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  1. Laurence02

    I have 26 Japanese CDs plus a few doubles, 16 Japanese demos plus a few doubles, 6 Japanese videos, 5 Chinese albums and one Chinese tape. I don't really go for everything that moves.
  2. Laurence02

    The Sculla track is solid. Enjoy!
  3. Laurence02

    Honestly? Properly digitising stuff, especially VHSes, due to their volatile nature (calling NTSC "never the same colour" is so, so true), is a huge pain without the proper stuff. Send it off to someone who has the equipment. I happen to know that Panda has proper equipment. And if you choose to go somewhere local, choose your establishment wisely - anyone can use a VHS/DVD burner, but not everyone has a TBC, a proper high-quality capture card, a Windows XP PC to use it on, the expertise to not fook up the deinterlacing, etc.
  4. Laurence02

    It depends on the band, but my limit is somewhere before T-shirts, fragrances, and entire magazines.
  5. Laurence02

    I sort my albums in chronological order - more specifically, by the artist's first album. Their later albums come before the next artist comes, even though the next artist may have released their album before the later albums of the first artist.
  6. Laurence02

    That is actually very true. I suppose it's the side effect of asking this question in a visual kei forum. As for Japanese vocalists in general, I find that they in general are just as technical as their Western counterparts. (Most) "objectively" good singers train, no matter where they are from.
  7. Laurence02

    For an older band: Singer Haine of Luis~Mary, who later became T.M.Revolution, has a very particular type of voice. I would say, as a listener, that he is doing well. Obviously, I am not a vocal coach so I can't comment on his actual technique.
  8. Laurence02

    Urawa Narciss is selling off old release stock, and re-releasing the Shikkoku VHS series on DVD. http://zmf.co.jp/ https://narciss.official.ec/
  9. Laurence02

    I'm not a huge fan of the aesthetic either way because of the implications (no matter how much Mein Kampf writes songs about driving fast and no matter how much Rommel writes songs about zombies), but I find Rommel to be the best band from a musical point of view because they had Shu who is an amazing technical guitarist. (Although I hope that it doesn't need to be said, I would like to say that I'm not a Nazi, nor do I sympathise with the Nazi cause. As far as I know, these bands used the Nazi image for edgy shock value, not because they supported a genocide.)
  10. Laurence02

    My hypothesis is that there are more old vocalists who couldn't sing than now... they just haven't survived. Just as the mediocre singers of today will be forgotten. In fact, I think there are more and more singers learning how to sing "properly" due to the internet.
  11. Laurence02

    The instrumentals make a song. The vocalist can break it.
  12. Laurence02

    I prefer lossless to anything else - not for aural purposes, but for archival purposes.
  13. Laurence02

    That's an interesting point. I've seen the fact promoted that VK especially is slowly dying from natural extinction because the shock value that it once had is becoming "normal" and hence not very interesting anymore.
  14. Laurence02

    Banana Fish. Need I say more?
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