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  1. I can only say one thing...




    Maria Cross had the best music video of all time. 

  2. togz

    My Twitter is the best bet 🥺 @T0GVR0
  3. still sad to see this forum go. Please give me a follow on twitter, I'll follow back! would like to make some jrock friendos ;; https://twitter.com/T0GVR0

  4. togz

    Lately i have been wild about Genshin Impact so I also be drawin..... It be Childe and Zhongli v___v You can view my other stuff and progress here ;___; https://www.instagram.com/oyasuminaa/
  5. togz

    Not gonna lie this photo took up so much space i thought you were posting a dinosaur as yourself for a second and then i scrolled down. CRAZY THO I'VE NEVER BEEN THAT CLOSE TO A REAL DINOSAUR BEFORE.
  6. togz

    I am watching respectfully.

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    2. togz


      @monkeybanana4 maybe not their original song but i really like their cover of fukai mori : o
      as for their original stuff so far i really like the song Ignite .___. but really all of their stuff has been so good it's hard to pick even a handful. 

    3. cheesy_VK_Freak


      their drummer be blastin like crazy

    4. togz


      @cheesy_VK_Freak he really do be though. ;___; me likey that very much

  8. hi love you that is all

    1. tetsu_sama69



      jk i love you too

  9. 4th day in to my music production class and IM ALREADY STUCK : [ anyway who is playin genshin?

    1. CAT5


      Hang in there. I actually started playing a bit, but haven't spent much time with it

    2. togz


      @CAT5 I think I just need to start over... I sort of lost the direction for it. My fault for trying to be all deep and write in a minor key. But anyway! add me when you hop on again. I know co-op is unlocked after you reach adventurer level 16. this is my UID: 612096659

    3. CAT5


      I don't think i made it that far yet, but will do.

  10. togz

    I started taking a music course this month and our first assignment was to create a chord progression to set the vibe for our first song. Since the past year and a half has been the most difficult time of my life and I've faced some of the worst depression and heartbreak I have ever experienced, I decided to use my more updated knowledge of theory to try and write something that conveys what I feel emotionally. Now this is just a blue print of course and is subject to change as I make my way in to the completion of the song... but i based my chord progression with in the key of C#m and I think it was a great choice. Let me know how it makes you feel or what you think.
  11. togz

    im sorry does that say wasps in your house? BLINK IF YOU NEED HELP BROTHER. HECK NO THAT'S SCARE I'D BURN THE HOUSE DOWN.
  12. oh! were you in to last calix? ( thought they were short lived)
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