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  1. gekiai

    Saw this on Twitter yesterday and still rather upset. I hope L doesn't retire.
  2. みなさんはとてもラッキーですよ。 日本に行くことがありません。 旅行は高いし、ちょっと若いだろうしww. THE NOVEMBERSは一番大好きなバンドですよ。(もちろん、ヴィシャル系のバンドが大好きです。)コンサートに行きたいなあ〜
  3. gekiai

    Name: Maya (or Mel doesn't really matter) Age: 18 (turning 19 next month) Years studied: 4 years self study, half a semester (and many more to come since it's one of my majors) Estimated level: Moderate. Still so much to learn though :'D (and classes are just a tad slow for me, despite being in "Intermediate JPNS") Knowledge of Hiragana/Katakana: All Kanji: ~250? It's bound to change since I...surprisingly, enjoy kanji. What is your main goal with studying Japanese?: To read my favorite novels in Japanese, translate lyrics and interviews of my favorite musicians, live in Japan for a few years..so basically, become fluent. What materials have you used before?: I have used too many lol. I mainly use Genki series (even though I hate it with a burning passion), Japanese Demystified, Memrise (for vocab), Rikaikun, lang 8, and Hello Talk
  4. gekiai

    Ah yes. My lovely friend The Yusuke to my Sho Welcome. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have. It is how I got into the NOVEMBERS.
  5. I don't know if I've already posted here or not but GOTCHAROCKA. Man, they used to be my favorites. Now none of their stuff since Rainfall last year hit me well. Jun's composing has gotten boring for me. It was a swell 4 years. Still love the bandmembers to pieces though.
  6. I'm really hoping they sell that Deluxe Before Today box on CDJapan. That is a major NEED.

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    2. plastic_rainbow


      yes, the limited edition will include the 172 page booklet and bonus items~

    3. gekiai


      Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation 

    4. plastic_rainbow
  7. gekiai

    Yup! I'll DM you
  8. gekiai

    I'm shocked that FB roleplay is still a thing! i would recommend the cursed site starting with the letter 'T' but honestly there's so much drama there and it's practically dead. If you're looking for English rp partners btw, I'd be interested.
  9. gekiai

    Just saw it, thanks.
  10. gekiai

    This look reminds me of those of later Vidoll ...they looks so "normal". I'm a bit paranoid about the news of a "BEST" album, but hopefully someone will upload the live-distribution.
  11. gekiai

    I'm here for this.
  12. gekiai

    I'm so happy he's still alive tbh, looking forward to hearing this song <3
  13. gekiai

    I mean the "PV track" but I've never heard anyone refer to a song that way (I've always heard title track (with B-sides) more than anything) but I guess I've been referring to it wrong all along.
  14. gekiai

    Wow I can't believe I haven't posted about the album until now: I. LOVE. IT. Not at all disappointed, I just found their choice for the title track to be questionable (it's my least favorite on the album). My favorite is definitely track #5. I'm always a sucker for their use of the piano As someone mentioned here earlier, some of the tracks are definitely...danceable (namely #9. It'd be so fun to hear live!). I also hear some slight industrial elements throughout this album that I totally dig. I'm glad that they're trying some new things! The collab tracks were okay, with mama being my favorite one. Gara did a GREAT job, and now I gotta look into MERRY more :^)
  15. gekiai

    I'm really looking forward to it, they never disappoint <3
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