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    I am taking commisions if anyone is interested.
  2. PsychoΔelica

    Kamelot last night. The place wasn't too big so could get pretty close to the stage. Had much fun, although the actual gig was awy too short to my taste and they cleared the place right after, Luckily caught the drummer so could take a photo with him and shake hands. lol Loved these guys live. I hope to see them again. They had a warmup act called Kobra and the Lotus, for about an hour, and then their vocalist did support vocals for some songs. Didn't really like her voice though.
  3. PsychoΔelica

    This was fun. Even caught the drummer for a photo.
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  5. PsychoΔelica

    Scandinvian drama in a nutshell: wife scolding son > two scenes later > husband fucking wife > two scenes later > son gets scolded again.
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  7. PsychoΔelica

    Well I don't know any. I guess there isn't enough interest here in particular (although I do know there are some fans here). Guess having a vk concert in my country would be like something out of a science fiction movie. lol
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  9. PsychoΔelica

    Thanks for the attention hoe 👑💞
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  11. PsychoΔelica

    Absinth lover
  12. @orange~I think I found your twin- http://s.aliexpress.com/yy2meiy6

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      Anyway I wish you that on your birthday lol 

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  13. PsychoΔelica

    A supposed absinth bottle I'm drawing some cells for an animation in a mobile app.
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