Futari no towa no ai Kanji: 腐り続ける貴女に口づけを 廻り巡った解答を求めてた 嗚呼、掻きむしる手首から 零れ落ちるのは無責任なエゴ あの時のあの場所で二人 誓った夢 それさえも手をすり抜けてく儚く淡い夢 嗚呼…あの時に見た月は 今でも二人を見続けているよ 錆び付いた理想は今でも腐り続け 斬りつけた快楽が僕を縛りつける 腐乱した貴女は綺麗で美しいね この部屋の素敵なオブジェさ 二人の永久の愛 刑法第39条第1項「心神喪失者ノ行為ハ之ヲ罰セス」(Keihou dai39jou dai1kou "Shinshinsoushitsusa no koui wa kore wo bassesu") Romaji: "Keihou dai 39jou dai 1kou 'shinshinsoushitsusa no koui wa kore wo bassesu' yotte seishin ni ijou ni kitashi Seijou na handan no dekinai baai, keihou ni yotte sono sha wa basserarenai." Die&Psycho Anata no koto wo tada kiriretsuita. Kaereta sama ni sakende. Kaereta Anata wa nani wo chometeiru no...? Tada, nani mo genwazu. Me wo mi hiraiite ikimosezu ni Tada, shikabane no sama ni. Kanji: 『刑法第39条第1項「心神喪失者ノ行為ハ之ヲ罰セス」 よって精神に異常をきたし 正常な判断のできない場合、刑法によってその者は罰せられない。』 Die&Psycho 貴女ノ事ヲ 只 斬リ裂イタ。 壊レタ様ニ叫ンデ。 壊レタ 貴女ハ何ヲ眺メテイルノ…? 只、何モ言ワズ。 眼ヲ見開イテ息モセズニ 只、屍ノ様ニ。 退廃的狂葬 (Taihaiteki kyousou) Romaji: Kurushimi ochiteiku anata wi ayamemashita Mou kore ijou anata ga kowarete shimawanu you ni Kuzureochiru kokoro wa shinshoku wo tomerarezu Fueteiku kizuato to jouzai ni sugaritsuku Kubisuji ni tsukitateta kono aijou ni Anata dake wa kizuite kureta no deshou? Kuchiyuku sono karada ni Seppun shite sayonara. Eguridashita kono ko mo Hora waratteru yo Kagami ni utsuru boku wa chimidoro de Subete ga michitarita you ni Waratteta Kowareteiru anata to Kurutteiru boku ni wa Futsuu janai saigo ga hitsuyou nanda Kanji: 苦しみ堕ちていく貴女を殺めました もうこれ以上貴女が壊れてしまわぬように 崩れ落ちる心は侵食を止められず 増えていく傷痕と錠剤にすがり付く 首筋に突き立てたこの愛情に 貴女だけは気付いてくれたのでしょう? 朽ちゆくその身体に 接吻してサヨナラ。 抉り出したこの児も ほら笑ってるよ 鏡に写る僕は血みどろで 全てが満ち足りたように 笑ってた 壊れている貴女と 狂っている僕には 普通じゃない最期が必要なんだ 夕刻絶交センチメンタル (Yuukoku zekkou Sentimental) Romaji: anata to wa zekkou shimasu. uragiare uso tsukare o-mae to wa koko de zekkou sa ORANGE no sora wa mou nikushimi de nijimu sekiryoukan shinde kure tanomu kara kore ijou kao wo misenaide hidoku naru iyagarase fuete yuku kizu to basei sangatsu tsuitachi anata to zekkou shite kara boku wa kazugazu no iyagarase wo ukehajimemashita. sangatsu yokka gakkou ni iku to boku no tsukue ni kiku no hana ga oite arimashita. jigyakuteki hikanteki hametsuteki boku no nounai wa guchagucha de ima ni mo mou kowaresou...lalala...lalala... sangatsu tooka boku ga TOILET ni haitte iru to ue kara mizu ga futte kimashita. sangatsu juuichinichi boku no getabako ni takusan no mushi no shigai ga irerarete imashita. modoritai... modorenai... ano koro no tanoshikatta hibi houkago no kaerimichi tonari ni wa mou AITSU wa inai... sangatsu hatsuka souji yougu ire ni tojikomerarete asu made houchi saremashita. sangatsu nijuuyokka tsukue ippai ni "shine" to ka "kiero" to ka kaite arimashita. boku wa mou kimemashita kono sekai kara kiete shimaou to okujou de mioroshita jimen ga boku wo yondeiru. shigatsu juuyokka nikui nikui AITSU no tame ni isho wo kakimashita. shigatsu nijuugonichi boku no tanjoubi. kyou okujou kara tobiorimasu. sayounara... Kanji: 貴方とは絶交します。 