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  1. lots of clean singing in the new jiluka :3 love it

  2. Ruri

    picture taken while listening to jiluka at 4am. please help me i haven't seen sunlight in ten thousand years
  3. always find it weird when people insist this "era" of vk is deprived of talent, every era of vk up to now has been filled with talentless hacks, you just don't remember them because they were so unworthy of recollection that your brain basically filtered them out. there was no "golden era" where every band was good, you just don't have an eidetic memory that allows you to vividly recall hundreds of singles by mediocre knockoff bands you listened to in 2010

  4. Ruri

    i have schizophrenia (undifferentiated type), BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and i am recovered from anorexia (in the sense that you recover from anorexia, it could come back) (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
  5. Ruri

    i put google auto-translate on so the whole board shows in japanese, and then i have one of my many japanese twink harem slaves read the posts aloud to me while i sit in my throne and decide which beloved band will be disbanding today (i have a desktop with some mid-tier pc speakers but i mostly use my headphones, ATH-M50s, so as not to annoy my roommates. when i'm out on walks i just use generic earbuds and my phone)
  6. listening to doginthePWO and having a weirdly specific nostalgic flashback to a time i was sitting in the park in the city centre in the August sun with my weeb friends, we were all arguing about death note ships. we had my oshare folder playing on shuffle on a portable speaker. we're all wearing studded rainbow belts and have awkwardly gelled spiked hair in some kind of budget-vk/scene kid combo. one kid literally just wore his L cosplay and took his fucking shoes off outdoors in a public park to complete the look. the same kid brought his copy of the first volume of black butler (which had JUST come out in english) and we all huddled round and read it over his shoulder lmao, with A9 and paradeis playing in the background like it was the most normal shit ever. i really miss those times ;-; 

  7. i was planning to do a tape rip a day for a while but that'll have to be put on hold as i've just become technically homeless (i'm not living on the street, but i have no permanent place of residence, i'm couch-surfing). my tape collection is safe in storage so the uploads will resume once i'm back on my feet!

  8. tried to rip a misa tape to replace the rip floating around that sounds like it was recorded underwater and i was hoping to make a clearer one where you can actually make out what the fuck he's saying... turns out he either just recorded it like that, or in a million-to-one shot, i own the exact same copy that the original rip was made from

    1. Rize


      LOL. That reminds me, I ever transcoded a thousand time with MEJIBRAY - Akercock, it sounds so funny. If you in for a laugh, here you go lol


    2. Ruri



    3. Mamo
  9. it's only as i recently turned 24 that i'm coming to terms with the fact mejibray were never actually good and i just liked them because they were hot

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    2. Ruri


      i wanted to like nepenthes so much more than i did. i just wanted more SLIVERS.exe style stuff from them tbh.


      also i've heard that tzk was kind of a bully to the other members later on in their career but i'm not sure how much of a meme that is

    3. Rize


      Same! Hmm, I wonder about that. He's still making music together with Koichi, so I wonder how bad that could be.

    4. Ruri


      may just be one of those vk rumours that gets passed around. i'll fucking kick his ass if i find out he was mean to my boy Meto though >:c

  10. my dad is a huge fan of classic rock and metal so i showed him some of the formative vk bands like kamaitachi, color, aion etc and he didn't like any of em :< should have put maria cross on instead

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    2. BrenGun









      Rama Amoeba



      you better can try those "glam" rock/metal bands :D 

    3. Himeaimichu


      I'd recommend Ziggy, X Japan, Vasalla, and D'erlanger, but the fact he didn't like Aion or COLOR probably means he wouldn't like these either

    4. fruitfork


      What kinda music does your dad dig ? For a typical dad into butt rock, I'd totally go with X's blue blood/vanishing vision.

  11. please help, i think my son is addicted to rarez. he's stopped caring about anything else. he hasn't showered in weeks, he just sits in that room looking at zenmarket all day. he punches holes in the wall whenever a sniper bid denies him a live-distributed demo tape from a show attended by 10 people at some venue that closed its doors in 2001. at first i was so proud because i thought he was taking up learning french, but as it turns out he was just naming old japanese goth twink boy-bands? what do i do?

    1. Arkady


      Try returning him, you may still be in time for a partial refund.

    2. Mamo


      Me from 2008-2012

    3. Ruri


      @Mamo me from right now tbh

  12. alright folks, in your personal opinion what is the WORST vk release you've ever heard

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    2. zombieparadise


      @patientZERO I hate this song with every fibre of my being. I remember seeing those guys in old Shoxx and Cure's around 2009 and I vividly remember how stupid I thought they looked lol

    3. Ruri


      @patientZERO this really is the kind of tryhard veekay edginess that only good bands can get away with lmao

    4. IGM_Oficial


      Mejibray's whole discography

  13. Katt

    ruri at da furi

  14. Ruri

    the Maze mini by Rayarch... for the longest time i had no idea this was the same band as Laypüa (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
  15. hit me with ur shittiest 90s goffik PVs pls i'm in that kinda mood

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    2. Ruri


      i'll never forget the first time me and my infant son sat and watched deshabillz PVs

    3. Himeaimichu


      Gotta introduce the little tykes to the good songs early on. Have them listen to Deshabillz as babies and as teens, they'll be listening to Dir en Grey and La'mule

    4. Ikna



      Enjoy the pristine video quality and high budget

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