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  1. hey there. i'm asking for the lyrics in romaji for the song 「シェルター」 by umbrella🙏 thank you !
  2. avaritonista

    x2 - best song
  3. avaritonista

  4. avaritonista

    x2 - best song ever btw
  5. avaritonista

  6. avaritonista

    amazing !! i listen to them since 2008 !!!!
  7. avaritonista

    hello everyone, i hope you are doing well today once again i'm requesting your lyrical support 🤣 i've looking for lyrics from Ravecraft but nothing has appeared, and except for the ones in japanese appearing in here, i'd like so much to find the lyrics in romaji (ofcoursely) for any of the following songs (also in japanese if you can) : Scream (pleeeease) When I Feel (pleeeeeeease) Eternal Dream 舞い踊れ Take On Me Back In The Forever ホワルリ Howaruri~H・I・T・F・E・1997~VERSION Marmelade Magic Angelic (pleeease) Celebrate Melancholic Love 流星 行先のない夜行列車 - 🙏 - you know very well that you have tried to get the lyrics from a visual kei song by writing in a text doc the japanese syllables and weird-pronounced english words you struggle to hear, repeating uncountable times some parts in order to get it as identical as possible as the original lyric, and you still keep that undecipherable text doc somewhere as evidence of what i'm saying, so please help me
  8. avaritonista

  9. avaritonista

    it's going to be named "depths of joke"
  10. *band begins* 1. hippie release 2. tooth decay inducing release *band ends*
  11. avaritonista

    there's a tumblr with hundred of it...... i hope to see the cursed/not that normal pics of vk girls, c'mon you know you have them !
  12. avaritonista

    you are right. 道 can be read as michi and dou
  13. avaritonista

    I've got these two versions with the title "散歩道". Which one really is it? What song is the other? Sanpodou lasts 6.13 Sanpomichi 4.29 DD: Please help if you know something about it !
  14. avaritonista

    +1 they had a really good future
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