裏切られ嘘つかれ お前とは此処で絶交さ オレンジの空はもう 憎しみで滲む寂寥感 死んでくれ頼むから これ以上顔を見せないで 酷くなるいやがらせ 増えてゆく傷と罵声 3月1日 貴方と絶交してから僕は数々の嫌がらせを受け始めました。 3月4日 学校へ行くと僕の机に菊の花が置いてありました。 自虐的悲観的破滅的僕の脳内は ぐちゃぐちゃで今にももう 壊れそう…ラララ…ラララ… 3月10日 僕がトイレに入っていると上から水が降ってきました。 3月14日 僕の下駄箱にたくさんの虫の死骸が入れられていました。 戻りたい…戻れない… あの頃の楽しかった日々 放課後の帰り道 隣にはもうアイツはいない… 3月20日 掃除用具入れに閉じ込められて朝まで放置されました。 3月24日 机いっぱいに死ねとか消えろとか書いてありました。 僕はもう決めました 此の世から消えてしまおうと 屋上で見下ろした地面が僕を呼んでいる。 4月14日 憎い憎いアイツの為に遺書を書きました。 4月25日 僕の誕生日。今日は屋上から飛び降ります。 さようなら… 悲しみは巡りゆく季節と眠る哀 (Kanashimi wa meguriyuku kisetsu to nemuru ai) Romaji: Meguru kisetsu ga saigetsu wo tsugeru Sora ga mitsuru shita konayukitachi ga Hora... Shiroku somatta yakusoku no basho de Kimi ga nokoshita omoide ga afure Sotto toketeku tenohira no yuki wa Kimi no you da ne, awaku hakanakute Koko ni kimi ga ita nara... Aitai yo aitai yo Kanawanu negai to wakattete mo Rainen mo koko de kimi wo matsu kara... Toki no nagare yo Kanashimi wo subete jouka sasete yo Onegai dakara Kitto kako wa kesenai... Aitai yo aitai yo Yume demo maboroshi demo ii kara Mou ichido dake kimi ni... Kizutsuketa koto mo atta Kanashii omoi mo saseteita ne "Gomen ne" no koe mo kimi e todokanai Aitai yo aitai yo Omoi wa munashiku boku no koto wo Surinuketeyuku yo Itsumo...hora... Kanashimi mo kurushimi mo Mou kono yuki ni umete kaerou Kimi wa mou koko ni inai kara... Furitsumoru yuki wa toke Kisetsu ga meguri haru ga kita nara Sono tokoro ni wa nani ga nokoru no? ah...Please send my feeling to you. A season of sorrow... Hiai no yuki to nemurou Hiai no yuki yo oyasumi... Kanji: 巡る季節が歳月を告げる 空が溢した粉雪達が ほら… 白く染まった約束の場所で 君が残した思い出が溢れ そっと溶けてく手のひらの雪は 君のようだね、淡く儚くて 此処に君がいたなら… 逢いたいよ逢いたいよ 叶わぬ願いと分かってても 来年も此処で君を待つから… 時の流れよ 悲しみを全て浄化させてよ お願いだから きっと過去は消せない… 逢いたいよ逢いたいよ 夢でも幻でもいいから もう一度だけ君に… 傷つけた事もあった 悲しい想いもさせていたね 「ごめんね」の声も君へ届かない 逢いたいよ逢いたいよ 想いは虚しく僕の事を 擦り抜けてゆくよ いつも…ほら… 悲しみも苦しみも もう此の雪に埋めて帰ろう 君はもう此処にいないから… 降り積もる雪は溶け 季節が巡り春が来たなら 其処には何が残るの? ah…Please send my feeling to you. A season of the sorrow… 悲哀の雪と眠ろう 悲哀の雪よ おやすみ… Credits&Source: http://ameblo.jp/airtale Enjoy!! ^__^
  9. 己龍(kiryu) LIVE DVD "47都道府県単独巡業~千秋楽~「龍跳狐臥」~二〇一五年七月三十一日 日本武道館~" will be released at 2016/01/20 (6,150yen), which will include scene of their one-man live tour "龍跳狐臥" tour final at Nippon Budoukan at 2015/07/31 their live documentary DVD "47都道府県単独巡業「龍跳狐臥」ドキュメント盤" will be released at 2016/01/20 (10,584yen), which will include 4DVDs (including documentary of their one-man live tour "龍跳狐臥") SET-LIST at 2015/07/31: 01.アナザーサイド 02.九尾 03.残月 04.鬼ノ傀儡 05.井底之蛙 06.雛奉 07.悦ト鬱 08.朔宵 09.狐 10.露一筋 11.後ノ今宵 12.紅椿 13.靂霹ノ天青 14.鬼遊戯 15.愛怨忌焔 16.暁歌水月 EN1 01.見世物鬼譚 02.天照 03.空蝉 04.叫声
  10. blackdoll

