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  1. -Tetsu-

    oh no
  2. -Tetsu-

    I'm bored so here have some new pictures I took a few weeks back
  3. -Tetsu-

    kinda addicted to them atm after seeing them live three times last month
  4. Personality type: “The Mediator” (INFP-T) Individual traits: Introverted – 92% Intuitive – 56% Feeling – 67% Prospecting – 63% Turbulent – 100% Role: Diplomat Strategy: Constant Improvement Reading the text after the test was kinda creepy because it kinda fit to 95% ??
  5. -Tetsu-

    ah shit ...
  6. -Tetsu-

    It's me once again, hi. Kinda like how the picture turned out
  7. -Tetsu-

    while Unsraw just wrote something like "artist intentionally didn't publish lyrics" or so ... they actually published the lyrics as Core The Child ... kind of.
  8. -Tetsu-

    🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I was actually having a laughing fit during the shooting but somehow one of the pictures turned out kinda okay??
  9. -Tetsu-

    As I'm working in aviation myself I'm mostly watching explanation videos about all kind of stuff related to planes. Those two channels are my favorite atm. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC88tlMjiS7kf8uhPWyBTn_A https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHKudUkP5tNgmMdexB3ow I also like to watch documentaries about crashes and other accidents and the following investigations 🤷‍♀️
  10. -Tetsu-

    I caught Tatsuyas drum stick back at Slam Dunk a few years back when I went to see Crossfaith there and got two of their setlists so far, one from last Thursday. Also caught drumsticks from Denka and Kazuharu and a pick from Takaki (Kosuke wanted to give me one too when I burst out in tears during their last song lol but that b*tch in front of me ripped it out of his hand, still mad at her) and a water bottle from Yuuki when he was in DOAK. Then there's a setlist from GYZE and a bunch of picks Ryoji gave me after one of the shows and one of Shujis drumsticks. And I have a setlist from Nocturnal Bloodlust buried somewhere. There are also quite a lot autographs, pictures with bands, cheki with bands etc.
  11. goddamn flamingos! I have absolutely no idea why but those birds are fascinating me since years and I'm having a hard time not to buy everything with flamingos on it (mostly because it wouldn't look good in my all black&white apartment ...) also alpacas would make some awesome cuddle buddies
  12. -Tetsu-

    mostly I try challenges that make my life more healthy / make me loose weight but I always fail after a few days already due to lack of motivation, being exhausted from work or dealing with my illnesses ... If anyone has ideas / experiences with those problems I'm open for suggestions that could make me pull through lol ...
  13. Happy b-day Tetsu! ❤️

  14. Happy birthday, friendo! Hope you have a fantastic day 🎉

    1. -Tetsu-


      Thank you!! Sadly we had to cancel all of our plans because it was raining heavily all day long but it still was a great day :)

  15. -Tetsu-

    I'd be happy if someone could translate Kiras statement 😞
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