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  1. Rahzel

    So I'm back home, my dad is in a bad mood bc he's forcing himself to try and organize his own mess, meanwhile I'm here all ~*minimalistic*~ ~*less is more*~ ~*conscious consumerism*~ trying to share the wonders and he doesn't listen So I start buying a lot of shit weeb merch to make the sanctuary I call my bedroom even more crowded and just. try and forget that the world exists Dear Lord when will I be able to move out? Why wasn't I born in a middle class family where kids take having a bedroom full of lame posters for granted? thx
  2. Rahzel

    So I'm surfing this local 'ebay' looking at things that I obviously can't buy and then I find the store of some random dude who seems to share my passion for bjd, japanese rock/idols and shit animu? "really cool, maybe I could buy from here bc at least I can save up on shipping" I thought, so I start scrolling and now I am.. intrigued by this combo of expensive brand clothes/luxury goods, bondage statue from gay anime and Yamamoto Linda CD. Atsushi Sakurai is that u? (honestly though, TASTE.)
  3. Rahzel

    Honestly though. This is 1/4 of a legit Brazilian Hawaiian Japanese Poke bowl dish and actually tastes good 👀 (Plus some Extra Spicy Curry powder from some instant ramen I threw away ? chefs kiss ) Restaurants ... missing u
  4. Rahzel

    Certainly japanese food though I only liked tenpura/kakiage and kani (and Hana no kuchizuke does it count??) and hated most of it for ages. Then I started working at a place which only had 1 restaurant really close by, which happened to be a traditional Japanese food parlor ... I'm lazy and didn't wanna walk for ten minutes just to grab food and that's how I ended up like this. (When I say "I didn't choose the weeb life" ...) I was often just grabbing an onigiri or plain bento with sashimi and gyoza etc and mochi, jelly candy or (a very missed) dorayaki (and THE ANPAN !! ALSO MISS ;_; ) for desserts but ALL of it was so well-prepared I started seeking Japanese food parlors everywhere lol. (Unfortunately most did not beat that small restaurant ;_; ) started a course near a very good restaurant just before the pandemic (and ate the HUGEST tonkatsu on the first day k) so thx covid now I am not broke nor obese yay Also for some reason I never got to eat curry rice but I assume that'd be my favorite dish if I had (taking into account I've been eating only the powder ever since instant noodles came to exist) and also I want to eat okonomiyaki and that fried tako stuff someday For everything else ... Chinese food often makes me sick, not sure if it's just my luck or the spice is to blame, but kung pao is great. I'm not super into pasta but it's ok ?? (My bff is half Italian and she's a cook so I eat it often, it's not SUPER my thing but gnocchi .. yum) Also not sure how common this is elsewhere but (local variations of) chicken stroganoff is one of my favorite dishes. ... Also, almost forgot, very much like local variations of french chicken fricassee but no idea if I'd like the real thing ?? Edit: thinking harder about this I reeeally like portuguese custard tart and latin american alfajor and churros ... Actually, when it comes to desserts I feel like my taste is way more diverse! Gee wonder y (Honestly aside from these my thing is just junk/fast food and local food though, and by local food I mean not feijoada but rather pao de queijo for breakfast, barbecue, casquinha de siri or pastel for lunch, dulce de leche, bolinho de chuva and brigadeiro for desserts and a nice guarana soda to drink 🥰 )
  5. So... industry gone idol doing idol industry shit? Damn shook Sarcasm aside, really wonder how commonplace that kinda stuff is. It's all obviously very common among fabricated pop idols and all who are basically dolls to their companies, but I didn't know/would probably not take very seriously if some stranger told me this was going on in underground japanese rock 🤔 ... So wondering for how long
  6. Rahzel

    When you're so deep into your y2k aesthetic that you can't listen to anything that has disbanded in less than 20 yrs and the current qualities of most (basically oshare) vk acts of nowadays doesn't help Stuck watching vhs recorded lives. Bummer (Come to think of it ... Why haven't I checked any releases from that animal band yet?)
  7. Rahzel

    Mine was mai k-pop boy before but then I changed to an icon created literally by pressing a randomize button in one of those... Icon "dollmakers" people throw around on Twitter nowadays ?? It was created at random but I found it very representative of myself Anyway, I should change it? I could prettify the world but do I want to
  8. Rahzel

    It really has, hasn't it? Feels like bands woke up one day and went "why did we ever think that was good practice to attract fans?" (because let's be honest, they probably drew in sum weird kinds of frothing female masses thru it) ... I "went back" to checking vk releases somewhat recently and it surprised me that I find myself shipping "pink haired uwu k-pop boys" but not vk bandomen but that's just the reality we all live in. Weird. 👀 Glad we never went that low tho As an afterthought. I take back what I said on the other post. Recently I have been watching videos by older bands and realizing that when they did the onstage fanservice thing it was often cringy/forced and maybe my "nay" has always been less about the ~bl 💖 ~ and more like I wasn't into it back then as I am not into it now lol. My pink haired uwu k-pop boys look cute when they cuddlin and acting like a married couple sry
  9. Rahzel

    In a less angry note and more of a "late nite tweet except this isnt my Twitter and clearly I aint ok." today (while I was thinking of, honestly, people I met in elementary/middle school) I was hit by the sudden realization that I first heard (of?) vk probably on the year GazettE was FORMED which makes me think firstly I am getting old ffs But also that maybe it is why I feel zero GazettE nostalgia and fail to see how influential they were/are (they were/are right?)? To me it was literally "some random vk band some kids like (and I don't)"? Not even kidding? I was around when western ~ vk fandom ~ was p much 1/2 metalhead X fans and 1/2 fujoshi Gackt/Mana ficwriters ??? This was a scary realization of my own age and one I wanted to share. Thank you
  10. Rahzel

    Do u have the right to call an off day if ur boss doesn't show up in thirty five minutes Cuz I arrived 5 min earlier only to wait for 40 min in the rain feet r tired Honestly if I found out they did call an off day bc of the rain and nobody told me (as I live in a different direction I can get there even if its raining ....... ) Ill be mmmmaddd (actually won't but.)
  11. Rahzel

    Thank you!! Any of them? Is there anyone who does this regularly? 👀
  12. Rahzel

    Been changing my username everywhere (some accs like this one I made with other mames who knows y) to "Rahzel" so can I change my name here too? Sorry if question is dumb 😔
  13. Oh ok and I was Just getting into them again and I was so happy they were active still Hello darkness my old friend
  14. This is sooo ~randum~, but hey. I really wanna see people's replies to this If you had to describe one (or more) of your favorite vk band(s) with one piece of media, be it a paragraph, a lyric, a picture, a song, an mv, an interview, whatever - how would you describe it? That one thing you saw and went "oh, ok, this is quintessentially ___". This idea actually crossed my mind when I felt this watching Nazuki by Nightmare - a PV not many would consider their favorite but I really liked back then and completely forgot why, until I went back to it years later and realized the mess it is lol. From there I realized that I only like messy bands most bands would have something like that you consider to be a "classical (this band)" thing, so... please introduce me to your favorite band(s) with one piece of media alone! No need to explain it, just go! (The weirder, the better.)
  15. Rahzel

    Does anyone not? I mean, if their newer band sucks isn't it Fun to look at what they did before and go "cmon I know you could do better!" or If the new one is cool but you don't like their earlier bands see in what ways they changed and ended up suiting your tastes better? But this doesn't go for vk only, I am always very interested in seeing past and future projects of any musicians I like/d personally. For vk there is the added factor of how their AeStHeTiCs cganged too. Rly cool
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