    Whats up guys, here we have a new band. After the last two single and the new single preview I'm thinking i really like them. For current vk, i'm thinking that they might be my number 3. I love the way they do metalcore, for me they do it best in vk (outside of vk I'm not sure). I like how the vocalist harsh vocals are not pathetic and are adding to the music. Clean sing wise it is good, but i not sure if he is really in it (singing from the heart), please tell what think about this. umm instrumental wise they have great break down, and other parts they are good. Also like the rap/cute bits. still waiting for them to make me cum. Looks: I like the first one, individuals for for eclipse and the last 2 were great (the vocalist character especially) . eclipse pv was horrible though.
  11. Lucifer's underground live-limited single "此ノ世ノ果テ(kono yo no hate) / 滅びの庭(horobi no niwa)" will be released at their live since their one-man live at Nagoya CLUB ROCK'N'ROLL at 2016/03/30 (i.e. 亜月(atsuki) last live) (2 songs, 1,000yen, limited 100) both songs are AZALEA (self-)cover, which is written by ヒナ(hina) and composed by 真稀(maki)
  12. ex-SILICA members new band "グル(guru)" has formed at 2014/02/05, and their new demo single "Fane Rain" will be available for ordering through their official web-shop since 2014/02/05 (300yen) and at their live since their first live at Ash OSAKA at 2014/04/04 (200yen) "グル(guru)" members: Vo.かっか(kakka) (ex-ЯIKE MAD) Gt.ロロ(roro) (ex-LANTAN[A]-->アイコノクラズム(iconoclasm)-->SILICA(垂人/takuto)) Ba.りぅき(rixuki) (ex-ЯIKE MAD) Dr.魅ラ(mira) (ex-SILICA) http://guruweb.web.fc2.com/
  13. Trombe

    ARVISE will disband after their one-man live "Liberate" at Shibuya REX at 2016/03/24
  14. it is announced at REALies 2-part one-man live "HARVEST the past" "HARVEST the future" at Takadanobaba AREA at 2015/03/15 that their best album "REALies 2011-2015" will be released at 2015/06/10 (2 TYPE) TYPE A (4,104yen) will include CD+DVD (including PVs), and TYPE B (3,456yen) will include CD only [TYPE A CD track list] 01.NuAGE 02.CHANGE! 03.NEXT⇒ 04.Plugn 05.LaST A GaINST 06.Lv. 07.ユメオイプラネット(yumeoi planet) 08.LiNE 09.彩花唄-いろはうた-(irohauta) 10.セツナキャンドル(setsuna candle) 11.明日世界が終わっても(ashita sekai ga owattemo) 12.STEP▲BY▼STEP 13.HEARTS 14.シネマシンドローム(cinema syndrome) 15.雪時計(yukidokei) [TYPE A DVD track list] 01.NuAGE 02.NEXT⇒ 03.LaST A GaINST 04.ユメオイプラネット(yumeoi planet) 05.LiNE 06.彩花唄-いろはうた-(irohauta) 07.セツナキャンドル(setsuna candle) 08.STEP▲BY▼STEP 09.HEARTS 10.シネマシンドローム(cinema syndrome) 11.雪時計(yukidokei) [TYPE B track list] 01.180 02.NEVERLAND 03.PHASE 04.CЯOWN GAME 05.君と僕、泡沫の夏(kimi to boku utakata no natsu) 06.色彩Polaroid.(shikisai Polaroid.) 07.星の降る街(hoshi no furu machi) 08.ハルジオン(harujion) 09.マリオネットとドレス(marionette to dress) 10.sweet/rouge 11.イロコイロジック(irokoi logic) 12.ヒカルセカイ(hikaru sekai) 13.桜花日-サクラハナビ-(sakurahanabi) 14.Drama 15.ユメオイプラネット(yumeoi planet)-unplugged ver.- btw they will hold their presents live "EVERLASTING" at Takadanobaba AREA at 2015/06/07, at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL at 2015/06/20 and at OSAKA MUSE at 2015/06/21 I wonder whether they will disband soon...
