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Found 15 results

  1. Crystal Lake once again leading the charge taking Japanese metal outside of Japan. For this project Spiritbox has teamed up with them as of now we dont know the full details but they have launched a collab merch line and Ryo will be featured in in a remix version of Spiritbox's Holly Roller track. This version will be released on October 2nd and you can listen to a preview below. Spiritbox is a Canadian Metal band fronted by Courtney LaPlante former Vocalist of iwrestledabearonce. Spirirtbox has had tremoundous success and their latest releases have been some of their best i would encourage you all to give them a listen. Collab Merch Line This is the original song without Ryo.
  2. blackdoll

    Whats up guys, here we have a new band. After the last two single and the new single preview I'm thinking i really like them. For current vk, i'm thinking that they might be my number 3. I love the way they do metalcore, for me they do it best in vk (outside of vk I'm not sure). I like how the vocalist harsh vocals are not pathetic and are adding to the music. Clean sing wise it is good, but i not sure if he is really in it (singing from the heart), please tell what think about this. umm instrumental wise they have great break down, and other parts they are good. Also like the rap/cute bits. still waiting for them to make me cum. Looks: I like the first one, individuals for for eclipse and the last 2 were great (the vocalist character especially) . eclipse pv was horrible though.
  3. GAZTREA is a band from Germany somewhere between Metal, Pop and Visual Kei influences. http://www.gaztrea.com Vocals: Kal Guitar: Sai Guitar: Momo Bass: Cozmo Drums (Support): Daniel
  4. Some of you may be familiar with more comedic tag "brutal kei" to describe "heavy" visual kei bands who often use vocals and instrumentals seemingly inspired by "heavy metal" genres and sometimes "extreme metal" genres as well. The origins of the term "brutal kei" was coined by "matsuya89" aka @VkBrutaliaN in 2009 and later popularized by myself in 2010 as more of a "troll". I was inspired by a video which has since been removed on youtube; however, a forum discussion on this video and listing the bands used in the video can be found here: http://rockbandfinder.com/top-9-most-brutal-visual-keij-rock-bands/ . (I later found out the video was made and uploaded by @VkBrutaliaN). But the serious origins of this trend in visual kei began with various "Nu metal" tendencies as early as the mid-90s with bands such as: Aliene Ma'riage, ∀NTI FEMINISM, and 妃阿甦(THE PIASS). Today it has become a less prevalent niche but a handful of bands of this type always seem to emerge only to disband very shortly thereafter. Kept alive by a cult following of an obsessive fandom. Many bands of the current wave of this so called "brutal kei" genre incorporate elements of electronica and mostly stick to a blend of metalcore, deathcore, nu metal, and typical vk melodic rock. The vocalist will almost always use harsh vocal techniques such as: screams, pig squeals, and death growls. Some current examples include: Nocturnal Bloodlust, JILUKA, FIXER, DIMLIM, DEXCORE, and many more. Oh and @Takadanobabaalienmy apologies for not mentioning the legendary most br00tal vk band "Deviloof"!!!!!! Are you a fan of this sound?
