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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. Tokage

    one time at sakuracon i walked into a back room and i saw the entire mh staff team peeing on each other.
  2. Tokage

    Certified iconic MH moments: - the entire "k*w*** m*np** and the near death of the download section"-saga - the entire ebmort saga - the nigh-on entire community joining hands to dunk on yoshiki whenever he does some new stupid shit - communally dunking on kisaki whenever he's acting up again - Dispo's Mcdonaldsposting - "I SWEAR I'M QUITTING THIS SITE FOR REAL THIS TIME" "nvm i'm back" - scandal heaven - visual kei animorphs edits - that brief period when the mh premium account joke was funny - "it's out x" - the pokemonposter / yohimbe defender saga If you weren't here to witness at least 4 of these you have not been into VK long enough. please remember this. Certified uniconic MH moments: - that period when MH simultaneously turned into both Jordan Peterson Heaven & Redditwitter at once
  3. Visual Kei Two launching soon. Check it out here

  4. Tokage

    damn i guess i gotta rebrand my club for these last two weeks of MH........
  5. Tokage

    monochrome heaven dot com
  6. This Artist Reimagined Visual Kei Musicians As Muppets: The Result Will Warm Your Heart

  7. so glad we can all collectively move on from visual kei now x see you all on the jazz fusion discussion forum

    1. patientZERO


      It's all about danger music now. You're not an elitist until you've name dropped Hanatarash!

    2. Tokage


      real danger music is listening to the gazette - NINTH too loudly and getting grounded by your asshole stepdad Kyle

  8. Tokage

    Hope it'll be able to rise from the ashes in some new shape or form down the line
  9. king of designer tea sets and premium fortnite skins
  10. o u o keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes this'll end up sounding shoegazy (or at the very least COTD-esque)
  11. Tokage

    It was announced like two or three months ago. Something about Ryo being too physically and mentally drained to go on with music for the time being if I remember correctly.
  12. Tokage

    Would be better if the entire band followed suit and retired too at this point 2bh
  13. Tokage

    Some recent discoveries: NEMU These guys seem to draw from a whole bunch of different sounds. There's elements of post-hardcore here, but also a bit of a post-punk tinge, as well as occasional elements that seem more in line with dream pop/shoegaze. Cool stuff that unfortunately seems to be flying under the radar - deserves to be known IMO. ユウレカ Another band serving up an interesting blend of genres. Their music contains elements of 90s post-hardcore/math rock/nu-metal. If I had to describe this to someone elevator pitch style I'd say "Imagine a 90s alt-metal take on downy". I dig it. STRAM @Jigsaw9actually alerted me to this band's existence. A bunch of their songs very strongly remind me of what I imagine Lillies and Remains would sound like if they had a bit more crunch to them. Recommended for those who like their music gloomy Ailiph Doepa Basically fits that niche of bands like Maximum the Hormone / System of a Down and such. Weird and quirky mish-mash of alt-metal with a bunch of other stuff. Still not entirely on board with this myself musically but I'm a big fan of this PV because it's fucking goofy.
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