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  1. xBandō

    Got a normal ticket for Köln/Cologne, this will be my first GazettE Concert actually. Hyped af
  2. xBandō

    Still a favourite after all these years
  3. I think that rumours, wether they may be true or not, say something about a persons characteristics and circumstances, which is why i read them, to gain knowledge about someone/something that interests me. I dont participate in keeping the mill going tho, im a lurker when it comes to rumours.
  4. xBandō

    Do you remember the VICE doc about Host Naoki? Naoki introduced us to some blonde guy with long hair that ran away from home and started hosting. Well, that was a few years ago. i recently re-watched the video only to find tons of comments reffering to the blonde guy as "Roland". So i looked up the usual host forums.. AND HOLY FUCK THIS GUY BLEW UP LIKE THE BOMB ON HIROSHIMA. (His Instagram for reference) Dude is getting hyped all around the forums and is basically the number 1 Host in Japan right now, and he even got an advertisement deal with Yamaha. Well, he certainly behaves like it too.
  5. Idk why, but i find that im just attracted to caucasian women and occasionaly white-ish asian women, but that only is in terms of attraction. I couldnt give a flying fuck about what skin colour you have, i like everyone thats nice to me.
  6. I like some groups, but i just cant get into it more bc i hate the fandom. Yes, the whole, general fandom.
  7. German, intermediate Japanese, relatively fluent in Bosnian, bit of french and italian.
  8. xBandō

    Food, since i like to cook fresh stuff a lot. Music and merch, pretty obvious My fucking pos motorcycle that ive been building for 4 years now And i save up and spend a lot on travel, since i travel quite often
  9. Im majoring in Medical Management, 50% of that is Medicine, the other half management. I'll probably become the CFO of a Hospital(more likely his assitant lol) when im done. Fits me, because ive volunteered in the medical field/ambulances since i was 16.
  10. xBandō

    Dont worry about what others may think about you. Its your life, and its short. Fk them. (This applies to almost everything btw, fashion, lifestyle, politics..)
  11. My mom is half german half japanese, my dad is half murican half bosnian, so im a weird mix of all. I enjoy living in Germany, and i had to struggle quite a while to find my "identity", but in the end knowing a lot of people from completely different cultures has become one of my joys, especially when it comes to traveling, as i can always communicate in some sort of fashion. Back to topic, i think that a lot of people glorify japanese upbringing and life, what you see when you travel there is not what you get when you live there. Work life is hard and exhausting, and society is pretty unforgiving when you fail. However, for some people thats the way they want to live, and im okay with that. I do visit whats left of my japanese family every now and then, and overall i prefer life there to life in germany. But again, its not for everyone.
  12. xBandō

    Looking for any kind of shirt, hoodie, sweater.. But it has to be at least Size L (Western) or XL/LL if japanese sizing
  13. xBandō

    Selfmade green thai curry with beans, onions, paprica, chicken, garlic, ginger and thai spices
  14. RIP Stan Lee

    srs, no troll

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