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  1. This isn't a thing only related to psychopathology. The problem isn't about having depression or suicidal thoughts, but keeping alive a culture of abuse within the industry, pontentially fueled by the whole sacrificial Japanese working culture, with its devotional hierarchy aspects and so on... So mental health issues should be a normal response of anybody previously involved into that sadism of an enviroment. Said.
  2. saiko

    This Japanese neurosis of being so concerned about obeying or not the rules to the extent of not reaching the sleep amazes me even to this day.
  3. saiko

    Will always stan this song and the minialbum where it is!
  4. saiko

    I don't know where to start thanking you... 😭
  5. Does anybody knows who is the owner of Speed-Disk? Is it Yukika?

    1. IGM_Oficial
    2. Himeaimichu


      Yukika from Etcetera or some other Yukika? I imagine there is probably more than one dude named Yukika

  6. Could someone upload stuff from Mask and/or Cynical Biscuit where Aoi has been involved before forming ayabie? Credits to the musical and lyrical composers of said stuff are very welcome, too!


    I'm not looking for entire discographies and/or .flac files. Just a couple of songs of quality decent enough to make it possible for me to pay attention to arrangements and suchs in the most clear way.


    I'm wanting to write some kind of "insightful" analysis from Ryouhei-era ayabie, as a first attempt to give shape to a series of analysis of some VK bands I've been into since my entrance in the fandom.


    Any material is welcome!


    Since quarintine became a thing, some Japanese fellows on Youtube have been ripping and uploading a lot of VHS/DVD VK stuff they had collected. This user in particular shared the entire videography of Eins:Vier, and now this PV from a band I didn't know from its existence, but hey, what a great song! It sounds like your typical mid 90s underground VK artist in the claustrophobic post-punk line of Zi:Kill/Kuroyume, but those arrangements! Very inspired for a bunch of indie bandoman! Perhaps they could have done great stuff if they continued to work on together...

    1. Arkady


      Interesting music. The uploader did mispelled the romanization the band real name though, it should be Agnus∻Dei.

    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Agnus Dei was one of the lesser known Key Party bands out there, but they really had some nice potential. Their Valse album was good but their demos are some of my favorites, it's a shame they never took off.

  8. Can you suggest names of VK bands that were growing up a following quite notably just before suddenly disbanding? I can think of Charlotte (しゃるろっと for the snobs).

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    2. Rahzel


      @nekkichi yea just guessing here based on that, I don't speak japanese well enough to know actual reactions to bands in Japan aside from subbed stuff so t'was kinda "ohh?" to me as I thought they were popular based on, uh, western internet (which doesn't always equal homeland Very Successful). But again lol shocked I am to know D'espairsRay only went major in 2011 (just found out they disbanded IN 2011 ?? Thats a lot.) bc they were very internet-relevant in early-mid 2000s (the fact that I wasn't In VK Fandom and remember the name says a lot.) and it's kinda how I feel about Sadie too, I think they lasted quite a bit (indeed they landed generic anime #178's ending and one of Togainu no Chi's 12 ending songs, of which even back in 2010 they were one of the few acts I had actually heard of so... typical kinda-successful late 2000s vk act?) 

    3. nekkichi



      d'espairs ray were major since 2004, they got signed by universal before they dropped the visuals.

    4. Axius


      @Chell Glad to help 👍

      Sadie grew in popularity at around 2008-2009 honestly. I mostly like there 2009-2010 era they reallyy came together then.


      I dont know much about D'espairsRay i know they were popular overall. I also like that release NUL. made. Thats D'espairsRay's vocalist's band he is in right now so i think i should check them out haha 😅Glad this was a suggestion. 


  9. @suji Basic Japanese Copyright laws...
  10. saiko

    I felt attacked, Dir hasn't any genre, Google ban that kid !!!1
  11. saiko

    This should make us rethink a lot of things...
  12. saiko

    Definitely sounds like the dream of any hardcore fan out there. I approve.
  13. saiko

    When does that happen?

    Another proof that even pros fail miserably sometimes.


    And I've always thought Kaoru's nervousness at 98' Budokan was an exception...


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    2. Himeaimichu


      Gladly it didn't fuck up the giant record deal they had at the time lol. Else they would've suffered the same fate as BODY

    3. saiko


      What happened to Body?

    4. Himeaimichu


      IDK exactly but something caused them to break up after like 3 concerts, even though they were supposed to make big money from their record deal lol

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