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  1. Tatsusalt

    August was pretty decent, even tho there was a huge set back after one LDR went horrible I managed to pull through and saw Marilyn Manson which was honestly the happiest and most comfortable I have even been with my self. Honestly I know that is weird and silly, but it is so hard to feel that good when everyone around you and everyone online is so toxic. I made a good friends with someone else from that same community and opened up about my ex to him and how badly it set me back and such. Started feeling feels for him and took me about a month to get comfortable enough to open up about it. Another LDR but man it is working out great and he really is helping me recover from a lot of things and such. I thought it was only going to get better but not even 75% recovered from the set back, a good friend of mine ghost me for about a week. This friend has been there for me for little over 4 years and yeah they were an online friend but it worked so well. Open and honest about everything, I gave them all I could. I reached out best I could when they went quiet. Next thing you know it in my discord server my bf and I are just talking joking around, they come in and join us. Then they suddenly call us self absorbed and say they didn't want to put up with us. We were fucking clueless. So there I am, feeling like a fucking bitch for god doesn't even fucking know what, abandoned, cold, like I got no one again. Just how I felt after my ex just abandoned me after telling me will never leave or hurt me but BAM suddenly he's gone and ignores me. Causing me to be very skeptical again, but there is not much I can do about it. I hope everything will finally stable out with no more set backs.
  2. I was gonna ask that, finally got to read through this. I must say Közi looked really good, and so did Shuji ❤️ Also I would hope for a DVD at least for one of the days.
  3. I feel really bad about this. I am one of those people who "Left kpop for VK/Jrock" even tho I still listened to Jonghyun's solo stuff for comfort when when I was "anti kpop" or whatever people would call it all because most of my playlist was VK/Jrock. I still adored Jonghyun and still followed him even when I unfollowed and stopped paying so much attention to the other kpop artist I was really into. And now,,,, I am just so torn about all of it. Jonghyun to me, resembles a bond I have with one of my friends I met online through our shared interest in kpop I met her I think 3 years ago. But she got me into SHINee and I immediately fell in love with Jonghyun's voice and got so excited when I found out about his solo project and such. I was such a huge Jonghyun fanboy lol. But the fact that now part of that bond I have with my closest friend is missing, it really hurts. And I am so sad that now someone who has provided comfort through just their voice is gone now,,,, this isn't the first idol of mine who passed, but it is so hard to deal with and such.
  4. Tatsusalt

    Even then, it can always get gayer
  5. Tatsusalt

    I don't think that is as gay as it has gotten, But damn, that's pretty gay.
  6. Tatsusalt

    Ouh shoot. I always knew this day would come u_u
  7. Tatsusalt

    Are the straits out to take our gay traps? : ' <
  8. Tatsusalt

    Sorry my gay ass is just jealous of his ride :× Also you are joking, right? lmfao
  9. Too bad this doesn't mean he will be on RPDR but then again... I kinda glad he won't lol.
  10. Feels like one big lie tbh, but, it's happening. And I am crying.
  11. Tatsusalt

    It appears that some or maybe most VK fans don't think about it or just have no heart when it comes to KISAKI : ' / I mean yea I kinda rlly dislike him but I wouldn't help spread nudes or anything about him. Just try my best to ignore the fact he is still a thing?
  12. Tatsusalt

    MUCC Yukke tho Yukke (MUCC) Aki(シド)
  13. Tatsusalt

    what precious bois
  14. Great :< Internet is down ;~; I hate when that happens.

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