  5. Mamo

    So I've decide to show these guys love and get a discussion going. I loved all of their "Rebirth" releases from 2016-2017! chariots Active: 2007-2018 Members: 戮 (Riku) - Vocals 迅 (Jin) - Bass 美景 (Mikage) - Drums chariots formed in November 2007 by Riku ex. Phantasmagoria and were signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. In early 2010 most of chariots members left the band with the exception of Riku. They would make a brief return in 2012 with their current line-up although this would only last until 2013. In 2016 chariots has reformed with all of the members from 2012-2013 except Gu. Neo (ねお). chariots suspended activities after a oneman live titled , "Zankyou CRADLE" (残響クレイドル)", on 2017-11-23 at EDGE IKEBUKURO after the the departure of guitarist KAZ due to health reasons. chariots disbanded on April 22, 2018. Their 2016 Rebirth Discography: 2 live dist. singles "棘咎 (togetoga) and "閃光(senkou)", 1 maxi-single "忌際 (Kisai)", a new version of their song "シュガァパウダー (sugar powder)" on "V.A「DEEP MORE DEEP#4」" , the mini-album "深紅に揺らめく、儚き鶺鴒(shinku ni yurameku hakanaki sekirei)", a new version of their song "griever" on the live dist. single "griever" , the maxi-single "Succubus" , their second mini-album "Revenir" and a coupling single with "ピサロ (pisarro )" "-照準はdessinされたアイツの影- (-Shōjun wa dessin sa reta aitsu no kage-)" OHP
  6. I'm fairly certain I botched at least a few of those rap lines very badly, but I tried. Feel free to let me know if you have any corrections. [ ] = $EIGO-only lines { } = Tomo-only lines シンデレラ・シンドローム / Cinderella Syndrome Lyrics: Tomo Music: Tackrou, $EIGO (Chichinpuipui!) [I put on my fake eyelashes and nails]* (Chichinpuipui!) [Don my glass slippers and dress] (Chichinpuipui!) [And apply my sparkling makeup] Because I’m Cinderella So wait for me, My destined prince {It’s a trans-for-mation!!} [A love that feels calming and sweet like strawberry milk Ah, it seems like it’ll melt, so I’ll eat it up] (Caramel ☆ caramel) [My heart is covered in plenty of syrup and showy decorations, And with just a little bit of bitterness, it’s got an adult flavour] (Caramel ☆ caramel) {I’ll meet up with the girls again, take a trip, lick my wounds, and our bond will become deeper until the world looks pleasant again** I’ll take recommendations, let’s go out and buy some cute clothes and trendy cosmetics This beauty regimen will make my skin look good Madly in love, with my melting sweet memory, And my jealousy that’s flaring and bursting into flames “Being loved, loving, I’m living for love!”*** I’m asking for your favour, let’s move forcefully towards marriage!}**** Twinkle ☆ twinkle, my prince [Hey, squeeze me tight and kiss me] “I wonder if I’m the cutest girl in the world” “How should I know?” (・ω・`) (Chichinpuipui!) {Ah~ I want to be cute~r} {I’ll start trying my best to diet tomorrow! For my beloved’s sake} {Because I want to be more precious to you than I am now I want to be loved Stay by my side forever, okay? Oh my darlin’} Twinkle ☆ twinkle, I want to see you right away Hey, say you like me Say you love me “Let me hear your voice” Twinkle ☆ twinkle, my prince [Hey, squeeze me tight and kiss me] “I wonder if I’m the cutest girl in the world” “How should I know?” (・ω・`) {The pink-coloured inside of my head is a field of flowers It’s crowded with people making idiotic jokes***** Dreaming, this seriously “dream cute” girl is in a dreamy state of mind} (In Kamatte-chan’s) {fairytale atmosphere}, (This troubled girl is) {melancholic} (Today as well) {my mind, (you’re skillfully) making me feel like it’s unravelling} Ah, it hurts, hurts, hurts, your wonderland! {This magical girl is already showing terminal symptoms “Good night.” The conclusion is an unhappy end} Twinkle ☆ twinkle, the spell has already been broken [“Hey, isn’t this seriously cruel? Isn’t it impossible?] “Listen to my story” Twinkle ☆ twinkle, a tragic princess [It was painful, but pay attention, because it’s becoming a problem]****** “I wonder if I’m the most pitiful person in the world?” “How should I know?” (・ω・`) (Chichinpuipui!) It’s a fairytale [It was all just a story] {You weren’t the heroine} You’re still happily with your prince, Cinderella-chan chan chan ♪ Notes: *This is apparently a famous spell like “bibbidi bobbidi boo” **, ***, ****, *****, ****** I'm really not sure about these lines at all シンデレラ・シンドローム / SHINDERERA SHINDOROOMU (Chichinpuipui!) [Tsukema NEIRU shite] (Chichinpuipui!) [GARASU no kutsu to DORESU] (Chichinpuipui!) [KIRAKIRA na MEIKU shite] Watashi SHINDERERA datta n da Mattete ne Unmei no kare PIPPI {He n shi n da!!