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Found 16 results

  1. Hey, all! It's moving season again and I'm trying to downsize my collection. Shipping from US. If you see anything you'd like, feel free to make an offer [this is slightly time sensitive]. Happy to provide pictures on an individual item if you want or answer any other questions -- my dms are open 12012 - ベルサレム Berusaremu [2nd Press] 12012 - Shudder 12012 - 深 ~deep~ Shin Deep [2nd Press] Alice Nine - Mirror Ball [Regular] Alice Nine - 華 Hana [Limited Edition A w/ DVD] Alice Nine - TSUBASA. [w/ PV DVD] Alice Nine - Complete Collection 2006-2009 Alice Nine - Vandalize [Nice Limited Edition] ALSDEAD - Paradox And アンド - Gang 5 [w/ DVD Limited Edition] And アンド - 兇Kyo [w/ DVD Limited Edition] Babylon - 繭空の下は孤独と空白 Babylon - 不死蝶~CLAN GENEⅡ~ Baelscope - Borderless Impact Balloons - 9:40PM D - 桜花咲きそめにけり Dali - Inkblot DELUHI - FLASH:B[L]ACK [CD+DVD] DELUHI - Orion Once Again [2nd Press] DELUHI - Revolver Blast [CD+DVD] DELUHI - MAHADEVA DELUHI - JAGANNATH [CD+DVD] DELUHI - VISVASRIT Dir En Grey - 脈 Myaku [w/ Photo Cards] Dolly - -tricolor opera- 鬱雪ドロップ Ussetsu Drop [CD + DVD] Due Le Quartz - Re:plica Exist Trace - Vanguard Exist Trace - Ambivalent Symphonie the GazettE - 犯行声明文 Hankou Seimeibun [2nd press] the GazettE - SHIVER -Auditory Impression- the GazettE - Live DVD Tour 09 - Dim Scene - Final At Saitama Super Arena [Limited Edition] the GazettE - Film Bug II [CD+DVD] ギルティア Giltia - Clown [CD+DVD] Girugamesh - BORDER [Type B w/ 80min US/EU Tour Documentary DVD] Juliette ジュリエット - STARlighT☆WORLD Juliette ジュリエット - シャドーリィ・ベートーヴェンのユメ調べ LIN 凛 -The End Of Corruption World- - As if Forever Exists [TYPE C] Matenrou Opera - Anomie [Limited Edition CD+DVD w/ first press bonus DVD] Maximum The Hormone - ロッキンポ殺し Rokkinpo Goroshi Miyavi - Fan's Best Miyavi - Miyavizm Nightmare - Anima [CD + DVD] Nightmare - Majestical Parade [CD+DVD / limited edition Large Photobook Package] Nightmare - Lost in Blue [CD+DVD Lost In Blue PV] Nightmare - Killer in Show [CD+DVD] NIghtmare - 10th anniversary special act vol.1 GIANIZM [3x DVD + 2x CD + Tour Badge/Lanyard] Nightmare - Rem [CD+DVD] Onymouza 陰陽座 - Chimimouryou Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Maou Taiten Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Inyou Shugyoku [2x CD] Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Kokui no Tennyo (黒衣の天女) Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Fuuin Kairan Onmyouza 陰陽座 - Soukoku/Doukoku spiv states - novelty hunter [CD + DVD] Versailles - Jubilee [Limited Edition w/ DVD] Versailles - Prince & Princess [Regular Edition] Versailles - Prince & Princess [Jasmine You Type] Versailles - Prince & Princess [Yuki Type] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Regular Edition] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type A w/ DVD] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type B w/ DVD] Versailles - ASCENDEAD MASTER [Type C w/ DVD] Versailles - Chateau de Versailles [2x DVD] Versailles - History of the Other Side [2x DVD] Vidoll - Puzzle Ring [CD+DVD] Viored - [Created Perfect New Vision] -Taste Of Heartless-
  2. 4/1/2020: Hey guys, after doing some research and taking pictures as well as organizing ALL my CDs. I finally put together a spreadsheet and a Google Drive with pictures to everything I'm selling! Pictures of Raphael merch remain in the image alone. Important things to note is that the magazines are no longer for sale and that I have lowered the prices on everything. I'm hoping to downsize on all of this stuff and find it a good home. Autographed CDs are first two images in the Google Drive. I'm open to negotiation about prices, shipping, and discounts if buying certain/multiple items. Oh, I also have some anime merch here I'm trying to get rid of too if anyone's interested. Gintama, anyone? Visual Kei CD