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  1. @orange~I think I found your twin- http://s.aliexpress.com/yy2meiy6

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      Anyway I wish you that on your birthday lol 

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  2. orange~

    I'm gonna be 30 real soon. I've started my transitioning to being a grown-up and everything.
  3. orange~

    MH meets are the greatest. Without exception, I've had great fun in them! At the very least they're really memorable, even if you got no recollection of what went down - if that makes any sense ;D Speaking of - There's gonna be a VK event at Helsinki, Finland on 6th of October. This is a great chance to attend a small scale MH meet as few cool people from here are going there too! This on a very short notice, but if anyone shows up, I can always give a place to stay - if you're okay with staying in one of the shadier parts near Helsinki and sleeping on floor (I only got futon and some random sleeping mattresses)
  4. orange~

    Tzk is going to places with his new look
  5. I actually kinda like my life atm - wtf??!

  6. orange~

    Yoshiki = god
  7. orange~

    "Standing there with my hard on bleedin' There's a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen" :'D I never realized how genius lyrics Red Hot Chili Peppers produced, while still under influence
  8. orange~

    I hear for some it turns out good for real, but I consider that just a myth. I have yet to find a happy person.
  9. orange~

    ääääkkkk, miten noi ONE OK ROCKin liput on noin halvat?? Ajattelin jo että voin ihan hyvällä omalla tunnolla jättäytyä pois ja säästää 80-90e, mutta ei.
  10. orange~

    hmmm. deciding whether I should go check out the upcoming Marilyn Manson gig or not. I'd kinda want to dance my brains out on the front lines....
  11. orange~

    I really don't think there's any Lycaon style stuff going on behind the scenes. I honestly feel like Mejibray is lacking inspiration for anything new and that's why they decided to take a break. Personally, I find it difficult to think any direction they should take as a band, like what kind of stuff do you think they should compose?
  12. Im in LA right now, recording #XJAPAN new album.. almost done.Xx  - Yoshiki

  13. orange~

    What? Did we see the same live? I thought he was like super emotional during that live, like borderline crying the whole set with his voice breaking and stuff. Then he left the stage without a word like you described, but it was more like "fuck this life, now to cut my wrists asap"-kinda without a word.
  14. orange~

    FUUUUCCCKKK yes!! T_T This is perfect really
  15. orange~

    Oh there's another single from their album!
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