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    Aliene Ma'riage, Pinokiwo, Sandwich de 120pun?, Elektal Shiki, Shu~Furuma~Ju, ErecSia, Maria Cross, Eliphas Levi, LuLu, Eimy, The Pumpkin Head, Eile du Mu, Himeyuri, XX Shuunen Kinen, and Pinku Jisatsu

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  1. Woah, didn't expect someone I know from the lolicore/noise/grind/whatever the fuck communities to show up on a website like this. Thanks for buying my cassette btw

  2. heffalump-eater

    not my most recent but my most recent vk related purchase
  3. heffalump-eater

    midwest emo like penfold, mineral, and a ton of obscure 90s gems I've found along the way, im not a big fan of the newer midwest emo stuff, especially the dude weed pop punk fused stuff (like dads and mom jeans)
  4. heffalump-eater

    id love to hear ur music and be friends ccx
  5. heffalump-eater

    i am! i love it, especially Gauge Means Nothing and Neoteny 64 🎐🎐
  6. heffalump-eater

    thank you so much ccx Let's Start a Riot is the most real and pure album ever made who are you on RYM?
  7. heffalump-eater

    its like breakcore and noise with anime samples cx
  8. heffalump-eater

    Hello! My name is Alice! ❤️🎐 My favorite vk bands are Pinokiwo, Sandwich de 120pun?, Elektal Shiki, Shu~Furuma~Ju, ErecSia and Maria Cross. I also love anime, mainly really cute ones and really gorey ones. I'm also super into older video games like on Game Boy Color, WonderSwan, Pokémon mini, Tamagotchis, and PS1&2. Some fun facts about me are I write surreal poetry, collect fake Pokémon cards, and make music as Garden Angel. My biggest passion is music and while I love vk, emo genres are my most cherished so if ya ever want to talk about emo with someone, I'm your girl. My favorite music genres are midwest emo, emo-pop, emo, emocore, emoviolence, screamo, scenecore, crunkcore, nintendocore, cybergrind, lolicore, breakcore, electropop, synthpop, experimental, noise, country, bluegrass, Appalachian folk music, and anything weird, nostalgic, or annoying haha. Thank you for readin' this mess. (^~^) Anyways, I hope to get to know y'all and meet others who like the same bands as me (although if ya hate 'em that's totally fine too :p).
  9. does anyone have the Glammagedon CD by Romantica? id love to have it and can't find it for sale anywhere, even if you don't want to part with it, itd be cool if you could post pictures of it ❤️❤️🎐
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