  15. new band "蜘蛛ノ糸(kumo no ito)" will hold their first live at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2016/04/18 "蜘蛛ノ糸(kumo no ito)" members: Vo.芥空朶雷磊 Gt.皆川鳳凰丸 Gt.夏上龍紫郎 Ba.冴月鈴之心 Dr.明堂院暁介
  16. ghost

    Why is there no Dezert thread yet??????? Vocal: 千秋-Chiaki- Guitar: キラ-Kira- Bass: SaZ Drum: SORA I just started listening to them 30 minutes ago and I seriously regret not listening to them sooner. They're so freaking heavy. Their music is harsh with loads of distortion and crunch, but they mix in nice melodies once in a while to balance things out. I would compare them to bands like early D'espairsRay, Deathgaze, AvelCain, and (I would say) even Kagerou. The vocalist is probably one of my new favorites because of his diversity. He has a singing voice sweet enough to be in a band like Sug, but his screams have bite and he can easily be compared to vocalists like Satoshi from Girugamesh. I pretty much like everything I've heard (which isn't all their music), but tracks that have stood out to me so far are: -「胃潰瘍とルソーの錯覚」 (ikaiyou to rousseau no sakkaku) *The video above -「変」(hen) -「秘密」(himitsu) So, Whaddya all think of this band??? (I mean, from what people have said around the forum, I know they're generally loved).
  17. new band "印象派カミーユ(inshouha camille)" will perform at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2016/04/07, although member details have not yet been announced
  18. it is announced at AvelCain vs シビレバシル(sibilebashir) 2-man live "月の虹(tsuki no niji)" at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2015/11/27 that AvelCain 2 new singles "月-MOON-" "蘇-よみがえり-(yomigaeri)" will be released at 2016/01/27 and at 2016/02/24 respectively (2 TYPE each) limited edition (1,620yen, limited 1000 each) will include CD+lyrics card (4 pages), and regular edition (540yen, limited 1500 each) will include CD+lyrics card (2 pages) "月-MOON-" [track list] 01.月-MOON- 02.影(kage) (included in limited edition) 03.夜光虫(yakouchuu) (included in limited edition) "蘇-よみがえり-(yomigaeri)" [track list] 01.蘇-よみがえり-(yomigaeri) 02.罠(wana) (included in limited edition) 03.弟切草(otogirisou) (included in limited edition) AvelCain Vo.業-karma- & シビレバシル(sibilebashir) Vo.和泉(izumi) will participate in movie "MOONBOW", for which opening theme will be AvelCain "月-MOON-", ending theme will be シビレバシル(sibilebashir) "月姫(tsukihime)" and featured track will be AvelCain "蘇-よみがえり-(yomigaeri)" btw they will hold their one-man live tour "はじまり(hajimari)" since Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 at 2016/03/12 and up to tour final at Akasaka BLITZ at 2016/06/23 they will hold VS live at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT as follows: 2016/01/25 - vs Neverland vs えんそく(ensoku) vs THE BLACK SWAN 2016/01/28 - vs ぞんび(zonbi) vs REIGN 2016/01/29 - vs シビレバシル(sibilebashir) AvelCain vs Synk;yet will hold their 2-man live "拘束" at Ikebukuro CYBER at 2016/02/03 ギャロ(THE GALLO)×AvelCain will hold their 2-man live tour "魔王×信徒 極彩色ノ流血淋漓 初春の陣" at Nagoya HEART LAND at 2016/02/11, at Urawa Narciss at 2016/02/13 and at Kagurazaka TRASH UP!! at 2016/02/14 AvelCain vs ギガマウス(GIGAMOUS) will hold their 2-man live "アベルマウス" at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2016/02/20 AvelCain vs DADAROMA will hold their 2-man live tour "雨鳴り響く踏切" at Shinsaibashi FAN-J at 2016/02/24, at Nagoya ell.SIZE at 2016/02/25 and at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 at 2016/02/28
  19. ddeadstars-mako

