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  1. Yay, we're twinning :D 

  2. AnchuAnchor

    No worries, pal! I was referring to Russia’s censorship laws and whatnot. Also, gimme
  3. AnchuAnchor

    Given that it’s a parody I feel like they didn’t want it to get too political (either), yanno? Freedom of speech tho? Idk her.
  4. AnchuAnchor

    My heart goes out to you Russian fellas Btw why does harasho sound Korean
  5. AnchuAnchor

    I’d say that people tend to think of post-DMMd tracks as /just/ the byproduct of DMMd. Idk tho. Some hate em only because of DMMd, which I kind of get in a way. But hey, music is music. The (loud minority of) fans can’t really ruin that too, can they?
  6. AnchuAnchor

    GOATBED GOATBED is the solo project of vocalist Shuji Ishii GOATBED is a Japanese electropop band. First known as goatbed, they begun releasing music in early 2003, after cali≠gari's activity suspension. The band went on a hiatus on May 2, 2008 and reunited 3 years later (2011), an event that resulted in major member changes. Before their first disbandment, the band's main focus was 80's new wave rock music. Their current style, however, leans towards techno and minimalism. Current line-up: Shuji Ishii (石井秀仁) - Vocals, Guitar, Programming (2003.6 - present) Yuji Ishii (石井雄次) - Keyboards (2011 - present)
  7. AnchuAnchor

    “Do you remember? Never give up! Oh kill me, won't chuuuu”
  8. From zero to one hundred real quick
  9. AnchuAnchor

    If you’re referring to kimi ga saku yama, the disc was released 20 years ago. Pretty interesting song imo, it’s about necrophilia… These are their currently active fan clubs: http://missitsu.com/ https://www.kyakusitsu.com/
  10. AnchuAnchor

    I’m a B+ B-type people are super rare in my region so fingers crossed that nobody will be needing blood transfusions anytime soon. The takeaway: Let’s all donate blood if/while we can ♥️
  11. AnchuAnchor

    Oh wow I remember browsing Mercari for vk stuff just the other day and I most definitely came across all of these 😲
  12. I’m ready for another condom surprise. This time they better include face masks too.
  13. AnchuAnchor

    What would we younger fans do without you, amazing people 🖤🖤🖤
  14. AnchuAnchor

    It’s Yuji Nakanishi (most of the time) https://mobile.twitter.com/dmk_yuji_dmk They do change support members from time to time though
  15. AnchuAnchor

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