} [Yurufuwa ama~i ichigo miruku-mitai na ai Aa torokechai-sou tabechao] (kyarameru kyarameru) [HAATO ni SHIROPPU ippai DEKOREESHON wa hade ni Choppiri horoku OTONA no aji] (kyarameru kyarameru) {Mata joushikai ryokou kizu name kizuna fukame chou shikai ryoukou ICHIOSHI KAWAII hayari KOSUME kai ni ikou O-hada kanari choushi ga ii byouhou MEROMERO ni MERUTO suru amai MEMORII to MERAMERA to moeagaru JERASHII “Koi ni koishi koi ni ikiru!” Kou koui ni konin gouin ni ikou} Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru watashi na Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru ouji-sama [HORA GYUtte shite kuchizuke shite] “Dare yori sekai ICHI kawaii desho?” Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) (Chichinpuipui!) {A~ kawaiku narita~i} {DAIETTO wa ashita kara ganbaru! DAISUKI na kimi no tame ni} {Ima yori motto itoshitai shi Aisaretai Zutto soba ni ite ne OH MY DARLIN’} Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru ima sugu Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru aitai yo Nee suki tte itte Daisuki tte itte “Koe o kikasete” Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru watashi na Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru ouji-sama [HORA GYUtte shite kuchizuke shite] “Dare yori sekai ICHI kawaii desho?” Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) {Momoiro no nounai wa o-hanabatake o-baka TAWAKE na okata darake Yumemi gachi na “yume kawaii” chan wa yumemigokochi} (Kamatte-chan na) {MERUHENCHIKKU ni} (Komatte-chan wa) {MERANKORIKKU} (Kyou mo) {MENTARU (kyou ni) HERAtteru} A itaitaita ANTA no WANDAARANDO! {Mahoushoujo wa mou makkijoujou “Oyasumi nasai.” Ketsumatsu wa ANHAPPII ENDO} Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru mahou wa Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru mou toketa [Nee MAJI hidoku nai? Arienaku nai?] “Hanashi o kiite” Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru higeki no Touinkuru ☆ touinkuru o-hime-sama [Tsuratan datta n da kamacho jian nanda] “Dare yori sekai ICHI kawaisou desho?” Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) Shirangana (・ω・`) (Chichinpuipui!) Otogibanashi sa [Zenbu yumemonogatari datta n da] {Kimi wa HIROIN ja nakatta} Shiawase ni hanarenakatta SHINDERERA-chan chan chan ♪ Kanji: http://rocklyric.jp/lyric.php?sid=165654/シンデレラ・シンドローム/ヒステリックパニック
  7. So I have previously had this discussion with "JILUKA" winning beating "FIXER" by 72% of the votes. So with their new mini-albums released last month I thought this would be a good time to re-open this discussion. So this one can be view two different ways either you can judge weather "JILUKA" is still better than "FIXER" or you simply judge the mini-albums only. I'll set up the poll so you can't vote for the minis and the bands themselves or just the bands if you prefer. Oh and unrelated but they toured together recently as well which is pretty awesome VS. FIGHT!!!
  8. 会場限定ライヴDVD●第2弾!発売決定! JILUKAの会場限定ライヴDVD第2弾『The Chronostasis -Live abstraction from 160923-』の発売が決定しました。 ●収録内容 〜opening〜 1. ZONE 2. Prisoners 〜drums solo〜 3. Lethal Affliction 4. Lluvia 5. Crossing Fate 〜ending〜 ※2016年9月23日・池袋EDGEで行われた2ndワンマンLIVEにて収録したライヴ映像です。 タイトル:The Chronostasis -Live abstraction from 160923- 形態:LIVE DVD レーベル:DPR JAPAN 品番:DPRJ-BP02 定価:¥3000(税込) 収録時間:約42分 ※2017/1/15恵比寿club aimより販売開始(当日限定特典有) Source: http://www.jiluka-web.com/news
  9. Release of 2 new songs 3rd single was recorded state-of-the-art sound of the FED "ZENITH / NADIR" was decided on December 28! Title: ZENITH / NADIR (Zenith / Nadia) Label: DIZAIN Records Part number: DZRCD-005 JAN: 4948722524878 Form: maxi single CD Price: ¥ 1200 + tax Release Date: 2016 December 28 (Wednesday) Publisher: DIZAIN Records Publisher: Daiki Sound Track: Title To Be Determined (2 songs) http://fareastdizain.com/news/0/32005/