Spreadsheet Google Drive w/pictures of stock Autographed CDs are first two images in the Google Drive. Bands -Golden Bomber -UNiTE. -DIAURA -Hana shounen Baddies -Arlequin -DoginThePWO -The Kiddie -Sex-Android -Plastic Tree -ZORO -Alice Nine (A9) -Solpha -DyIng messagE -L&Ds -Canzel -Sid (and one AKi CD) -Raphael (VHS/Photobooks) -VAMPS Payment & Information I'll take payment via PayPal only. Buyer will always pay shipping unless buying a large amount of items or an autographed CD. Also something to note is that I live in Indiana (midwest USA). Keep this in mind seeing as this will affect how much shipping will cost. Comment below or message me if you're interested in purchasing anything! EDIT as of 4/1/2020: If buying an autographed CD. Shipping is free. Cheers! --- Raphael Merch
  3. Hey bought this stuff years ago when I was heavily into the gazette, I'm currently selling it on ebay. If anyone is interested. Its in great condition considering its 13 years old. https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/123800200473?ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2F0%2F0%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.co.uk%252Fulk%252Fitm%252F123800200473%26rvr_id%3D0%26rvr_ts%3D60bd293e16b0a9cd9fa08a40ffe3882c
  4. Hello everyone, I am a student and I am about to make a research on Visual kei, and for that I am looking for magazines, as many as possible, or even CDs containing interviews/making-of etc. What I need is textual material about Visual kei: it can be Vk members talking about their band, themselves and their work AND japanese (or why not foreign) articles about Vk. If you have an old collection to get rid off, please contact me ! (The best for me would be to have magazines published in various years, in order to get a broad perception, but not to get 20 magazines of the year 2005, or 20 magazines on the same band for example). Also, if you have any contact or bloggers/whatever you know that could help me / sell me stuff, please reply as well! Thank you!
  5. I have been sitting on some CDs and DVDs that I don't listen to or need anymore. They're probably worth something more to other people, so I'm ready to let them go. I honestly don't know what these are worth, so I'm not going to put any prices on anything. If there's something you're interested in, field me a price and we'll talk. Unless noted, everything is in very good shape with obi's and has been sitting in a box for years. If you want pictures of anything, I'm more than willing to provide them. Also, if you want rips of anything on this list, I would also be willing to provide them. This is also a work in progress, so I'll periodically be updating this. —MUSIC— # 12012 – CROM DVD B BLOOD – VENGEANCE for BLOOD 2 the bullet – my pain (limited w/DVD) the bullet – Last quarter (limited w/DVD) – top of case is broken C Coaltar of the Deepers – Penguin e.p D ダリ(dali) – antithesis ダリ (dali) – monophbia ダリ (dali) – inartistic ダリ (dali) – breath ダリ (dali) – core – w/comment/karaoke CD ダリ (dali) – funeral dessin (A Type) ダリ (dali) – funeral dessin (B Type) ダリ (dali) – beautiful dessin ダリ (dali) – the world is mine (Type A) ダリ (dali) – the world is mine (Type B ) ダリ (dali) – Heroine ダリ (dali) – a rope is there and hope is there (Type A) ダリ (dali) – a rope is there and hope is there (Type B ) ダリ (dali) – mind stripper DELUHI – ヴィジュバスリット -VISVASRIT- – w/comment CD DELUHI – マハーデーヴァ -MAHADEVA- – w/comment CD DELUHI – ジャガンナータ -JAGANNATH- – w/comment CD DELUHI – Orion once again (2nd press) DELUHI – FLASH:B[L]ACK – w/Brand X DVD DELUHI – Yggdalive – w/Brand X DVD Dir en grey – Agitated Screams of Maggots (regular) Dir en grey – DRAIN AWAY – case is a little scratched Dir en grey – The Final – case is a little scratched G ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 理性壊乱-乱調型円盤- (Risei Kairan -Ranchou Gata Enban-) ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 本能解放-覚醒型円盤- (Honnou Kaihou -Kakusei Gata Enban-) ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 零-ゼロ- (rei-zero-) ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) – 13's reborn girugamesh – girugamesh US ver. – case is a little scratched gossip – obscene gossip – Newborn – w/comment page H hurts – 包帯天使-head ache- (houtai tenshi-head ache-) – w/comment sheet K 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) – 愚弄色 (Guroshoku) 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) – 落首 (limited edition) (Rakushu) N Nadir – 二人 で 見た 日々(ni nin de mita hibi) Nadir – spoonful P PuppetMammy – 心情色彩集 (shinjou shikisaishuu) S サディ (Sadie) – 溺哀-dekiai- サディ (Sadie) – GRUDGE OF SORROW サディ (Sadie) – THE SUICIDE MACHINE 1st press サディ (Sadie) – The Trend Killer SCISSOR – NUMBER CUT #2 SCISSOR – NUMBER CUT #3 SCISSOR – 館~Tour Final~ LIVE at LIQUIDROOM ebisu 2005.06.07 DVD SCISSOR – FINAL CUT 2005.11.30 SHIBUYA O-West DVD SCISSOR – FAREWELL Siva – 供華絢爛記 (kyou hana kenranki) Siva – 下の刻 (shita no koku) Suicide Ali – This New Order Suicide Ali – Representa – sealed with photo card Suicide Ali – 受継がれた指輪 (Uketsugareta Yubiwa) – sealed Suicide Ali – さらう笛と約束 (sarau fue to yakusoku) – sealed U UnsraW – -9- UnsraW – Gate of Death UnsraW – Spiral Circle (Type A) – w/comment CD UnsraW – Spiral Circle (Type B ) – w/comment CD UnsraW – Dust to Dust – super rare mail-in CD UnsraW – Abel V/A Omnibus – SHOCK WAVE CD the SELECT [D'espairsRay, ドレミ團 (Doremidan), MASK, カレン (Kalen), アンティック珈琲店 (An Cafe), Clavier, SCISSOR, Phantasmagoria, アヤビエ (Ayabie), KuRt, 12012, ヴィドール (Vidoll) Omnibus – Visual-DVD Magazine Volume 2 [姫苺 (hime ichigo), chariots, SMILE, SuG, SaTaN, MixSpeakers, Inc. Mana's Not Dead, Moi dix Mois] Omnibus – Visual-DVD Magazine Volume 3 [ヴィドール (Vidoll)), Kaya, 摩天楼オペラ(Matenrou Opera), Sugar, ネガ(Nega), lynch. Ra:IN] —OTHERS— BLOOD armband – 2 available DELUHI cheki case, sticker sheet, phone strap, towel, and t-shirt (M size) – never worn or used DELUHI yggdalive photo set サディ (Sadie) Tour Towel – Tour Grudge of Sorrow
  6. Hi! I reopened my selling journal http://jishuban.livejournal.com ! Shipping from Germany. Prices are negotiable. I have 100+ different flyers and many more not uploaded ( so if you are looking for a specific band it would be good to ask if I still have other flyer than already listed) Also selling CDs like THE BLACK SWAN - I SOLATION (photo coming soon) and more Signed photos, magazines, cheki.... just check my journal I would prefer a message here, but if you want to comment or message me at Livejournal, feel free to do that EDIT: Selling 2 Nocturnal Bloodlust flyer (not listed in my Journal)
  7. *Won't be able to ship out for a month or two! Currently in process of moving. Offers still available, but postponed for a little while Hello, all. I've had a sales post up on LiveJournal for a while now, but I am moving in about 10 days* and thought I'd reach out to some different sites. This being said, I have lowered a lot of my prices in hopes that I can get as much sold as possible in the coming week. Click the name of the item for a full imgur gallery to see booklet/item quality/cards/extras/etc. I ship from Las Vegas, United States and have rep on my original LiveJournal post. Paypal only, you pay shipping. CD's Alice Nine - Complete Collection 2006-2009 [ $6 ] Alice Nine - Hana (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type-A) [ $5 ] Alice Nine - Tsubasa. (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type-A) [ $5 ] Alice Nine - Mirror Ball (Regular Edition) [ $3 ] ALSDEAD - PARADOX [ $4 ] And -Eccentric Agent- - Kyo (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type-A) [ $7 ] And -Eccentric Agent- - Gang 5 (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $7 ] Babylon - Mayuzora no Shita wa Kodoku to Kuuhaku [ $2 ] Babylon - Fushichou ~CLAN GENE II~ [ $4 ] Babylon - GLAMOROUS 9 Call (Limited Edition) [ $2 ] SOLD BAELSCOPE - Borderless Impact (Limited Release) [ $4 ] D - Ouka Saki Some ni Keri (Regular Edition) [ $3 ] DaizyStripper - Truth [ $4 ] SOLD Dali - Inkblot (Limited Release) [ $3 ] DELUHI - Yggdalive [ $10 ] SOLD DELUHI - Flash:B[l]ack (Limited Edition) [ $10 ] DELUHI - Orion Once Again -2nd Press- (Limited Edition) [ $6 ] DELUHI - Revolver Blast (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $10 ] DELUHI - Frontier (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $8 ] DELUHI - The Farthest (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $ 8 ] DELUHI - Departure (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $8 ] DELUHI - Visvasrit (Limited Edition) [ $8 ] DELUHI - Mahadeva (Limited Edition) [ $8 ] DELUHI - Jagannath (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $10 ] Dolly - ~tricolor opera~ Ussetsu Drop (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $4 ] exist†trace - Ambivalence Symphonye (w/ DVD) [ $10 ] exist†trace - Vanguard [ $8 ] the GazettE - Hankou Seimeibun (2nd Press) [ $8 ] the GazettE - Shiver (Regular Edition) [ $6 ] Gilltia - Clown (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $4 ] Girugamesh - Border (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $8 ] Juliette - Shadoori Beethoven no Yume (Limited Release) [ $5 ] Juliette - STARlighT WORLD (-Star Type- Limited Edition) [ $ 5 ] Matenrou Opera - ANOMIE (w/ 2x DVD Limited Edition) [ $24 ] Miyavi - Fan's Best [ $8 ] Miyavi - Miyavizm (Regular Edition) [ $8 ] MYTH - Relate (Limited Edition) [ $1 ] SOLD Nightmare - Killer Show (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $13 ] Nightmare - Rem_ (w/ DVD "Rem_" PV Limited Edition) [ $6 ] Nightmare - Lost in Blue (w/ DVD "Lost In Blue" PV Limited Edition) [ $6 ] Nightmare - Majestical Parade (w/ Photo Booklet + DVD "Can you do it?" PV Limited Edition) [ $13 ] Onmyouza - Fuin Kairin [ $6 ] Onmyouza - Kokui no Tennyo [ $4 ] Onmyouza - Inyou Shugyoku [Regular Edition] [ $14 ] Onmyouza - Maou Taiten [ $6 ] Onmyouza - Chimimouryou [ $6 ] Onmyouza - Soukoku / Doukoku [ $4 ] Phantasmagoria - Seeds of Brain (Limited Release) [ $5 ] Rin/Lin -the end of corruption world- - As If Forever Exists. (Regular Edition Type C) [ $7 ] Spiv States - Novelty Hunter (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $8 ] Vanliotto - Solitude / Mistake (Limited Edition) [ $1 ] SOLD Vamps - Vamps (U.S. Edition) [ $3 ] SOLD Versailles - Jubilee -Method of Inheritance- (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $20 ] Versailles - Noble (U.S. Edition CD + DVD) [ $6 ] SOLD Versailles - Princes & Princess (Regular Edition) [ $8 ] Versailles - Prince & Princess (Teru Type Limited Edition) [ $20 ] Versailles - Prince & Princess (Jasmine You Type Limited Edition) [ $8 ] Versailles - Prince & Princess (Yuki Type Limited Edition) [ $8 ] Versailles - Ascendead Master (Regular Edition) [ $6 ] Versailles - Ascendead Master (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type I) [ $8 ] Verasilles - Ascendead Master (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type II) [ $8 ] Versailles - Ascendead Master (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type III) [ $8 ] Vidoll - Puzzle Ring (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [ $6 ] Viored - [Created perfect new vision]-Taste of Heartless- [ $3 ] Vivid - Across The Border (w/ DVD Limited Edition Type-A) [ $8 ] SOLD DVD's Juliette - Jewel Baby Stars (Limited Release) [ $2 ] SOLD the GazettE - Film Bug II [ $15 ] the GazettE - Dim Scene - Final At Saitama Super Arena (Limited Edition) [ $40 ] Versailles - Chateau de Versailles [ $30 ] Versailles - History of the Other Side [ $24 ] Nightmare - 10th Anniversary Special Act vol. 1 GIANIZM -Tenma Fukumetsu- (Limited Edition) [ $40 ] Negotiation is welcome..
