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  1. uirosos

    I have 127 items in my collection on vk.gy with about 98% of them being CDs. I’ve been collecting since I was 14 and I’m 23 now so I’d say it’s a good collection for someone that is consistently broke 😂 Take a look at my collection and see if you find anything interesting, I love talking about music and collecting in general.
  2. uirosos

    Really love the vibe of this song. Good work 👍🏻
  3. uirosos

    If you like König, the vocalist has had a few other bands and projects. You can see all the bands he’s been in here. Vall’na racill is pretty old school, but Sugar is amazing and worth listening to.
  4. uirosos

    You look so familiar to me, I thought I must've seen you online somewhere, but I must be mistaken!! The artist I'm going to recommend might not be too similar to the bands you listed, but I really enjoy it. No worries if you don't.
  5. SCREW is pretty nostalgic for me, so that could be part of the reason why I find KHRYST+ a little lacklustre. I also think KHRYST+ isn't really anything new to the scene, they don't sound as unique to me as SCREW did. KHRYST+ only being active for a year though doesn't really help either, it's not enough time to get established in the scene and really find a unique sound.
  6. KHRYST+ really didn't hold up as well as SCREW did. I know RAZOR is doing very well but they're pretty underwhelming to me after BORN, but they were fizzling out. Everything they released after THE STALIN -666- really didn't do it for me. I have to second this. I didn't listen to Sugar while they were still around and while I did enjoy Konig a lot, everything Loki did after that didn't grab my attention the same way.
  7. uirosos

    Hi! I think I've seen you on Facebook, either in a visual kei group or we have mutual friends. Welcome! It looks like we have a few favourite bands in common. 😊
  8. I really liked it!! It wasn't what I was expecting but I can't wait to hear more.
  9. uirosos

    I love them. I have 3 and think they're really unique, but they're don't really go with my other CDs or cassettes. I wish I had more so I could make a space dedicated to just 8cms since they feel like an outlier in my current collection.
  10. uirosos

    Let me know if you like them!!
  11. Not my favourite thing from Dir but it is really nice to have on in the background. It's quite soothing.
  12. uirosos

    Welcome (back)! Have you listened to marlee? I think musically they'd fall in the same category as ADAPTER, but with less electronic elements (if that makes sense) and they're female-fronted! I saw them and ADAPTER at the same con so maybe I'm the only person that think they would fit in the same category. 😅
  13. uirosos

    -COBRA- / Devil Kitty 不幸自慢 / Devil Kitty 「我、悪魔故。」 / Devil Kitty Desperate... / 弥叉 我神昌嘆 / MADARA Explosion Showcase (omnibus)
  14. I wish I had plants. My partner won't even let me get a succulent 😔
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