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  1. Katt

    Love all those bands! Hope to see you around!
  2. https://vk.gy/artists/kisaki-with-matina-family/
  3. for me, anything is better than 8ppspee
  4. Katt

    I don't think that's very true, I think Gackt had a good connection with the band members. All the stuff you see of Gackt on social media is his overplayed persona of being a tarento (As well as pissy new fans that get all their malice mizer info off of tiktok and twitter). So in actual relationships in terms of the friendships in Malice Mizer, he's been in contact with the members over the years. Gackt and Kozi met a few times at least since 2008 according to Gackt's Dears fanclub thingie, and there's an established minimal contact. Mana has mentioned before even talking to Gackt, more specifically in the Long Interview of DSVI, Mana talks about how he reached out to Gackt to ask if he wanted to do the live or something like that, so they're in contact, and he likely does care. If anyone who doesn't care, it's Testu lol.
  5. Katt

    I'm friends with Justin and we chat about VK here and there. I helped him out with that other visual kei video he worked on and we like conversing about the random shit that occurred centered around vk fans in the west. Kinda funny because I used to make songs like Sea of R* with my friend joey and we'd label it madeth gray'll or lareine demo tape shit lulz
  6. Katt

    Always funny to see him out and about without the entire get-up.
  7. oh god no, but I totally agree on the resiliency part.
  8. The guy who made this post is still semi-active here, he still lurks but he's a total weirdo. Before he deleted his reddit it was mainly weird gross weeb shit and stuff like "Where am I able to buy anarchist pins?", "Darling in the franxx blah blah". I was able to snag some screenshots before his account was deleted and it's entertaining to say the least.
  9. Katt

    Recently got sea of thieves when it was on sale, it's pretty fun but I've been solo-ing it.
  10. Some of the worst shit i've seen in the VK fandom in a while is from tiktok.
  11. When I was looking through and fixing things, seeing Rei's answer literally made me laugh so hard, certainty was a highlight of my week.
  12. Loved helping with the whole process of things!
  13. Katt

    Yeah, I hope that the kylone still had some of the money laying around and some got back to the old man.
  14. Katt

    I actually am a huge fan of them, and like other people here, have trouble putting them next to my other CDs and tapes on my shelves. I really like that some bands actually make 8cm singles from time to time as either a joke or a nostalgia factor. I think for me it is the cute and pseudo nostalgia factor that emulates a "Oh this is like buying a small piece or sample from the band", where I feel like it's a unique piece to have of a band you are wanting to get into or want to collect. Although I hate when bands have a 8cm cd in a normal cd case lmao that stuff is wack. Really wish there was more stuff like this that wasn't a total gimmick.
  15. "I don't wanna regret"✊ damn also I want this so bad lmfao this sucks
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