  8. HI People of Monochrome-Heaven! my dear friend Daniela Aiko ( https://www.facebook.com/Ojamajo.Aiko?fref=ts ) she has decided to sell all his stuff of visual-kei band, she really has a lot of stuff.. she sent me some pictures but if you want something specific about a particular band, just ask! PRICES : Little Magazines (Popunited, Gab etc.) = 1€ Medium Magazines (VR, Zealink) = 3€ Big Magazines (Shoxx, Stuppy, Cure) = 5€ | | V
  9. Pic here CLICK!! DIM 1st CD+DVD+Modern Pirates strap, limited box edition, super rare * Buy Paypal. And THB Only!! * All of stuff include Paypal fees in price 15,702 THB * Free Shipping from Thailand * E-mail :: [email protected]
  10. Hi everyone! I am selling a lot of An Cafe stuff like CDs and magazines. I have this website-> https://ancafecds.wordpress.com with prices and things like that. Everything is listed that I'm selling and prices are beside of the item. Please feel free to ask any questions to @HailSeffy on Twitter or through my email which is [email protected] I'm willing to negotiate if you buy more than one item on prices. I can combine shipping until the item reaches a pound, then USPS charges more $6 shipping within the USA $10 anywhere else! Thanks for looking I accept PayPal only!
  11. Hello! I'm selling some flyers, please have a look! - 0,50€ + shipping - Shipping from Finland - Payment via Paypal (€) - Feel free to ask better photos etc. - First picture is random extras what you get free if you buy something Flyers are in random arrangement in pictures, sorry for that! A ace aim AvelCain and -eccentric agent- Byakura bellcube calmandoqual chariots chaos system capella cu[be] D'Lore dog in the pwo diement duel jewel dolly dear bitch deluhi exist trace em grief grieva ganglion gotcharocka himemani k jaguary kisaki project KITIKU IKKA liv'ert l lotus signal Megaromania magistina saga misaruka monolith nocturnal bloodlust paradeis random (lycaon, r-shitei) random (megaromania, lycaon, Velvet) riddick RENS Sadie saintia suzaku synkyet the dude the gladrow thomas tokami velgreed xxx is dead yoshinori sugimoto 0801 209336
  12. After well over a year's worth of work, I'd like to present to you all: RarezHut! This is one of the first international store for used visual kei music. Myself, along with my two associates, have been working hard to deliver a store to meet the needs of the international visual kei community, offering a wide selection of products at a reasonable cost. At the moment, RarezHut has over 600 items for sale, each of which includes a listenable/watchable sample! We've got a total inventory of well over 2000 items and will be working hard over the coming months to deliver updates(at least once a month) with as many items as we can stuff in there. Currently available are a multitude of CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes and VHS spanning over 200 bands. Features of the store include: "Fuzzy search" system: when you search for a band, it'll pull up any other items available by bands with members from the band you searched for in addition. Listenable/watchable samples for every item to give you a little idea of what to look forward to. Newsletter: If you create an account, you can opt-in for our newsletter which details all of the recent additions and will be sent out the moment they're added to the site, allowing you to get first dibs on any new goodies! Remember: once they're gone, they're gone for good~ Digital copies: along with any cassette/VHS purchases, we offer high-quality digital copies free-of-charge. We realize that not everyone has the means to play these aging formats, but we aim not to let that get in the way of you being able to enjoy them! In an effort to make sure that buying goes smoothly, all items added will have