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  1. I'm really excited for what's coming
  2. よしあつい

    I bet no one expected to see this pop up....
  3. よしあつい

    Took me a while to find the purpose... But who knows? Maybe I just pass butter 😁
  4. よしあつい

    Thankyou very much!
  5. よしあつい

    Hii, I'm Ar and I've been gone for around a year now. My whole life changed quite quickly (and that isn't a bad thing) but now I'm used to things, all settled in. I'm now 20 and I live for the sake of experiencing new things, having fun and pushing myself to the limit. Nice to meet you
  6. よしあつい

    I didn't expect any message like this, thankyou for replying! I will sort something out since there seems to be some interest. I have a lot of things happening irl so to get a suitable venue will only be possible if there is someone else who's interested to help me depending on how many people is enough. I'll be happy to talk about any details with you when I think of a more solid plan.
  7. よしあつい

    I don't understand 'Monochrome Heaven Cruise when' but this is also good I was thinking about something small because I personally couldn't pull off anything big at the moment. Thankyou
  8. よしあつい

    This is really cool! Makes me wish I was in Sweden haha
  9. よしあつい

    I wonder if anyone on here has ever thought about creating an irl event for monochrome heaven for people to go? Something like a gathering to meet local people who also like Visual Kei. If it's not against forum rules to do something like this and the idea is interesting to you I'll be really happy to talk about it.
  10. I haven't been here since forever ago. Woops. I'll be more active

  11. よしあつい

    It's ok, there's no problem. thank you
  12. よしあつい

    Wow, this is crazy
  13. よしあつい

    Holy shit. Shortest band to ever exist?
  14. よしあつい

    Thankyou for welcoming me I like your signature
  15. よしあつい

    Thankyou, this is good advice
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