    ayo peeps! this is my first post on here. so, i wanted to discuss creepy, obsessive fans... annoying fans... everything of that ! recently i discovered a annoying and oblivious fan, who keeps claiming ruki as her husband (despite him saying before he does NOT wish to marry.) earlier i tried pointing out her problems and attempting to get her to stop as her statements claiming to be ruki’s wife are FALSE. she sends Ruki selfies daily, via Instagram. she also apparently comments inappropriate things in his posts? she photoshops her with him. she blocked me lol. have you guys ever dealt with fans like this? these types of fans are what make is foreign fans look like shit. can y’all share you opinions and stories with other people like this?
  20. A Type(¥3500+tax): CD: 1.息の根 2. CALLING 3.流星群 4. Alive -Acoustic Version- DVD: 「息の根」MV+Offshot and an interview explaining the songs B Type(¥1500+tax): CD:1.息の根 2. CALLING 3.流星群 It will be released 21 August and those who preorder before 20 July will get a postcard They are also now under a new label named “ANIMA” created under Goemon Records
  21. blackdoll

    At first i hated them for giving up on reload, and just used them for their reload-ish songs like dead end. Then i herd the shuuen samples and they seem pretty modern to me which made me go back to their other stuff i skipped and noticed there is modern vk in there. but idk what is old school? anyway I'm liking them because they are fun with the instrumental and have a great vocalist(love him). I like them for them not because they are doing old school. I like the way the fuse both schools, and even though they recycle riffs its not annoying. Also think they are better than those old people they copying, making that fact nothing. they are my non official #2 looks i don't pay attention to with them, but kyouki should work on his lip singing. oh yeah he can look funny dancing/acting too. he should also pay attention to his hair more because it can make him look not so good. oh yeah i think they would do a better job than diru at current/later diru too (abyss) edit: Changed the pic because they are modern and look badass
  22. 平成維新(heiseiishin) 拓(taku) presents live "平成(heisei) revolution party 2015" will be held at OSAKA MUSE at 2015/12/10 [live participating artists] ギガマウス(GIGAMOUS) N@H-ノア- More THE BLACK SWAN feat.優(yuu)(ex-NEGA) 維新: Vo.貘(baku) (VERY BERRY) Gt.mag (Blu-BiLLioN) Gt.keiji (Mix Speaker's,Inc.) Ba.ミド(mido) (えんそく(ensoku)) Dr.優一(yu-ichi) (ex-AUBE) よしふみバンド: Vo.CO- (ex-FUTURISM・BOYZ) Vo.タカフミ(takafumi) (ex-Marvelous Maiden) Gt.KANATA (ex-chariots-->凛(lin)) Ba.善(yoshi) (平成維新(heiseiishin)) Dr.姫雛〜hina〜 (ex-Anjyu')
  23. 遺伝子組換こども会(idenshikumikae kodomokai) (ハイパーポケット(hyper pocket) Vo.ノビ太(nobita) ex-band) will revive for one-day at Ikebukuro CHOP at 2016/03/06
  24. Hey bought this stuff years ago when I was heavily into the gazette, I'm currently selling it on ebay. If anyone is interested. Its in great condition considering its 13 years old. https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/123800200473?ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2F0%2F0%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.co.uk%252Fulk%252Fitm%252F123800200473%26rvr_id%3D0%26rvr_ts%3D60bd293e16b0a9cd9fa08a40ffe3882c
  25. Trombe

    Inpossible will revive for one-day at yazzmad presents live "dot." at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2015/09/21
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