the digital copies ready before addition so that packages can be shipped out on the next business day. Thanks for taking the time to look at this and we sincerely hope you enjoy the store(and whatever goodies you buy from it )! Given the small nature of the visual kei community, we rely on word-of-mouth for most of our advertising, so any friends you can tell about the store will help us immensely <3 If you've got any questions/comments/feedback, feel free to post them here or send me a PM and I'll try to reply ASAP~ Update 3/13/2015 So we've finally joined the 21st century and started a facebook and tumblr! You can follow us on either(or both if you really love us <3) for product spotlights, updates, corgi pictures and more! To celebrate this, we're running a special 10% off sale from now(3/13) until next week Friday(3/20). To get in on this sale, just enter the code SOCIALSALE10 at checkout and you'll be on your way to (even) cheaper rarez in no time! In addition, I'd like to welcome Rob(robkun) to the RarezHut team! He's been a huge supporter of our store since the very beginning and we're honored to have him as part of the staff! He'll be writing the product spotlights on both our facebook and tumblr pages, so definitely go check them out because they're really awesome
  13. Hikari Yoshida

    STILL AVAILABLE! Hello I want to offer you the whole discography of Signal, I sell it just as a discography! If anyone is interested, please contact me on email: [email protected] , I shall probably not answer here as I'm not here so often, thanx! Price: 80 euros + shipping
  14. • Shipping: worldwide, from France (ask for price). • Payment: Paypal. • Prices are negotiable. Sex Pot Revenge pants size M 35€ http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/23/1370704061-img-20130405-154245.jpg 12012 - Play Dolls [Type A] 20€ 12012 - Play Dolls [Type B] 20€ 12012 - Heart [Type A] 10€ 12012 - Pistol 10€ 2 Bullet - Assassi-nation 10€ abingdon boys school - INNOCENT SORROW 6€ abingdon boys school - JAP 10€ access - Doubt & Trust 6€ Akihabara Denno Romeo - Extended type-D 10€ alice nine. - Zekkeishoku 15€ Alsdead - Violet Of Reason SOLD OUT Alsdead - S.a.g.A SOLD OUT Alsdead - Paradox SOLD OUT Alsdead - Distrust SOLD OUT Alsdead - Alsdead SOLD OUT Amber Bullet - soreha ... hangyaku to iu mei no ame 10€ amber gris - Shoujo no Cuore 10€ amber gris - Franny wa Gokigennaname/an Fade SOLD OUT ANGELSPIT - HIDEOUS AND PERFECT 5€ ANIMETAL - ANIMETAL MARATHON II 25€ AZALEA - Mousou ni shisu 15€ Baelscope - sealed of ~72~ extrication 10€ Baggy-Bogy - Higenjitsu insect/Kenjou straight 10€ Bergerac - [code:abstract data type] 12€ BLOOD - BLOOD DOMESTIC vers. 12€ Buck-Tick - Hurry up mode 15€ By-Sexual - Cracker 15€ By-Sexual - Sexuality 15€ Chii Sakurabi - Mirage 10€ Compilation - Darkest Labyrinth Vol.2 10€ Compilation - Explosion Showcase 20€ Compilation - High Style Paradox II 10€ Compilation - Neo Voltage 15€ Compilation - pupa (Heartless & MEZE) SOLD OUT Compilation - Starwave Records 10€ D-SHADE - Dear 10€ D-SHADE - True 15€ Dali - Tricolor Crawl [Type A] 10€ Dark Schneider - See you Again 5€ Dark Schneider - Blood sucker 5€ Dio - distraught overlord - Heaven's Call 15€ Eliphas Levi - Rideru no Akai Makimono 10€ Frantic Emiry - World End 10€ Gackt - Saikai ~Story~ 10€ GaGaalinG - Royal Stranger 10€ GAIN01 - route of ALIVE 10€ Ghost - Akai Kumo 15€ Girugämesh - 13's reborn SOLD OUT Girugämesh - Girugämesh 10€ Girugämesh - music SOLD OUT Girugämesh - NOW 10€ Girugämesh - GO 10€ Gothique Prince Ken - Phoenix 10€ GRANRODEO - Doukoku no Ame 10€ HITT - kakkotsuke man 5€ HITT - I love HITTERS 2.0 5€ Iruma Rioka - IRUMA 10€ Janne Da Arc - D.N.A 10€ Janne Da Arc - [Z-HARD] 15€ Janne Da Arc - RED ZONE / seal 10€ Janne Da Arc - GAIA 15€ Janne