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  1. Here I am back again, thank you for the translation! Till this day I haven't heard the song, I had to go back to under my rock again. I always wanted a song with japanese lyrics by them and this is the one I get. Hope it sounds good. Aaand here it is: ... I think I like it D: I feel conflicted - as usual with most of their songs...
  2. I came back to say that just now I discovered that Nocturnal Bloodlust have a song called "macho of the world" and there I was hoping to see the lyrics since they are usually in english but this one is in japanese. Damn Someone, anyone know where I can find the translation for this? Or know if it is as precious as I think it is? Also, I'm always excited to hear they singing in japanese, can't wait to listen to the song. It's from august... I've been living under a rock this year because I had no internet conection at home nor time at work to do non-worky things, and it finally came back some days ago, there's another reason I'm back and hopefully to stay, oh, also, I'm finishing college this year, hooray. I'll be back to my precious music listening habits hopefully. I google macho of the world (without specifying the band's name since the title sounded pretty exclusive to them) at work and a bunch of gay porn showd up. Hello again to all. And nice to meet you all again, I suppose I'm not very known here.
  3. len

    I'm really liking the new album, they seem to be mixing their old style with the new, bringing the old stuff I missed so much back...
  4. len

    I thought I was, I was searching for a lot of different bands but they all sounded kind of generic and didn't have much to make me hooked, so I decided to look more into genres i didn't know yet, but I missed vk, since I came back to Monochrome Heaven I found many good ones, some of them are: deviloof, keel, xaa-xaa, archemi, purple stone, otomekokka, avanchick, rave, jiluka, fixer, zigzag, and so on...
  5. len

    Once a friend of mine told me that I look like a lil vampire monkey
  6. len

    Plastic Tree
  7. len

  8. len

  9. len

    No. If you could go back in time would you kill baby Hitler?
  10. len

    It was already said but I think it deserves to be said more often: I can't stand Babymetal. I don't usually hate on bands so I feel a little guilty for saying this... But gosh how I hate them. I think it's a shame they mix the pop thing because the instrumentals alone are good. Also Kiryu fans saying they wish there was more bands like that but when there is some people complain they are ripping Kiryu...
  11. This one is so exciting!
  12. len

    @PsychoΔelica whyyy? He's so adorable D: 5~
  13. len

    lol that's Ryutaro 8
  14. len

    Hello, I couldn't find information on this band anywhere, does anyone know them? http://otomekokka.org/ Should I upload their single, Mikuni No Tame Ni (「御国の為に」) in case anyone gets interested? Am I doing something wrong?
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