  10. Raddock (ラドック) vs Diement. I geuss in the spirt of reviving Dear Dolce who closed years ago, a friendly battle.
  11. Release of their 1st single 'Another Dimension' will drop on 2016.01.08 / ¥864 (Tax in) -.Tracklist.- 1. Gossip Session 2. Another Dimension 3. Unfair Charisma
  12. Velvet&Vice is more or less a rebirth of the band Apoptosis, reborn with an all new powerful sound. Go give their facebook page a like! https://www.facebook.com/vavbandjp/ Their demo 'Twin Peaks' can be listened to at their audioleaf page http://www.audioleaf.com/velvetandvice/ 2015/12/6(sun) at shinsaibashi VARON Each of the Days,Velvet&Vice presents Fire Walk With Me vol.01 [Each of the Days 2nd Album"REBEL CITY" Prerelease "宣戦布告ツアー2015"] [Velvet&Vice(ex.Apoptosis) First Show] BAND: Each of the Days / Velvet&Vice(ex.Apoptosis) / Hone Your Sense / LOST / GATES OF HOPELESS / The Misery in August / Victim of Deception("The Uprising Desolation"Release Tour) DJ: CUBE(礎) / SPC crew / Shunichi / and more… OPEN/START 17:00/17:30 ADV/DOOR ¥2000/¥2500(+1D¥600) [Ticket info] shinsaibashi VARON: 06-6243-1400 http://osaka-varon.jp/ e-plus: http://eplus.jp/
  13. Kira_Uchiha

    I can't believe there's no thread about them, this band is FREAKING AMAZING! One of the best in their genre *__* Did you guys ever hear about them? What do you think about this band?
  14. Infernal Form is a melodic progressive metalcore band that started their activities in 2008 as a cover band, and switched to making their own stuff in March 2010. They are based in Serbia. They released their first EP shortly after. After their first release, they made a pause to compose and record a new set of songs (and to rearrange some old ones), only to release their first full album named "To All" on October 29th 2014. Currently the guys are working on promoting their first album, but also on composing new songs. Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Youtube Honestly I started getting more and more into metalcore recently, and they're among the best that my country has to offer, so I'm here to share some love ^-^
  15. 1st Buried In Verona - Faceless 2nd I Killed The Prom Queen - Beloved 3rd To Catch A Fox - Dishearten 4th Tell Me A Fairytale - Sleepwalker 5th Killing The Messenger - What Matters Most 6th Ice Nine Kills - The Predator Becomes The Prey 7th For The Fallen Dreams - Heavy Hearts 8th Jamie's Elsewhere - Rebel Revive 9th Architects - Lost Forever//Lost Together 10th Dead By April - Let The World Know 11th Alesana - The Decade 12th Memphis May Fire - Unconditional 13th Benighted - Carnivore Sublime 14th Ready Set Fall - Memento 15th Demon Hunter - Extremist 16th Eskimo Callboy - We Are The Mess 17th Austrian Death Machine - Triple Brutal 18th Chiodos - Devil 19th InDirections - Clockworks 20th Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion 21th Emmure - Eternal Enemies 22th Abandoned By Bears - When Nothing Goes Right Go Left 23th The Unguided - Fragile Immortality 24th Yashin - D.E.A.D 25th Comeback Kid - Die Knowing 26th Behemoth - The Satanist 27th Deceptions - Unheard Voices 28th I Declare War - We Are Violent People By Nature 29th Carnifex - Die Without Hope 30th Caliban - Ghost Empire 31th For Today - Fight The Silence 32th I Drink My Coffee Alone - Winterfrühlingsommerherbst 33th Issues - Issues 34th Artema - Stargazer 35th Above All Nations - Fearless Youth 36th From Alaska - Iceberg 37th Me In A Million - Still In The Balance 38th Akissforjersey - New Bodies 39th Intervals - A Voice Within 40th About An Author - Where The Wild Things Aren't 41th Periphery - Clear 42th Abandon All Ships - Malocchio 43th Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force 44th We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids 45th The Bunny The Bear - Food Chain totally showed my taste this year. will update to top 50 whatever you call me, genericore fan or others, I'm such a person chasing for breakdown, lol.
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