Da Arc - another singles 10€ Janne Da Arc - ARCADIA 10€ közi - KINEMA & KHAOS SOLD OUT Kibouya Honpo - kibou no susume 15€ Kiryu - Ryuujoukoshi-nisenkyuu Nen Juuni Gatsu Nanoka Shibuya O-west Tandoku Kouen- 80€ Kisaki & kansai kizoku - HYSTERIC DANCE 10€ Kneuklid Romance - -Phantom~phantom of the 10th year- 50€ L'Arc~en~Ciel - HEAVEN'S DRIVE 5€ Lamia Cross - Show Time 5€ Lamia Cross - Evil Geisha Rock 5€ Lix - Noah 10€ Lix - Seimei no Shuen 10€ Lix - SICKS RAIN SOLD OUT Lotman - UNTITLE 10€ Lucifer - carnation crime 10€ LUNA SEA - IMAGE 15€ Luzmelt - Luz-destination (dédicacé) 15€ Megaromania - Bishuu no kajitsu 10€ Megaromania - Birth of an [idea] 20€ Megaromania - Oblivious 30€ Megaromania - Aurora -destinies of world- [Type A] 12€ MEZE - JAIL SOLD OUT NéiL - Misery 10€ Nega - The Faded Film of a Japanese Sadness 25€ Nega - hole 20€ Nega - ReBirth Under the Chaos 25€ Nega - reminiscence [Type B] 16€ Nega - Haunted Jealousy [Type B] 15€ Nega - Grave of the Sacrifice [Type A] SOLD OUT Nega - Grave of the Sacrifice [Type B] 27€ Noir du Soleil - -INTO THE SKY- 5€ PENICILLIN - Ultimate Velocity 10€ Pierrot - MYCLOUD 10€ Pierrot - Pandora no Hako SOLD OUT Pierrot - Private Enemy 15€ RENTRER EN SOI - the bottom of chaos 10€ SOLD OUT Satsuki - moon spiral 40€ SHAZNA - Raspberry Time 10€ SHAZNA - Promise Eve 10€ SHAZNA - GOLD SUN AND SILVER MOON 15€ SHAZNA - GOLD SUN AND SILVER MOON 15€ SHAZNA - Pure Hearts 15€ Sleep My Dear - SHAPE 10€ Sleep My Dear - Dear & Hate 10€ Sleep My Dear - MIRAGE 10€ Soroban - Geki irodori chappuru 10€ Spectrum-X - Tea Party with Zombies 10€ STRAWBERRY FIELDS - DANCERAMA 10€ SUICIDE ALI - Sarau Fue to Yakusoku 12€ THE DEAD POP STARS - D.P.S 15€ THE DEAD POP STARS - HEART BREAK BANDITS 15€ V-last. - A-live 12€ V-last. - Red Rabbit 12€ V-last. - Chuudokusei Gutter noise 12€ V-last. - Taisho Nenrei 15-Sai Miman [Type-A] 10€ V-last. - Taisho Nenrei 15-Sai Miman [Type-B] 10€ V-last. - L-GAME [Type A] 10€ V-last. - L-GAME [Type B] 10€ V-last. - P☆L☆A☆S☆M☆A [Type A] 10€ V-last. - P☆L☆A☆S☆M☆A [Type B] 10€ Valluna - Complete (Limité à 500 exemplaires) SOLD OUT Vidoll - Very Important Doll [Type A] 20€ Wizard - CORE 10€ XodiacK - Shinra Bansho -Setsuri- 10€ Zi:kill - Desert Town 10€ zilch - 321 10€ Zoro - APOLLO 10€ Zoro - Lost Technology 10€ Zoro - COSMO -Stainless Music- [Limited Edition] 20€
  15. Hey, So I have no idea how to do this and if someone could help me out, that would be great. I am currently looking to sell the following games for PSP that I no longer want/play. They are in good condition, playable, come with game box and game booklet. Dissidia Final Fantasy (2009) Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 [duodecim] (2011) (Comes with Limited Edition Cosmos Cover) Bleach Heat The Soul 5 JPN Bleach Soul Carnival JPN I'm willing to negotiate on the price but the range is from $15-35 each
  16. Hey guys, I have tons of stuff at my house and I have to move. Let me know if you are interested in any of those! (Ill keep updating!) I only accept paypal, and Im in U.S, so the shipping might a lil expensive, but Im selling cheap price for CDs. We can negotiate the price too Enjoyyy and thxx!! P.S if you wanna me post the pic let me know! Studs the studs $24 the studs and hate (CD+DVD) $36 スパイダーネスト/闇のち雨 $16 gaze $16 蜉蝣(Kagerou) 黒旗 (kurohata) its made in EURO $10 腐った海で溺れかけている僕を救ってくれた君 (Kusatta Umi de Oborekakateiru Boku wo Sukutte Kureta Kimi) I have three versions of this single, each one is $16 XII Dizzy $16 DIR EN GREY The marrow of a bone $8 Heidi レム (Rem) $10 Viored (バイオレット) Viored (last CD) CD+DVD $26 DELUHI JAGANNATH (CD+DVD) $17 Surveillance $18 HURTS Best Album of HURTS SIVA demolish $12 COPY $ 30 wrong of justice $17 A&D quill $12
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